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Good Friday...

We needed to be to work by 8:30 so we could get Starbucks before Marilyn's 9:00 meeting. We originally thought we were pushing it, but the traffic this week has been good -- less because of Spring Break. A lot of adults take time off to do things with their kids, meaning there's just fewer cars on the road. Wonderful, I have to say!

The weather is still COLD (brr) here. But at least we had some blue skies and sunshine for part of the day. These constant cold, gray, rainy days are miserable, no doubt about it. It would be wonderful to have some days where we didn't have to turn on the heat.

I suddenly ended up with multiple deadlines this morning! Carol had written the Website crew about two of our concerts going on sale today (tickets) -- and stupid me, I'd thought that Christine would take care of it! But I KNEW Christine was taking today off -- I just forgot. Anyway, Christine had started those two pages, and I jumped in to finish them. Steven came up to my desk to check on how it was going, because this was a SERIOUS deadline! I managed to get things posted around twenty minutes before the tickets went on sale.

My thing was making sure the banners were the correct dimensions, pixel-wise. Christine had put the full-size banner sent by the one radio group on the one concert page -- but it displayed in one spot cutting off the heads of the people, because it was too tall! Anyway, long story short, I fixed the banner (which needed text moved and blended in) and it looked fine.

While I was racing to get those done, Rich phoned me about the other deadline -- getting up the News item at the website about our Saturday event. We'd both been trying to get that Live yesterday, so we wanted it up first thing this morning. After I finished the concert pages, I moved directly to this.

Rich was kind enough to find me a photo to go with it, that I resized for the article...

Donn came in while I was on these deadlines, so I had him get started on setting up the computer in one space downstairs, then consulted with him when I was done. I ended up with three IT issues immediately after I came downstairs from my space to discuss things. I fixed Aby's issue with her computer and she was so 'amazed' by what I did. She was watching me do it and acted like I'd performed a miracle, which was sweet. But it's just what I do, which is what I told her. Nothing special. But she's just the sweetest girl...

Marilyn was preparing for her speech today this morning. And I got the 'clicker' for the computer (that works with Powerpoint) out of my desk drawer. Rich and I keep it there because I lock that one cabinet, so it won't go 'missing.' Of course, nobody else but the two of us even know it's there! Hahaha. Marilyn heard us talking about it and said she had no clue I kept it there.

Marilyn and Rich were due to be gone around lunch time, but there was time for us to walk out and get something to eat, so Marilyn, Adeena and I walked up to McDonald's.

(BAD NEWS! They've taken one of our fave sandwiches off their menu! Total aside. Hahaha.)

While we were there Marilyn had to go outside and phone sister Sue about today. She was confused, because originally she'd been set up with two appointments (Marilyn re-scheduled one of those to next Monday).

After we got back to the office I had to deal with my SECOND computer issue on my own machine. Donn's going to check it the next time he's in. I had two 'blue screen of death' incidents. By the way, those aren't always horrible. I was frustrated waiting for the restart both times (the first was while I was dealing with my deadlines -- there's never a good time, but really???). But the computer came back up fine.

I'm due for my new machine, by the way. It's in and sitting on a shelf, but needs a bunch of software on it and I just don't have time to worry about it until after festival at this point...

Next I set up Adeena at our website (you have to add new users and give them basic login info). Then she and I met at my space to go through some website training together. It was fascinating. She really grasps things. Perhaps better than anyone else in the office! I enjoyed working with her. She's going to end up being a huge help with the website, no doubt about it.

Then at 3:00 Marilyn and I got ready to take off to pick up Sue for the doctor appointment. TRAFFIC WAS HORRIBLE because Bernie Sanders was in town today -- and his gathering had just ended at 3:00 (talk about timing being everything!). Every possible direction we wanted to go was at a standstill. I suggested MLK, so that's how we went.

We got there in plenty of time to get Sue, then headed back to the hospital for the appointment. We weren't early (they always want you there early!), but we were on time.

Marilyn and Sue went back to meet with a new doctor, while I sat in the waiting room. The appointment went REALLY WELL. This doctor said that he saw no reason Sue couldn't live into her mid-80's, which was wonderful news. Of course, he was clear with her that she'd have to make decisions about her health, and do the right things. (That's pretty much how it goes for all of us!)

My damn hip is bad right now. I was having trouble sleeping last night for the pain. But I did get more than 6,000 steps today, even so. I have to just keep on walking, that's for sure.

I didn't mention coloring my own hair last night. It turned out less dark than I'd expected. It's so odd how color just doesn't 'take' with my hair very well anymore. I don't know if it's something about my hair, or what. I think some of my medications are part of the issue. But it turned out okay, anyway -- certainly better than before I colored... So both Marilyn and I have 'fresh' hair, just colored. She also got a cut (she looks wonderful, as always), which I still need to do. Maybe in April. I want it done before May, for sure!

I cooked dinner when we got home (roast beef hash, green beans, cottage cheese and olives). Then we were both tired, so we had naps. Marilyn managed to wake up in time to do the treadmill, but didn't get her 10,000 steps today. That's okay, she's still doing GREAT this week! She's been leading our little group most of the time. She and Jeff are running neck-in-neck all the time. (grin)

Well, off to bed! It's been a long week.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that the doctor said he saw no reason Sue can't start driving again. And it looks like she'll be going back HOME next week! How about that???

Sleep well and pleasant dreams, dear friends!
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