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A Nothing Monday...

So Marilyn was feeling so poorly this morning that we postponed training until tomorrow and stayed home. Her cough is bad and she's very fatigued, little wonder! This illness has been bad, that's for sure.

More ham with scrambled eggs today. (That finishes up the ham, anyway.) Later we had leftover chili, leftover hot dogs and green beans -- delicious! Plus hot tea.

We watched a bunch of TV today. Old episodes of "Leave it to Beaver" (which we both love). And tonight "True Grit" -- just one of the most wonderful movies EVER. We were remarking on how amazed our Dad would have been to see that film on a big screen TV. There was no such thing when he was alive -- and he never saw "True Grit" on the big screen (at the movies), but only on an old TV at home. We're so used to big screen TVs now! But, no, we don't ever take them for granted. We don't take anything in our home for granted, frankly. We're always grateful for everything we have.

The weather today was cool and rainy. A very gray day. No matter, as neither of us was outside. (I took out some old food for the critters, but that was it.)

I did talk to Christine and Carol at work. And Aby, the receptionist. But that was it. I didn't really do any festival-related work today. Well, that's not entirely true. I discussed the Exchange at length. I wanted Christine, especially, to understand what had been going on.

The Exchange went down Friday and again yesterday. I don't know what the problem is, but if it happens again I'll need to talk to Kris about it further. And have him tell ME what to do, I think...

I did do some laundry today. And cleaned off the staircase, which was really filthy. We need to clean the family room. But Marilyn didn't feel like going upstairs to one of those sofas, and she was sleeping on the family room sofa much of the day. Otherwise I'd have done more cleaning for sure...

I need a haircut. I wonder if Kathy could fit me in on Wednesday? I'll try and call her tomorrow...

I got two slightly disturbing letters in the mail today. One said I need to renew my health insurance AGAIN. What???? I just did it last November, which isn't even six months ago! They used to renew every six months, but it's been once a year for quite some time. I guess that must have changed. I'll have to phone about it tomorrow. (Yeah, because I'll have so much FREE TIME to do that! Training two people and helping with the eNewsletter for this week... sigh...)

They'll do anything (which I've known for years and years) to get you OFF the Oregon Health Plan if they possibly can. Well, we'll see about that!

The other email was about my Chase VISA card. No more Rewards, apparently. Figures. Everything is LESS for the consumer all the time. They tried to make it sound like I was getting some new benefits, but it sure didn't LOOK LIKE IT on the paperwork I saw. Oh well.

And in other disturbing news:

I got two disturbing text messages to me from Sue's two kids. Surprise, Candy's not happy to have Sue home. Hey, they weren't getting along before all of this health stuff. And then Candy gets Sue out of the house AND has the use of her car -- so I should be surprised that she's unhappy to have that change with Sue coming back home? Well, hardly.

Marilyn had me send them to her. That's NOT all that easy, by the way. You can't forward a text message as far as I can tell. So I had to gack the text and stick it in an email to send to her.

WITHOUT ANY DOUBT Marilyn is the EXPERT where sister Sue's health is concerned. In many cases she knows MORE than Sue's doctors know -- partly because she's aware of every aspect, while the doctors are focused on their own little corner of Sue's health issues. But Candy and Larry know almost nothing about all of it -- and I don't know that much, either. Thankfully Marilyn shares with me, so I certainly know more than the 'kids' know (or probably want to know).

So they should be going to Marilyn. But they're so WEIRD about things! I don't get why they wouldn't automatically discuss this with her, rather than me. Go figure...

And if this is the two of them just bitching about their mother, then they need to reel it in, because I'm tired of the bitching. Candy thinks she's got it hard? Let's not go there...

I need to clean up the kitchen and head to bed soon. Tomorrow should be a very busy day!

I was going to try to color my hair, but I'm just not up for it tonight. Maybe tomorrow night...

Anyway, good night, guys. Happy dreams!
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