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Another Busy Day: Adeena is Trained, We Have Our Website Training Meeting

We awoke to word about the horror in Belgium this morning. It's hard to believe that this keeps happening around the world. My prayers are with the entire nation -- and the world -- in light of these events. Just awful...

Marilyn and I headed in to work a bit later than usual. There had been an accident in our part of town, so we were avoiding the traffic.

We went to Starbucks first thing. I took both Christine and Rich prior to our website meeting, and also invited Donn to join us.

Christine, Rich and I skipped Staff meeting in order to sit with my 45-step notes about multiple-day events at the website, which I had figured would take us around two hours to cover. I was spot on, by the way!

Donn had multiple IT projects to tackle, and proceeded with those, while everyone else was in Staff meeting...

Our meeting went really well. I think we all were wrapping our head around the process.

After that, Marilyn, Angel and I went to the Turkey Place for lunch -- Angel's treat! It turns out that Angel thanked me during Staff meeting for the change I made to the Clown Corps webpage at the website! He got the interest of several more clowns to audition! And he wanted to treat me as a way of thanking me. How nice!

After that Adeena arrived and I began her training. It went REALLY WELL. She'd already read everything at the How To website, so that put her well ahead of any previously trained newbies!

After her training I had piles of work to do. I offered to help Rich enter some of the Sanctioned Events at the website, so I got rolling on that.

Meanwhile, Cityfair went MISSING (yet again!) at the website. I tried to fix it, but it was no go. I have no clue what the issue is... (sigh) I tried AGAIN just now to fix it. Once again it didn't work.

I'll probably try contacting David at FISH about it, before I just give up and re-do the whole thing from scratch. So damn annoying!!!

Christine, Rich and I agreed that in the case of multiple-day events, it's actually easier to just scrap the previous year and start over each year. That may become our policy. I guess we'll see what happens when we try to 'fix' Cityfair again!

After work, Marilyn and I stopped on the way home at Freddies to pick up a few items (kitty litter, toilet paper, vanilla milk and so on). I made refried bean tacos for dinner. Marilyn didn't eat them, however! We have the WRONG beans, which ended up 'pale' and unappealing to her. We'll have to try and get our normal variety beans, I guess...

We also stopped to pick up my meds at Riteaid. I'd had to CALL IN the Meloxicam, because even though I asked for auto refill, they didn't set that up (surprise). So I ran out!

It was around 7:30 or so before we got home and I could make dinner. I was worn out. Training days are always tiring, and I had a lot of other stuff going on, too. Plus my flare-up continues to bother me.

In spite of the pain, I did get more than 5,000 steps, though!

Marilyn and Sue cancelled Sue's doctor appointment for today. It's a long story, but as it wasn't with either the heart or lung doctor, they decided it could wait. The appointment was going to run WAY TOO LONG for Marilyn to manage to get Sue there and back again before her 4:00 meeting...

I can't think of anything else right now. Just too tired. And Henry is in the room SCREAMING at me! He scratched me on the chin while I was napping before! This thing about him needing constant attention is starting to wear thin. I don't appreciate being awakened by him nailing me all the time while trying to wake me up. (sigh)

Well, time for bed. Tomorrow is another big day!

Happy dreams, friends! I hope you have good dreams.
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