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Another Cold Day!

I'm sick of cold weather. Sick of it. My flare-up remains in effect, meaning I've got out of control psoriasis. And my joints are messed up and painful, especially my hip. I'm having shooting pains in my left eye, and I think that's about the psoriasis on my eyelid... Whine, whine. Yeah, yeah. Ignore me!

Meanwhile, in IMPORTANT news!

Marilyn made several phones calls for sister Sue today. She set up appointments and arranged for blood tests and so on. So she's really getting Sue squared away. She's taking Sue to her afternoon appointment on Friday -- but she got blood tests to be taken tomorrow so they'll have the results prior to that appointment. Perfect! There's often no reason to see a doctor if you can't discuss blood test results...

She's been wrapped up in tons of personnel issues. We still need another intern. I guess Marlo will fill that role. And she's getting ready to hire the person to help Steven and Jessica -- but they've raised rates so he'll have to wait before they can bring that role in. (We're a non-profit, after all! There's never a lot of money.)

I had to reason out another issue with the website. I struggled trying to get it to work last night without success. And again this morning. Then finally figured it out and was good to go. (woo hoo)

There's a TON to be done at the website. Hopefully I'll get MORE done tomorrow...

Marilyn is doing a great job with her walking, using the treadmill all the time! And she got up early today to wash her hair! (We almost always wash our hair at night around here...)

I went over to help June with her iPad, iPhone and desktop computer today. I was there for quite some time. Marilyn was HOME before I got back.

She took me out to Hooter's for dinner. We really wanted to have frickles (deep fried pickles). And we had some build your own burgers with them. (I ate half my burger -- and Marilyn rarely ever eats all her bun or all her burger.) But we did have light beer with dinner, which was fun!

It was SO NICE of her to take me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This evening I worked on the eNewsletter that Kate is doing for this week -- it's going out on Friday (rather than the usual Thursday). I uploaded images to the old website with no issues -- but could NOT host the sample of the eNewsletter there. I don't know why! I'll have to try and reason it out... But at least we can do that at our bigriverranch domain! Good thing.

Time for bed and I'm tired. Marilyn's asleep on the family room sofa, with the cats sleeping in the room, too...

I'll focus on the website again tomorrow. And probably help more with the eNewsletter (we'll see about that). I had to work tonight because I didn't finish up my work during the day! I need to keep focus tomorrow.

Marilyn gets her hair done tomorrow night. I really need a hair cut, too. I did hack my bangs a bit today, so at least they aren't driving me nuts right now! Hahaha. Maybe I'll color my hair tomorrow...
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