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Cold Here! Plus: Sunday and Monday Updates

It's so COLD here right now! If you go out into our garage (which is attached to our house), it's like a deep freeze out there! (And you can feel that cold air coming into the house, too...) Getting canned pop or bottled water from the garage is just like getting it out of the fridge, I kid you not!

I'm really, really sensitive to the cold weather. Getting wet running around in the rain isn't the best for me, but the cold is another story entirely. I've been wearing the extra layer under my pants, to try and avoid chilling my joints worse. (This year it's been about my hip and ankles -- and only a little about my knees. Oh. And my wrists and fingers. But that's a different tale.)

I can't believe I blew off my Sunday blogging!!! What's the matter with me? I'm just so damn busy, combined with being so tired. And as I generally blog around midnight (or later), that makes it really hard some days.

Sunday, March 13:

I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that I nearly slept until noon on Sunday! I was really, really worn out from the cleaning of the IT Room on Saturday. I'm used to that staircase at work, but NOT the heavy lifting! And when you combine the heavy lifting WITH the staircase? That's a whole 'nother story, indeed. I guess I'm either stronger than I think, or a bigger wimp than I think! Hahaha.

Marilyn was up hours before me, anyway (as she often is).

I'm sitting here trying to remember what the hell we did on Sunday...

We did go and see sister Sue at The Marquis. We had a LONG visit with her and her roommate, Linda. I even sprawled on Linda's bed while she and I chatted away, while Sue took Marilyn off somewhere to show her around the place.

The good news is how well Sue is WALKING right now. She ended up taking me out for a walk (with Marilyn) after that, as well. There's a 'living room' area where Sue has taken her son Larry and family when they visit. (They can watch a DVR for movies or get a table and play games.) There's a room where they play bingo and another room where Sue eats her breakfast each day with others there.

Sue is very social and said how much she and Linda liked sharing a room (Linda agreed).

Obviously she's taking the rehab to heart. It's amazing to see her walking like this! I hope she'll keep it up when she gets home!!!

I know at some point on Sunday I made popcorn and we watched "True Grit" -- one of our all-time favorite movies. The John Wayne, Kim Darby, Glen Campbell version from 1969 (that we originally saw in the theater). Yes, we literally know almost every line of this film. If you've never seen it, you're missing out. (And, no, we've never seen the remake...)

I did fix refried bean tacos for dinner. (We heat a couple of cans of refried beans, and slice a bit of cheese and melt it inside the tacos shells, that we heat in the oven. You add some taco sauce, and you're good to go. We find these yummy.)

Fitbit update: Marilyn got 10,259 steps (you go, Marilyn!), and I got 5,875 steps. Yeah, yeah. WHY didn't I try and get 6,000??? Well, at least I made my 4,000 and then some.

Monday, March 14:

I had originally planned to go to work today. But when Marilyn said how COLD it was going to be, I decided I just couldn't face it. At some point I'd have to go out for Starbucks or lunch, and I just couldn't even imagine doing it! So I snuggled back down for a bit and told her I was staying home (she was fine with that).

I did get up shortly after that, though. I had a lot of typing to do for work, so I went nearly straight to the office and my desktop computer.

Then I also decided my BEDROOM was driving me NUTS, so I started to clean up in there. I had piles of stuff everywhere! Especially clothes, plus stuff out of Marilyn's room from her clean-up. I put some hours in there, and even though it's far from where I want it, it's better than it has been! It always seems to happen this time of year: I end up feeling slightly 'buried' in my bedroom, mostly with clothes and footwear. I'd love to keep that somewhat under control this year, but it's difficult. Even if I have the energy to clean, I rarely have the TIME!

As it was, I was back and forth between my computer and my bedroom. I also did some cleaning and picking up in the kitchen and living room, which both look much better.

Sunday we tried to go out for a walk in the park, and we saw our neighbor Gladys and her husband in their car (they pulled over to say hello). Gladys mentioned 'stopping by' to see me (!!!), and suddenly I wanted the living room to look picked up when that happened. Generally speaking, it's the room in our house that we keep nicer than the rest. But there were some things scattered around, so I tidied a bit.

And keeping up with the dishes is such a pain! One of my New Year resolutions was to try and keep on top of the dishes. I was doing pretty well for a time. But it's harder and harder, too. There's only so much time in a day, after all.

I gathered all the princess bios and FTPed those to the office, putting them in Kate's folder. She had asked me about who was doing the announcements this week. I decided to just turn it all over to her. It's funny how HARD that is, by the way! I just like keeping a hand on things. But I've given the website updates to Christine, who really enjoys doing it. And it was time to give the Social Media announcements to Kate, as that is part of her job...

There's a certain excitement involved with getting these out every day until it's done, though. We'll be finished up this coming Friday, with all 15 girls announced. These announcements are pretty much the beginning of our season in many ways. Even though we've all been busy since January, suddenly the public gets engaged again! So...

I had a lengthy discussion with Donn via phone today. I told him what was going on with the IT Budget and that I'd need to control having him in so I didn't run out of money (sigh).

And he told me all about helping out Sandy (Hector's wife). She asked him what she owed him, and he told her to phone and thank me (because I was the reason he was there). I haven't heard a peep out of her, surprisingly enough. I would think she'd call just to tell me she was happy he was able to get her information for her! She'd lost everything: The client list, with addresses and phone numbers, plus the record of payments. And the current unpaid billings!

Did I mention before that Hector DID mow our lawn on Saturday while we were gone working at the office? That was a happy thing...

Miserable weather today! Just awful! It was pouring down COLD rain all day long. And at one point we had a really strong downpour that included a mixture of hail!!! I had to go outside and get our recycling roll bin, which was covered with hail! Such a mess to try and wipe it down before bringing it into the garage. And to empty the yellow bin that we put glass into, as well.

I honestly was trying to avoid going outside, or in to the garage. But it's not that easy!

Katie emailed me that her Spam folder is missing. I guess I'll be dealing with that tomorrow...

Marilyn got home around 8:00-ish, and I made roast beef hash and green beans with cottage cheese for dinner. Yummy! We both loved it.

Then we did reach Sue by phone and talk to her. I'd called her earlier to tell her about the fuss about Rafa Nadel being accused of doping. And we wanted to know tonight if her friend Larry had made it there to visit her or not. She said he got there around 2:30 and left around 3:45.

Then it was time for naps!

When we got up we were both RACING to get steps in! Marilyn was on the treadmill, and I was just walking around the house as fast as I could.

Fitbit update: Marilyn ended up with 5,825 steps, and I had 5,793. Yeah, we were both bummed out not to make 6,000 today! There just wasn't time. We didn't wake up until well past 11:30 p.m. and things cut off exactly at midnight.

Well, that's a mishmash of blogging, I have to say! But at least it gives some idea of what we've both been up to. I didn't mention that Marilyn let Katrina go today. She's going to check with this other woman she interviewed, I guess. So if Marilyn hires her, I'll need to create a new Profile and Donn will need to set it up for me. Then it's another training session.

Believe me, I expect more training sessions! There's still Adeena to train, plus whomever Jeff and Sheila hire for that position (that was supposed to be Seth). And there will be the Waterfront person, too, soon...

I haven't been mentioning all the ANTS I've been dealing with! I keep finding piles of them in my bathroom. Good grief.

Well, time for bed. I'm nodding a bit as I type this! Hahaha.

Damn it! I wanted to make popcorn again tonight! I guess it's too late now...

We should put our masks on one of these nights.

Tomorrow at some point I need to do LAUNDRY. I don't know why I didn't get that done today. Just ran out of time (or steam).

Sweet dreams, friends!
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