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April 1: April Fools' Day

So, I did try to 'prank' Marilyn as she was leaving for work, telling her in a very serious way to come see that we had a plant with money growing on it. She told me she thought maybe she'd dropped a bill on a plant and I was telling her that. Anyway, pretty lame -- but I didn't want to do anything mean. I think April Fools jokes are fine when they aren't mean-spirited, otherwise I'm not in favor of them, in all honesty.

We did a Press Release and News item today about our Point One Run that we're having this year. The City wouldn't let us do our Half Marathon, so this was our answer in place of it. But we figured a bunch of people would think we were pulling an April 1 prank, which we were not. Still, why not take advantage of the timing? Hahaha. Anything for more attention.

So I was working on tweaking the web page for the Point One Run this morning -- and sending the final version of the press release to Rich (after finding more errors to correct -- we never hyphenate Half-Marathon, for example).

And Adeena and I spent a bunch of time working on Sanctioned Event web pages. Actually, it works out quite well for me to Remote in -- then let her do the work while I watch. We're on the phone while we do it, but it's much better than actually being there and sitting watching over her shoulder. Christine and I have done this, too. I can't believe how effective this is when you want more than one person to work on a WordPress website...

WordPress doesn't allow more than one person to be logged in on any given page, so this way we can both be seeing a given page together while in different locations. And it is actually better in some ways than having two or more people grouped around a computer. (I need to remind myself of that fact when teaching people how to use our website!)

I had originally planned to go in to the office this morning. But naturally I was up in the middle of the night doing the garbage and recycling (as per usual). And Marilyn was up REALLY EARLY for her 7:30 meeting (GFP Creative). So when I woke she was dressed and ready to go!

Later on she phoned and asked if I wanted her to come and get me, but I decided not to go in. I'd been working all morning with both Rich and Adeena and getting a TON done, so I didn't really feel a need to be physically in the festival office. Sometimes it's more effective for me to work in my home office where I get very few interruptions!

And Marilyn was pleased, because it would have potentially taken her away from work for an hour (half an hour each way to come and get me), so that was good, too. She had another busy day (of course).

I was hungry this morning, but didn't eat much for dinner last night, so no surprise. I ate leftovers for breakfast around 10:00 (not sure why I waited that long, as I was at my computer before 7:30). I never did have lunch, which is often true when I work here at home. It's funny that I eat MORE when I'm in the office than here at home (where I have access to lots of food only steps away). That's been true for me for YEARS, by the way. And, yeah, I know: Most people are the exact opposite. They eat more when at home working than in another office.

We're currently having BEAUTIFUL weather here! Lovely, sunny days! In fact, it's been uncomfortably hot in the house the last couple of days! But I feel it's still a bit soon to run the air conditioning. And with Marilyn currently sick, I don't want to get the house too cold just now.

I got in quite a sweat doing the garbage and recycling last night! It would be wonderfully cool outside, but so HOT in the house (mainly upstairs). I was wearing my glasses in place of my contacts, and sweat was pouring down the front of them! Hahaha.

I am NOT complaining! We're delighted to have SUNSHINE and WARMTH at long last!!! And it should be lovely for Marilyn's upcoming birthday week (she turns 61 next Thursday).

Today was all about the festival website for me. I barely moved away from the computer for the entire day. However my day DID end early, because Marilyn came home from work in the afternoon (I want to say around 3:30-ish), and I quit when she got here.

But I did have an item I was waiting to do (changing out the Bio for one of our princesses at the website) that I did this evening. I wanted it done TODAY. I'd hoped to do it earlier, but it is what it is. I didn't have it in the afternoon when I was still working, and I was napping when it got here in the early evening. So whatever. At least it DID get done today, as I planned.

It was weird, though! This is something at the website that only Christine and I currently know how to do (we're the only ones who have worked with the special setup for the princess page). And for some reason it just didn't want to 'read' the new PDF after I uploaded it! I had to spend a lot more time than expected to get it to finally display. Wordpress is a frankly a BITCH. I feel like it doesn't work much of the time! And I absolutely HATE the way the calendar works!!! Oh well.

I still feel we made a BAD mistake when we went from our old calendar to the current one. I tried hard to get us to stay with the old one. But whatever.

I'm pleased to have Adeena helping me with the website graphics. It's been my goal since last year to get the 'look' to be even for every event page. And I think we're greatly improved this year. (woo hoo) I just enjoy having others who share my vision about this! Adeena is a huge help, no doubt about it.

And so are both Christine and Rich, just to be clear. But there's something cool about working with another person who can read code and use it so comfortably!

Over the years I had various other staff people tell me they COULD read code. But it never really turned out to be true. Yes, lots of people know basic HTML -- as well they should, I think. I mean, it's not in a computer language, for starters, so it doesn't require learning a new language to read it. And it seems like anybody who uses the computer a lot and is online a ton would want to know how to bold something or do a proper link and so on. The main code that's easy to learn. I guess when most of these people told me they could read code, that's what they were referring to. And that's okay, but it's not really reading code -- if that makes sense!

When I'm talking about reading code, I'm meaning you can understand at least the basics of CSS, as well as HTML. And that's a bit more complicated. And you can look at a link tied to an image and tell which part is the link and which part is the image. And you can see a class added to an image and so on.

We need people who can 'see' this coding, because damn Wordpress will ADD stuff to a simple inserting of an image into a page! Why the hell isn't there a CLEAN default you can select? Why in the WORLD would I want to insert an image and have it LINK TO A STAND ALONE IMAGE OF ITSELF, for example???

And often if you've got an image just the right width for your layout, Wordpress will add centering code that forces the image to display halfway down the page -- with tons of white space above it! WTF, Wordpress???

So being able to read the code allows someone to FIX THIS SHIT that's messing up a given web page at our site.

I feel very grateful to have Adeena on board to help me, anyway. And eventually I'd like to get Christine to where she can read this stuff, too. (And I wonder if Rich would like to learn? I shouldn't automatically assume he wouldn't be interested...)

I finished reading "The Robe" last night. You know, it's an amazing book. For some reason I'd forgotten just how well written it is. I'm glad that I decided to get it for Kindle. I wanted to read it for Holy Week -- but it's pretty deep stuff, and I couldn't just polish it off quickly. It was certainly worth the concentration, though! Lovely stuff.

What did I start reading today? I can't remember right now! I think it's something set in the 1800's in England, though... (smile)

Marilyn remains pretty miserable. Head cold type symptoms, but she's been nauseous and having other symptoms, too, so I think it's actually more flu-like than just a cold. And now she's been coughing. I wish there was more I could do for her than just make her tea or try to keep her covered up...

She does need at least another day DOWN (tomorrow!). Maybe she'll be over this by Monday. At the very least, I'm hopeful she'll be well by mid-week when we take time off for her birthday!

(And on another subject: WHY am I so tired all the time??????????)

Well, I think that pretty much wraps up today. Sleep well and have pleasant dreams, friends!
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