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Sunny Saturday -- Quiet Saturday

The icon I'm using? It's a photo of our pink dogwood when it's in bloom -- which isn't quite yet. But it's close to blooming -- and that would be around a month early, by the way!

Our tulip tree is in FULL bloom and looks beautiful. And there are also blossoms all over the ground. (These are huge.) This always reminds Marilyn and me of the first year we moved in to this house, 22 years ago now! We moved in around Marilyn's birthday that year, and we were dragging those blossoms in the house like crazy. Hahaha. But I don't have an icon of the tree, so...

Marilyn has been REALLY SICK today -- and suffering something terrible. I feel so bad for her. She wanted to go out and get medicine, but she really wasn't up to it. But when I talked to sister Sue, she offered to take me to the store! Wasn't that nice???

Anyway, she took me and I picked up several things, including bottled water and kitty litter, as well as her medicine. But I'd planned to get some fruit and forgot that! I was going to get some cut up melon (watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew). I bet she would have enjoyed it if I'd remembered. (It was on my list, too! Darn.)

I was also going to get some more of the Blue Bunny ice cream that we enjoyed so much recently. But get this: Freddies no longer carries that brand! Seriously??? I was really telling our checker (one of our favorites) how much we hate the changes to the store. And to have LESS brands available on top of having to hunt for things constantly is enough to make us want to stop shopping there. It's very sad: We've been shopping there since we were kids...

Sue looked and sounded good today! It's great to have her back home, I have to say. She was playing the radio and seemed in high spirits. I'm so pleased.

This was basically a quiet day here at home. We just spent a lot of time watching TV.

I did make dinner (fried ham and hominy that we ate with celery), too.

I almost forgot! First thing today I was dealing with our Exchange at the office shutting down and not working properly! It actually happened last night, but I didn't bother with it until today.

I went in Remotely to the Server and the Exchange and did the restart of various services that should fix the problem. I've done this before a few times and it's worked. Sometimes when I couldn't reach Kris this was a real boon. But I had to finally contact Kris and ask for help -- and he fixed it for me. We were back up by 11:00 a.m.

We're watching "Dances With Wolves" right now on cable, one of our very favorite movies from way back when. We got "The Scorch Trials" On Demand last night, but Marilyn went to sleep so I stopped watching it. Anyway, we watched that today and enjoyed it.

I'm reading Scott Turow's "Innocent" -- the sequel to "Presumed Innocent" (we love the movie, too, of that book). Marilyn read it ages ago, but I never have.

I really hope Marilyn feels better tomorrow, poor thing!

I have TWO people to train on Monday, by the way. The replacement for Katrina -- her name is Marijke. And a re-train of Marlo, who was an intern last year and is going to also be an intern this year.

Well, time for bed. I'm tired!

I only got 3,400 (plus) steps today, I'm afraid. Not bad when you consider I only had walking around the store and some steps here at home. Oh well.

Good night and sweet dreams to all!!!
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