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Major Flare-up: My Right Hip

So, as I mentioned yesterday in my blog, the PLAN for today was to go to my noon dental appointment. Then go down to the office in time for the Metro princesses announcement (downtown -- across the street from our building). And then go to the Newsmakers banquet tonight (for the first time).

But NONE of that happened today. Zero.

I woke up feverish and miserable. And in terrible PAIN. I was having a flare-up in my right hip and I could barely walk. In fact, I could barely sit! I had to sit sort of sideways on my left side, my hip was so sore. Part of the day I was reclining or lying on my left side. And walking with a decided limp.

Sister Sue called me and we had a lovely talk. She was so nice about my flare-up. It sounds like she's doing really well with her therapy, by the way, walking and exercising. I'm so proud of her! She said her son Larry and the family visited her last night and they had a nice time. She reminded me to call my dentist, which I'd already planned to do.

So I phoned and postponed the dentist. My next appointment is two weeks from today.

And I called June and cancelled my ride with Jim. And June and I had a lovely chat. She went to the doctor the day before yesterday and was telling him about her discomfort and pain with her restless leg syndrome. He gave her Oxycodone, of all things! And didn't even tell her to take it with food. He did give her a stool softener because it causes constipation (and how exactly does that help?).

She ended up having a BAD REACTION, including chest pains! Like many people, June is sensitive to pain killers -- and oxycodone is a strong one! I just don't see why he went that way...

On reading up on Restless Leg Syndrome -- otherwise known as Willis-Ekbom Disease -- I found that EXERCISE is one of the most recommended ways to prevent the illness. For example, I read: "One of the most effective remedies is preventative: exercise. According to the Willis-Ekbom Disease Foundation, people with RLS who exercise daily for 30 to 60 minutes report less fatigue, less symptoms, and better sleep habits. The exercise doesn’t have to be intense, and you don’t have to overexert yourself. Walking, jogging, or any variety of fitness will help your legs, and will improve your chances of sleeping."

You would think a doctor would suggest this BEFORE pushing a heavy-duty pain pill, wouldn't you? I also read that meditation can help (reducing stress), and that vitamin therapy can also help. RLS has had ties to low levels of iron, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin E -- so clearly there are benefits to adding these supplements to your diet...

Anyway, talking to June made me feel better. We always laugh a lot, which lifts my mood immediately!

My conversations with Sue and June helped make my day, I have to say.

Then I wrote Marilyn an email and told her what was going on. And called and told Christine (she was supposed to be 'my date' for the dinner).

I tried sitting up at the computer so I could work, but that chair was too hard on my poor hip. (It doesn't feel all that great right now!)

I'm annoyed by this setback, as far as walking goes. It's impossible to get my steps in when I can barely walk!!! So annoying.

Still fighting the ants. This would have been a good day to get outside and do some ant fighting, as it was a dry and sunny day. But I just didn't feel like it... I continue to wash them down the drain in my bathroom. (sigh)

I didn't do much of anything today, really. Watch some TV and read a little. And I napped.

At one point I was considering letting Christine come and get me just to attend the dinner. But I finally gave up on that. I decided I just couldn't risk sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours. And the idea of any amount of walking was simply daunting...

I'm hoping this will pass by tomorrow. I'm still hurting tonight, but not as bad as earlier in the day, thankfully. I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow. I guess we'll see.

Marilyn and I had popcorn when she got home. She stopped and picked some up at Walgreens on her way home, as we were out -- and I'd washed the popper out by hand today (forgetting we were out of popcorn!). She got home around 10:00-ish, so she had a very long day!

And we finished watching the movie "Carol." It was slow moving at first, but BEAUTIFULLY filmed! We loved both Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. I won't give away the end, in case any of you haven't seen it and want to. We enjoyed it.

Fitbit update: Marilyn got 10,238 steps today! Way to go! She had more than 9,000 when she got home, so jumped on the treadmill to get her 10,000. I only got 1,536 steps, no surprise (sigh).

Our nice weekend has gone away. It looks like dry weather for tomorrow and Friday, but rain all weekend. (sigh)

And I'm so tired of the cold!!! It's one of the main reasons I'm having these flare-ups, I think. Hell, who knows for sure?

The psoriasis on my right hand is HORRIBLE right now, by the way. I have these terrible patches. They're so crusty and itchy that I end up scratching them until they bleed. The only way to 'treat' them is to take an emery board and 'sand' the dry skin away. Yes, I know that sounds awful. But it's DEAD, dry skin, and you can't really fix it. You have to get rid of it to get to the healthy, tender skin under it. Then you can put ointment on the skin and help it to heal. Last night the one spot on my right hand was MADDENING it itched so bad! I'm not kidding. It was bad enough that I couldn't keep from scratching. So it was itchy and painful and I couldn't sleep until I worked it over...

Marilyn and I firmly believe there's a total connection between these psoriasis flare-ups and the flare-ups in my various joints. I've been told both that I DO have psoriatic arthritis, and that I don't -- but going by my BODY, I'd say I do. It makes perfect sense, just noting how I get a bunch of psoriasis, then I have a joint go nuts. (I'd love to 'chat' with that woman specialist who was so rude to me years back -- and swore I did NOT have psoriatic arthritis. Oh well.)

Well, Marilyn was pretty exhausted, and is sleeping on the sofa in the family room. I'm going to head to bed, I think.

Sleep well and have pleasant dreams, my dear friends!
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