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Maundy Thursday of Holy Week

We were brought up Methodist, so we've always called today Maundy Thursday, as opposed to the more common reference, Holy Thursday.

On the morning of Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday), Catholics celebrate the Chrism Mass, where the sacred oils are blessed for the coming year. Because the Last Supper is when Jesus created the priesthood, priests also tend to renew their commitments during this mass. In his homily during this Mass this morning, Pope Francis spoke on the theme of mercy.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the commemoration of the crucifixion of Christ.

I was very busy today, mostly working on the festival website. I spent HOURS on one of the sanctioned events that runs in a 24 day period. To explain, the event happens on 13 different days during that time, but when you create the item on the calendar, you would create all 24 days -- and need to edit each of them. It's a lengthy process, anyway, but I was proud to get it done!

Marilyn now feels that Carol needs to see everything that occurs about the website so she can put the quantity of work into perspective. I guess I'll be adding her to the _Website distribution group that we created...

This morning Adeena's computer went out. That's NOT my favorite way to start my day, believe me. So Donn went in to deal with it. He had to swap out her hard drive and put it into another machine. Shortly after that, Kate's primary monitor (we all have two each) went out. So Donn had to come back to fix that! Amusing note: It turns out it wasn't the monitor or the cable -- she had a bag sitting on the power strip that the monitor was plugged into...

The weather is still VERY COLD here! Walking into our garage is like going into a deep freeze (I'm not kidding). I was out there several times today, so I know.

I also took time to clean out the fridge, as tonight is garbage night. It's all the leftover food that can be so annoying... I need to go finish up the recycling and composting as soon as I finish blogging and before I go to bed!

Rich never got back to me on the News item that I want to put up at the website. (sigh) Waiting to hear which dignitaries will be attending the Awakening of the Dragons this year, where they dot the eyes (paint on the eyes) of the dragon boats in a very colorful ceremony. It looks like it's going to be rained on, by the way.

In fact, Easter is supposed to have pouring down rain! (ugh)

Marilyn had a long, busy day. She told me she felt as if she hadn't gotten anything done. She was on the phone about sister Sue a lot today again. But didn't get any of her own personal calls made, poor thing.

She saw Summer to have her hair done tonight after work, so came home pretty late. We didn't really have dinner. We decided to eat popcorn, instead. I did have some cheddar cheese on crackers, though. I'm hoping the cheese might help with my breakout of psoriasis, which is bad right now. (Grandma Elsie always ate it for that.) I have terrible patches on my eyelids that are so painful.

This is pretty boring, I know! I think I'll go finish up so I can head to bed...

Good night, friends!
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