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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I was inspired by St. Patrick's Day to create a NEW icon -- something I don't do very often anymore... So first off, Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody! I hope you all had a good day! My icon shows a pot of gold -- and I wish you all much 'gold' in your lives. (smile) Gold comes in many forms, after all...

Some of you may recall when I had quite a bit more 'spare' time -- and I used to make icons constantly! I was involved with an icon community and it was great fun! I miss it. Too bad I never seem to have the time to do that these days.

As for me, my hip was better this morning, if not 100%. And this evening I'm walking without a limp, which is fabulous. I'm hopeful it will be even better by tomorrow.

In spite of the pain, I did manage to get some steps in today, thankfully. I'm pretty convinced that we need to WALK every single day of our lives, no matter how much we hurt (and even when we're sick, if at all possible). So often exercise is the only answer to staying healthy! It's often very hard, but we need to force ourselves. And it does get better if we can stick with it.

I worked with Christine on the website today. We were doing more concert pages for the RoZone. I 'took control' of Christine's computer Remotely (using TeamViewer). She gets such a kick out of that! So I do that via my computer, and then we chat on the phone about what we're doing.

We did one of the pages together, then she took over and did the second page on her own.

I love the way Christine will run with this stuff once I show her how it's done.

The next step is for me to WRITE OUT some detailed pages on HOW we do this more complicated stuff at the website. It's a daunting task some days, I have to admit. I need to have a certain mindset going to even try to tackle it. People are so used to me just grinding this stuff out. I don't think most of our staff at the festival realizes how difficult I find it. (sigh) I've been doing it for years now...

I started a lot of my 'how to' writing back when I used to do tutorials for various Paint Shop Pro communities here at LiveJournal. Well, I have things that pre-date that, but I certainly got a lot of practice with the PSP communities! I wrote up so much detailed stuff back then.

But I guess I've been doing tutorials forever. I used to write up simple versions of computer instructions. In fact, back when I did computer consulting, I'd take complicated manuals and make up a sheet or two that boiled down the important steps...

I do enjoy it, but it's probably a lot harder than it sounds. It's about making things easy to understand, and NOT leaving out any of the steps of how things are done. When a person knows HOW to do something, they'll often take certain aspects for granted -- and forget to include them. I remember when I, myself, was learning certain things how FRUSTRATING I would find it when several steps ended up left out.

And Microsoft is notorious for leaving out steps of HOW things are done using their Operating Systems and softwares! I've always said to be sure to use SOME OTHER WEBSITE when seeking HOW something is done for Microsoft stuff! Hahaha. Funny, that's for sure!

I was having a HUNGRY day, today. I just couldn't seem to get enough to eat! I ate some leftover meat and green beans early on, then also had a bowl of cereal. For lunch I had a frozen spaghetti dinner. And I snacked on some roasted peanuts. Then had cheese and crackers and dill pickles for dinner. Just so hungry. I'm not sure WHY...

I was also tired today...

I did talk to sister Sue more than once. She wants 'us' (meaning Marilyn, I suppose) to take her to more than one doctor appointment next week (she has THREE). The problem is that Marilyn's schedule is really SET far in advance. And it's one thing for Marilyn to meet her at an appointment (join her there) and take notes and so on. But another entirely for Marilyn to get away so she can go and get Sue, take her to the appointment, be there for it, then take her back again and head back to work. That's HOURS out of Marilyn's work day.

It would be helpful if one of Sue's kids could pick Sue up and take her to and from the appointment. (Neither one begins to work the hours that Marilyn works.) But I somehow doubt that's going to happen.

Sue also wants us both to take her to Patsy's 'memorial' gathering at a pub next Sunday. Mainly because Candy wants to be able to stay and drink at the event, and Sue just wants to make a brief appearance. Marilyn agreed that we'll take her -- it's at 2:00 until 6:00 (I think). We usually pretty tired by Sunday, but we want to help Sue if we can, of course.

Marilyn is already having trouble fitting her own medical and dental appointments into her schedule. And now she's talking about delaying stuff so she can help out Sue. She always puts Sue and me FIRST, and herself last. And it worries me! She needs to take care of herself, too. And there are only so many hours in a day.

I just don't know how she does it. Her schedule is so exhausting. I couldn't begin to cover all she does here in my blog...

I also talked to June today. I always enjoy our chats...

And Rose (our neighbor across the street) came by while I was on a phone call to see me. So I called her tonight and we were on the phone for around an hour. She wanted to chat about the work she's having done -- and apologize about her construction guy David blocking the driveway this morning...

I'm forgetting things, but need to go do the garbage and recycling. So that's pretty much it for today!

Fitbit update: Marilyn got 9,000 steps (she got right up on the treadmill tonight!), and I got 3,071 steps, just walking around the house today. (I only went outside long enough to MOVE the guy who was blocking the driveway when Marilyn needed to leave for work. Otherwise I was inside, in spite of the lovely, sunny weather.)

Donn is due in tomorrow and I have a busy day at the office. So hopefully I'll get to bed before long...

Sleep well, friends!
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