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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Poor Marilyn: Still Sick This Sunday... 
sister marilyn
Poor Marilyn is quite sick still. I feel awful for her. And she's got a NASTY cough. Worrisome.

I made hot dogs and chili for lunch/dinner. And we had popcorn tonight.

We watched "Horrible Bosses" and "Horrible Bosses 2" (if you can believe that). Not normal fare for us, as we don't usually watch many comedies. But we enjoyed these. Very sophomoric humor, though, just so you know. (A toothbrush where the sun doesn't shine, for example... Lots of very blatant sexual references.) Not sure if I'd recommend these movies or not, to be honest! But sometimes this sort of thing is good for laughs.

We watched a bunch of TV, including tennis. And we never left the house. I don't even have 1,000 steps for today. Oh well.

Two more work days until we're on vacation for Marilyn's birthday! We can't wait! The plan for Wednesday is to get our nails done (we would have done that this weekend if Marilyn hadn't been so sick), get our taxes done, then drive down to the beach. Thursday IS her bday, so we don't really want to drive down that day...

We heard from Sue in Oklahoma today. Jeff and his family are staying there right now. Alicia and the girls were in the pool and Jeff and Dennis were out golfing. It was in the 80's there! Sounds pretty nice.

(Jeff said last week that we three would celebrate Marilyn's birthday when he got back.)

Well, I need to wash my hair before bed. Busy, busy day tomorrow! I'm sure it will go fine.

As for "The Walking Dead" tonight -- LAME. The fans are up in arms that they had a huge cliffhanger. They killed someone, but didn't show WHO they killed! The impression I got from "The Talking Dead" is that the producers haven't decided yet who they're killing off. Social Media was blowing up with unhappy fans. I tweeted several negative tweets myself, for that matter.

Basically, who cares? This show makes you pretty immune to emotion about the characters, because they're CONSTANTLY killing someone. All the time! It gets pointless after a time.

There actually might be good reason to think Daryl is the one, seeing as he's getting a new series on AMC and appeared on "The Talking Dead" tonight. But if you go by the comic book storyline, then it's probably Glenn. Whatever. Kill more. Maybe it's time for Rick to go. I'd like to see Carl survive, but I'm not engaged enough anymore to really care. I won't be tricked into caring about this series in the future. I mainly watch it to discuss it with Jeff...

The weather here is sunny and warm. Marilyn certainly deserves that for her birthday! That makes me happy!!!

Good night, guys.