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Another Successful Training Today

This was a really busy day for me! We started the day by having a big group go to Starbucks. Funny moment: Suddenly I saw that Rich wasn't with us, so I stopped to wait for him. It turned out he was meeting us there! I'd missed hearing that, because I'd been inside discussing the eNewsletter with Kate instead of leaving with everyone else. Anyway, it all worked out. Hahaha. And I got my beloved Flat White.

I just love Marijke, the new seasonal assistant working for Marilyn! Training went very smoothly. In fact, she's so amazingly smart that I think she'll be teaching ME things any day now! No, I'm not kidding. She was impressive. We were talking about her after work, Marilyn, Carol and me. And Carol was saying how 'brilliant' people hadn't exactly been working out for us this year. But I said this was the real deal -- and it wasn't as if she was saying how smart she was (not at all). And Marilyn said that truly smart people don't need to tell others that they're smart. How true that is! If you really know things, it's going to just show, after all...

Marijke REALLY knows stuff. She manipulated Outlook better than anyone I've ever trained. Truly better than me! And she hadn't touched it in two years and was apologizing that she was rusty. If that's rusty, we should ALL be rusty! Hahaha.

She prefers to use Chrome as her browser of choice, but man, can she manipulate Firefox! Again, I've never seen anything like it! I should be so good. I was actually watching what she did!

She's such a sweet girl, and very pretty. I just think she's going to be a wonderful addition to the team.

After that I ended up working with Christine on what has ALWAYS been a complicated page at the website (our 'visitors' page that highlights hotels). It was interesting working through the code together! You really have to pay attention. But we finally got it done. I was proud of Christine for jumping in to do the work. She was very close to reasoning it out for herself, too. She's a delight to work with.

Then I had Marlo to re-train and that went really, really well. I'm impressed by how much Marlo has matured since last year (she was also an intern for 2015). Marlo was a princess the year before last and is a lovely girl. Her training also went very smoothly.

During much of this I had Donn in working, thankfully, catching up some necessary IT projects. It's so good to get on top of things for a change! Donn really wants to swap out computers for Jeff, but I'm not sure we'll go there until after the festival.

Donn always has to discuss things with me during various moments, but I'm so used to it that it doesn't even interrupt the flow of my other work (training and working on the website, for example). We have good teamwork between us. I don't know what I would do without Donn!

No lunch today...

Then Adeena came in for her afternoon (she's off Mondays and Tuesday mornings). And BOY did we make some amazing headway on the website together!!! She's really got her stuff together when it comes to the website, no doubt about it. She is a DELIGHT to work with. She's making this so much easier for me!

Meanwhile, I was also working with Kate on the eNewsletter for this week (it goes on Marilyn's birthday, this coming Thursday). Because I'm out after today, I needed to get as much done to help with it today as possible. I'll vet things again tomorrow, though. And hopefully Marissa will be able to help her actually send it on Thursday morning (poor Marissa was out sick today -- that bug Marilyn has is running through the office, I'm afraid).

I had to install some software for Adeena and Kate and do some FTP setup for both of them, too. That will come in handy in the future...

There was Creative Team in the late afternoon, which I worked through. I needed to get on top of my email and work through my To Do list for website. I also went and added Marijke to the staff page (not sure why I hadn't done that before now!).

I'm sorry to report that Marilyn's lovely assistant Katie is now sick with the bug going around! I felt so bad for her!

All seemed fine with the Exchange today, thankfully. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we won't continue to have issues with it.

Marilyn and I got home around 7:00 from work. She got a lot done today, too (and is ALWAYS very busy after being out sick). She was a trooper considering how sick she still is. (She's pretty miserable tonight, I'm afraid.)

She ate leftovers for dinner and I made pretend curry noodles (with cup of noodles -- I got the WRONG thing!), which I enjoy a lot, actually.

I had a LONG nap in the evening. I also end up wiped out after training days. Even when it goes smoothly it's very intense to vet and train new personnel. Don't get me wrong, though, I really do enjoy it!

I did talk on the phone briefly with sister Sue. She had company (Larry and family were there). I think things are going okay with her, but she seemed distracted (probably by them being there).

I spoke about my insurance with the people from yesterday's letter. The woman was not extremely helpful. She isn't actually with OHP, by the way. And told me not to call OHP this week, but to wait until next week, as they were dealing with dropping a bunch of people!!! Seriously??? And it appears they're changing the program yet again. (sigh)

I also set up an appointment to get my hair cut -- next Wednesday! (That's April 13, when I also have a dental appointment.) And Marilyn gave up on trying to get in for our taxes until next week, too. So thankfully we only need to do our manicures tomorrow before packing up and heading down to the beach! (woo hoo)

I meant to phone my friend June and find out if she and Jim could keep an eye on the house for us and pick up our mail while we're gone (which they always do for us -- they're so good to do it). But I was so tired tonight I just forgot (until now). I'll call June tomorrow. (She'll want to know when we're heading out, anyway. She always does.)

I don't know exactly how many steps I got today, but I know it was around 5,000 (just from going to Starbucks and walking around the office). And Marlo had her Fitbit (the wrist one) on today -- so I made her start friending a bunch of us! Hahaha. Another festival person joins our group!

I guess that's it for this Tuesday. (It's actually the middle of the night now). A very successful day in many ways!

We've got a GREAT TEAM at work this year!!! It's a pleasure to work with them.

Have a GREAT night, guys. Sleep well!
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