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Catching Up: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Today (Monday)

Daunting task -- catching up my blog. Damn me for letting it go this long!!! It makes me very angry with myself. Anyway, here goes...

(NOTE: I'm going to come back and ADD in the Fitbit info. I just can't face finding it all tonight...)

Friday, March 18:

Rough day. I actually prefer not to go into too many details. But I felt some disrespect from a co-worker. I wonder how I'll feel toward that person going forward. This person has certainly had MY respect. But this isn't the first time that I've felt questioned by this person in my IT Manager role. Well, you can please or satisfy everybody, I suppose. I prefer to live with it rather than make any more of it than I already have.

Donn and I did accomplish a lot on Friday, though! He brought in the computer for Adeena, then got the Profile set up. I did a number of IT-related tasks, and website stuff, as well.

My damn hip was STILL bothering me, though. So climbing that staircase wasn't easy. So if you're guessing I didn't do well with steps that day, you'd be WRONG. You know how I feel, right? I need to walk in spite of the pain...

Great end (not) to my Friday at work: I totally screwed up the Fleet Week pages!!! I made such a mess that I started over from scratch and ended up dumping it out of navigation entirely. Thankfully I pretty much get the menu and how to make changes, because I'm having to do it all the damn time.

If all days were like Friday, I'd be a lot less happy person. And yet I had some really GOOD moments on Friday, too. Which goes back to what I always say: There are NO totally bad days.

Saturday, March 19:

We slept in. Well, I know I slept in, anyway! To tell you the truth, I can't recall if Marilyn did or not! We ended up going for a ride up the Columbia River Gorge, and stopping at Starvation Creek to take a hike.

It's a lovely path -- and suitable for ALL walkers/hikers. I was telling my friend June about it today. It's totally paved and wide -- more like a road than a path. There's very little grade, too. The scenery is just lovely. The only 'risky' moment I had was when I took a little side trail upward and was standing looking way, way down at the highway!!! I admit I was actually scared, so I didn't stay up there very long.

We had Arby's to eat that day (still loving the flatbread fish sandwiches and the peach tea).

Sunday, March 20:

Lazy morning for me...

Then we got ready and went to pick up our sister Sue for the memorial for her friend Patsy. It was in Boring, Oregon at a pub. We got there quite early, but there were already a bunch of people there. We all three got red beers and enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches. Everyone there was, for the most part, friendly and welcoming. Stacey was a gem with everyone (she's Patsy's daughter -- and Candy's close friend). Sue sat at the bar, so that's where we three were. (Those bar stools were NOT comfortable for either Marilyn or me, I'm telling you.)

Afterwards we did drive through Starbucks (meaning Marilyn did not get any), before taking Sue back to the rehab center where she's been staying.

Marilyn went shopping alone at Walmart Sunday night, while I stayed home and mopped the kitchen floor.

I somehow managed to REASON OUT my issue with the Fleet pages Sunday night! (woo hoo) That was exciting, I'm telling you. I felt like I was really getting it.

Monday, March 21:

I did a bunch of festival website work today. It's complicated to EXPLAIN things -- and often complicated to reason out how various things are done.

I think if we were always entering events NEW each year, it would be easier in many ways. Editing over and over again causes a lot of issues.

Plus today it was about ERRORS. Naming things wrong. And not spelling things correctly! This can make quite a difference, I'm telling you...

I had a long chat with June at one point today. I'm worried about her. She's still having a lot of leg pain -- and her legs are swollen and red. I'm surprised the doctor doesn't have her come right back in again. This sounds like more than Restless Leg Syndrome -- not that I'm making light of that condition. But I still fear heart failure, I guess...

June told me she'd read about Kindle needing updates before a certain date. So we checked both of our Kindles, but they're fine. I need to check my OLD one, though! Not sure I recall HOW it gets updated, it's been so long since I messed with it. Actually, I'd been fooling around with it at one point today (during my 'lunch break'), because I want to give it to sister Sue -- and I need to be able to show her how to use it! I was taking some of the books off. It has more than 1,000 books loaded! (Way more than my current Kindle.)

We ate dinner after Marilyn got home from work. Then she went to have a nap -- and I spent time writing up the really HUGE set of instructions for my meeting tomorrow with Christine and Rich. It ended up being 45 steps, total. Good grief! And some of those steps get repeated over and over, so they aren't counted individually! (yikes)

It would be helpful to have screencaps to go with the text, but God knows I can't face THAT amount of work! They'll have to be happy with the steps.

And Marilyn brought home our new Aria Fitbit scale -- so I spent around half an hour getting it set up. It's not that easy to do, but happily there were instructions online -- because what comes with the scale is NOT much help.

Marilyn is taking Sue to the doctor tomorrow. That will be during my training for Adeena, so I won't be going along...

My hip was bad again today. And my hand was a mess from psoriasis. Just ugh. I'm so sick of this. The weather was rainy and COLD. When is it going to get warm and stay warm? I had a terrible chill again this evening. My poor feet were so cold...

Sad note: My friend, John, from FISH is no longer with them... (I got an email about it this evening.)

David from FISH had to help me with a navigational issue at our website. Seriously, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I would have ever reasoned out how to do what he told me! It's not even a tiny bit intuitive! But now that I know the steps I've written them DOWN, so I can share them with others...

Just when I think I'm getting the website, something comes along to totally confuse me. Hahaha. Crazy! And that's what I'll be if it doesn't get somewhat easier one of these days.

Well, I need to go wash my hair. (sigh) I'm NOT looking forward to that!

I've been re-reading "The Robe" for Holy Week. It's very well-written. I can't remember the last time I read it. I want to re-read my Life of Christ book, but it's not an easy thing. I only have it in hardback with small print...

My friend Rob sent me several text messages starting on last Friday and I just saw them this evening! I feel awful not answering him all that time! I never even noticed them. Text messages are NOT the best way to reach me. Sort of like messages at Facebook. I'm just not AT Facebook enough to see those! Email is still the best way to get in touch with me -- aside from phone calls. I wonder if I'm just old-fashioned??? Hahaha.

Sleep well, friends! I hope you have good dreams.
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