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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Update: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (March 28, 29 & 30) 
melvin briefcase, busy melvin
Yeah, yeah. It's been a ROUGH MONTH for me as far as keeping up with my blogging. This has happened several times now. And it sucks trying to catch up previous days. No doubt about it. Hahaha.

Monday, March 28:

Still dealing with my damn blister from Saturday. Again, wounds on the foot are no laughing matter when you have diabetes. But I certainly did NOT want to go to the doctor with something so trivial in less I really had to... So I was using alcohol (of the rubbing variety) and antibiotic cream and band-aids.

I spent time working on the website for work...

And I did some cleaning around the house, especially in the kitchen. I ended up cleaning the microwave, which we're really bad about. Wow, is it nice now!

Marilyn and I had soup and green beans for dinner.

Tuesday, March 29:

Sister Sue got to come HOME today! (woo hoo)

I was making a serious effort to STAY OFF my foot and let that blister really heal. I took off the band-aid at Marilyn's advice, because it wasn't getting 'hard' with it on.

I worked on the website for work...

I had a MISERABLE HEADACHE in the afternoon, so I laid down to try and get rid of it. I also had a super stiff neck. I didn't think vertigo until Marilyn mentioned it, but it made perfect sense. So after dinner, I took a Meclizine and slept (that also puts me right to sleep).

We had hot dogs (baked) and green beans with cottage cheese for dinner.

My blood sugar was excellent in the morning, by the way.

Wednesday, March 30:


I talked to sister Sue today. She's been settling back in at home and was really happy to be there. She said that Tammy (her daughter-in-law) was coming over to 'take care of her' in the afternoon. Not sure what that means, really... But it's nice of Tammy to offer to help out. Maybe she was going to walk with Sue, as exercise is one of the most important things that Sue needs to be doing right now.

My friend (and neighbor) June took me to my dental appointment. Mary worked on the lower lefthand side of my mouth. She really, really numbed me, but it was painful, even so. Actually, it's still painful tonight over there.

Supposedly one more appointment will take care of my work for now. Then she wants to do a 'post op' appointment in June and another in September. She's giving me a fluoride rinse to start using and wants to check how that's working for me. The sugar in my mouth because of my diabetes is an issue, but she feels this gel will help...

June and I stopped at Freddies and I grabbed a few things. And she treated us to Starbucks! Isn't that nice? We had iced tea, which was perfect for this hot day.

Then we went to the Goodwill so she could get a bag to carry her iPad around inside. She found a perfect one! Just the right size and very light weight. And black. Excellent.

Hector was here today and did the lawn. He seems to be doing okay, but says it's a hard thing. He has to work much slower, poor guy...

Marilyn and I had the leftover hot dogs for dinner with green beans and cottage cheese. Nice. And hot tea.

Poor Marilyn has a bug of some sort. Things have been floating around the office like crazy! She's disgusted by it, of course. She hates getting sick right around her birthday (which is coming up soon).

She's pretty miserable tonight. I feel awful for her...

Time for bed!
March 31, 2016 (Thursday) 02:32 pm (UTC)
It's good to hear that Sue is home!

Give Marilyn get well wishes, please?

...and I hope you're feeling better from all the aches and pains!