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Thursday at the Festival Office...

Marilyn was VERY SICK all night long. (I sat up with her two different times in the middle of the night.)

And she had an early morning (7:30) meeting today, so we had to get up and get ready quickly this morning...

She told me on the way to work that she felt horrible. Like the time they had to take her out of the office in an ambulance (!!!). That had me pretty worried all day long. But she had meeting on top of meeting on top of meeting! I don't know how she could even manage it. She was heroic, to say the very least.

She simply said at one point to me: You do what you have to do.

Maybe so, but she does it amazingly well!!!

I did get to go to Starbucks with Marilyn to get coffee (my beloved Flat White), once she was out of her meeting. Prior to that I was working on the News item for the website for tomorrow morning (and Rich's press release).

Today was a day of many DEADLINES (again) for me.

Mostly today I was working on the Point One Run webpage, which was brand new. I had to find a decent image to use and create a banner (shades of the old days!). Then organize the Copy and totally set up the page. Then once it was done, do the Buy > Tickets part. And set it up in the Navigation (menu) for the site. Quite an interesting project! It turned out quite well, I'm pleased to say...

Adeena and I went to the Turkey Place for lunch (she insisted on buying -- she's a very generous person). It was so packed that we brought our food back to the office and ate upstairs.

Then Adeena and I met again about the website. I think she's going to be an amazing help with it! She just really seems to grasp it so well. And there's nothing that can beat someone who can READ CODE helping out! Seriously...

Talked to Jeff about what he wanted added to the Point One Run page -- and did that finally late tonight. Hopefully he'll be pleased (and I'll add that to the Copy for tomorrow, too).

Marilyn and I did leave the office early, because she felt so ill. She just decided to skip the late afternoon meeting. But she has a CRAZY-BUSY day tomorrow! Poor thing.

Kris came by in the afternoon and we talked about IT and his life. He's starting his new sales job next Monday! I'm very happy for him.

And he's ordered the Symantec and will install it Remotely when he gets it. So that's checked off my list of To Do items.

I went through the Sanctioned Events book and marked all the one-day events. I'm having Adeena check to see which are DONE and which need to be done. And to try and get some banners going for various events (which would be a huge help!). I'd like all the Sanctioned Event pages to have the same size banners that the other pages have...

Plus we need to FIX some major pages where things have been done incorrectly. That's okay -- that's our job, after all.

I started outlining the event A Streetcar Named Desire. It would end up at least 37 (!!!) different pages (maybe more) -- and some days would have more than one performance. I think it's daunting to imagine doing. Marilyn said we should HIRE our website creators, FISH to do it. That would show us the cost of doing the work for a single large event like this. I'm all for it, needless to say!

And I said that I thought Rich had been amazing to do all this work without complaining since we dumped our other calendar (which was much easier to work with!) and went to this new, difficult version...

We just ate cheese and lunch meat for dinner tonight. She took meds and slept, and I fell asleep sitting up at one point, then finally went to lie down. I hated waking up!!!

But I had WORK to do for the office and needed to blog. Plus it's garbage night, so I need to go do that as soon as I finish up with this.

I did talk to sister Sue today. I got a call on my cell asking for 'Susan' that was some nurse trying to call her. (No idea how she got my number, but that's okay.) Sue's happy to be home!

Well, it's LATE (nearly 1:00 a.m.), and I have a LOT to do. And I'm tired. So I think I'll quit for today...

I did get more than 5,000 steps today, by the way. And my blister seems to be healing quite nicely. (I had to cut off a thick hunk of skin -- yuck! Yeah, yeah. TMI. Hahaha.)

Sleep well, friends!
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