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IT Room? Improved! Me? Exhausted. Hahaha.

First off, I totally blew off blogging for Friday! So...

Friday, March 11:

Another super-crazy busy day at the festival office. I guess there's almost no point in even writing that. March is a very busy month for us! I suppose it's partly about the whole princess announcement thing (there are 15 days of these -- and it does end up impacting every single day).

The weather ALL WEEK LONG has been rainy and cold. I can't even count how many times I got caught out in the rain and soaked. Here's the thing: Both Marilyn and I believe that this is a good thing, actually. Being exposed to the weather keeps us from being hot-house flowers! Maybe that isn't true, but...

Today was Katie's 25th birthday. Her mother, Lori, came by at 7:30 to decorate her desk and leave her home-baked goodies presents everywhere! What a sweet mom, huh? Lori is the rep for one of our main sponsors, and really reminds me of Katie -- or the other way around. Hahaha! Rich and I were the only ones there at first, then Kate came in (she's someone who likes to come in early to work).

I was there early because Marilyn had her Executive meeting. I had a hard time getting up, because I hadn't slept well. Nightmares, again. (Home invasion nightmares, no less!) Anyway, we made it to work on time.

Portland traffic has just become terrible heading to and from work, regardless of the hour.

So Kate tells me I gave her the WRONG princess bio (as she was doing the princess for Friday). Anyway, we changed things around. The 2015 bios were removed from the 2016 folder (and never should have been there in the first place!). And Marissa made a list of the Princesses that we could reference to be sure we had the right girl on the right day.

Rich and I were getting a news item ready to go -- he had the press release and I had the item for the website.

I sent Kate the corrected bio.

I had my old write up of how to create a Distribution List via the Exchange on the Server. I wanted to show Christine how that was done. So we made a _Website Distribution Group. Plus we removed the 2015_Staff Distribution Group. We played around with adding to groups. And editing groups. And I did a new set of instructions. (But I didn't get a chance to show Donn how it was done, as planned. He had a pretty busy day!)

Donn was in (I let him come in at 10:00, once it was clear Seth wasn't coming) today. He had a lot of work to get done, including installing Rhino on Jessica's computer (we'd switched machines from last year), and giving her the first cad lesson.

SPECIAL NOTE: I'd broken my box with the crucifix that used to belong to Aunt Dorothy! It sits by my computer and I knocked it on the floor. And Donn was able to FIX IT FOR ME!!! He's such a great guy!

Marilyn and I left work by 3:00 to head to her doctor appointment (which is hard to reach in a timely fashion when coming from downtown). Her new doctor was actually reluctant to put her on high blood pressure meds, but Marilyn insisted. Her blood pressure has been high for more than a year now, so it worries her (and Sue and me, too!). Anyway, her doctor had her get a blood pressure cuff, which she picked up today. (My nurse practitioner recommended one for me months back, but it was denied by my insurance. So now we can both use Marilyn's.) Marilyn got a good report, for the most part.

Then we were meeting Arthur and his husband William for dinner (the dinner we'd planned for last week, but postponed). We went to a place on Mississippi and Beech called Storm Breaker Brewing. They have a hamburger with 'bacon jam' that's really amazing.

Fitbit update: Marilyn got 4,326 steps, and I got 7,107 steps. (I walked out to get lunch, and so got more steps than she did.)

Saturday, March 12:

I was dragging this morning getting up, too, to tell the truth. Hahaha. But we made it to the office by just past 9:00. Then we walked to McDonald's and got breakfast, stopping at Starbucks on the way back.

Angel was in today for more Clown Corps interviews (Marilyn sat in on one of those.)

Marilyn wanted to work on her PowerPoint presentation today, as she has a speaking engagement this coming Tuesday. She'd asked me to create a new background slide -- and wanted to use the one Christine had been using.

I had it in my head that we had a specific slide that matched our website -- Christine's been using it since the new website in 2014, anyway. I didn't realize she'd taken the background of the website and cropped and created her own slide!

I went on this huge hunt to find the original images of our website -- and after hunting for nearly an hour I phoned Christine about it. I kept seeing various images embedded in documents everywhere! For marketing (meaning Carol had them), for sales (meaning the sales department had them) -- and I knew Christine had it.

Interesting Point: I couldn't just open up Christine's two recent PowerPoints and gack the slide! I tried, believe me. But she's been using Slide Master to create her background slide -- which makes it impossible to just gack the image! I had no clue...

Eventually I went off on the subject. I just wanted to be SURE that we had the images for our own website! I was sure FISH would have given them to us. But we're not sure if that's true or not. But Carol got right on it and asked both them and Kenny (our graphic artist).

Meanwhile, I went to the website and gacked a bunch of the items directly... And I made a new slide for Marilyn -- several versions, actually! So she's good to go.

She was doing a ton of research for her presentation.

And I started my main project for today: Cleaning up the IT Room!

It's been such a MESS for such a long time! Donn and I had talked about it this past week. We have a bunch of equipment that needs to go. And we just needed to organize and rearrange the rest of it.

It's a TON of heavy lifting and heavy moving. So honestly, it's a big job for me all alone. I'd planned to do this with Donn. I don't know WHAT I was thinking! Right now, he's supposed to think of himself as a man with one arm, because of that cast. So he couldn't help with the heavy work, anyway.

I got all the upper cabinets emptied and wiped out and stuff put in them. And I got the counter half-assed picked up and sort of wiped off. (It needs some major cleaning, really.) Then I got into all the cabinets down below and emptied them. There were TWO HUGE BOXES of old keyboards and mice -- all P2s. So I carried them all the way downstairs (they were HEAVY), and put them in a neat stack outside Marilyn's office (there's a spot we often stack boxes). There was one of the old 'brick' batteries that needed to go, too, and I carried that down, as well. Marilyn carried a box of old lamps down for me to add to the stack.

I stored out the drawers and organized those.

It was a TERRIBLE MESS while I was working on all this! Piles of stuff all over the IT Room. Piles all over the area near my desk and Donn's station and on the conference room table. What a disaster!

I took a big box of tees to Carol that I'd insisted on keeping last year. It turns out we can use them again this year! And I had a box of pink mustaches from Lyft (a sponsor last year) that we might be able to use again this year. They aren't signed right now, so we'll see...

I found HISTORICAL items mixed in to the IT area, so I had to move those things. I took over the part of what had been our 'library' ages ago -- so now we store computer towers and other IT items there. And we have our metal cabinet where I store a lot more IT stuff. I only got a start on cleaning it out, but the rest is looking pretty damn good!

Finally, I cleaned around my own desk. It looks a lot less cluttered now.

This felt like a pretty successful work day, anyway.

Marilyn and I finally left the office around 5:00, so we could go to the pharmacy for her blood pressure cuff and prescriptions. Then we stopped at Arby's and go fish flatbread sands and that peach tea we both love to have for dinner.

We were starved by the time we got home to eat our takeout! We hadn't had anything since breakfast, after all...

I'd tried to phone sister Sue several times. We were going to go by and see her, but she didn't answer, so we figured she wasn't in her room. She goes out for meals sometimes. Or group activities or her rehab.

We finally reached her from home. She had bad news: Her friend Eugene (a very nice man who Marilyn and I had met) passed away yesterday. He's been bad for awhile, so it wasn't a total surprise. But Marilyn and I think it's pretty hard for her to lose yet another good friend right now!

Anyway, I went to have a nap and read -- and didn't end up doing much reading! Hahaha. It's actually close to 2:00 a.m. right now, as I didn't wake up until past midnight...

Even though it's late, we're going to have the popcorn I've been promising to make all week long! What the heck, we've earned it!

Fitbit update: Marilyn got 5,661 steps today, and I got 5,969 I get a LOT of steps when I'm working in the office, because of my staircase that I'm always going up and down all day long. It's a lot of steps!

Sweet dreams, friends!
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