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Wind Storm Last Night -- Plus: CRAZY Day!

Well, the WIND woke me up in the middle of the night. I could hear things rattling. But no trees were down this morning. Hahaha. And I phoned Jim next door to check up on him (he's still got the flu). And he said they get tons of branches down in their back yard when the winds are bad, and there was very little out there. So I guess it didn't hit as hard as the weather people had been carrying on that it would. (But it was pretty bad down at the beach! Somebody was actually killed by a falling tree.)


It was just CRAZY!

I was working from my home office -- so I must have phoned the festival office more than a dozen times, I swear! Website stuff. How to stuff. And on and on.

I also talked to sister Sue three different times during the day. She gave me the BEST moment of my day, for that matter! She'd told me that she'd wanted to go out of the facility to cribbage tonight. But the rules are that you have to be back in by 9:00 -- and cribbage runs later than that. So I suggested she ask if they could make an exception. Later on she called to tell me they were letting her go -- and she was so excited! Gosh, I hope she had a really GOOD time!

I'd told her to phone us when she got back, but I guess she was too tired (because she didn't call).

Marilyn and I BOTH wrote to Sue's friend Larry more than once today. Normally he writes Sue several times a day (emails), so he's pretty lost without her. He wants to come and see Sue again, so hopefully he'll be able to do that. The last time he came he didn't know HOW to turn on his new cell phone (???!!!). We were both calling him, but he also didn't have his phone set up to get messages. Seriously? This is far from a complicated smart phone, guys... (sigh)

We had a MAJOR screw-up with the princess announcement today! I won't go into all the details, but I ended up putting it up at Facebook, then yanking it down again. And putting it back up! I'd been told I had the right name, but the WRONG bio for her. Actually, it turned out I had it all correct. But Rich sent out the information for the princess from 2015 to the media. He was pretty burned. Hahaha. Hell, mistakes happen! But this one could have been far worse! It would have been BAD if one of us had accidentally sent out the bio for a princess yet to be announced!!! Anyway, it was a huge uproar and monumental waste of time. But as I had it right the whole time, I was pretty cool about it. (grin) And, yes, that included yanking stuff down from Instagram and Twitter, too.

Katrina was out sick today. Marissa had to do the entire princess announcement on her end with no support person! She got us the photo just fine, by the way...

It was a partly sunny day -- nice, considering we'd had the chance to have high winds and rain today, too. I went for a walk in the park, and fortunately had my cell with me. Marilyn phoned on her way home from work, so we talked the whole time. I was originally just going to walk once around the park, but talking to her made me decide to keep on walking and I went around twice.

We also had to RUSH out right before 11:00 (closing time) to Freddies to pick up a few things. Mainly, Marilyn wanted to get a gift card for Katie (tomorrow is her 25th birthday!), plus flowers and a greeting card. (I grabbed cat water, cat food, and some ice cream bars! Hahaha. I should have grabbed Activia, as I'm out after tomorrow morning... sigh...)

Fitbit update: Marilyn got 6,756 steps for the day. And I got 7,581 steps. I had around 2,000 steps from just walking around the house, before I went out to the park. That's really not bad! I always try on a day where I do a TON of sitting in front of my computer (like today) to get up during phone calls and pace up and down and from room to room while chatting.

I wrote up a huge and detailed set up instructions for how to use Cloudmark DesktopOne, our wonderful SPAM blocker. Seriously, guys, if you need a good SPAM blocker for your non-web-based email, this is the ticket!!! I can't recommend it highly enough.

But Rich had DELETED his Spam folder -- that Cloudmark creates when you install it. That's where it stores the bad emails for you to view before deleting. You need to be able to check for false positives. Admittedly it has very few of those! Anyway, we got on Facetime on our iPads and I helped him to find the Spam folder and bring it back again.

I had told Donn that this was a potential issue, by the way. During the time I've had Cloudmark (for several months), I've almost deleted that folder myself dozens of times! Hahaha. I guess if I thought Cloudmark had any issues, this would be the one. It would be nice if you could set it so there was no way to delete that folder. I guess I need to investigate it... I sure didn't have TIME for it today!

As it was, I was finishing up my work for the day at past 8:00 p.m. I needed to put up an item on our festival website employment page. And I needed to review the News item for tomorrow morning, as well. I just hadn't been able to get those things done before then... (And I'd promised the employment item would be up today, so...)

Seth never got back to us about the position (surprise!). I called Jeff past 4:00 when I hadn't heard, as I needed to set up a Profile (create it on the Server) if we were going to be putting it on a computer first thing in the morning, as originally planned! So no training tomorrow, anyway. And Donn can come in later, as he won't be doing the Profile for me.

I talked to Sandy (Hector's wife) for some time today. I wanted to find out if he was able to work, because our yard really needs mowing. I guess we'll find out on Saturday. She's going to bring him over and give it a try...

I'm forgetting other things, because there was just SO MUCH going on today! And I still need to go do the garbage and recycling (thankfully NOT 'real' garbage night) -- and then wash my hair! It's actually past midnight, so I should get to it.

I've been SO TIRED lately!!! I think it's pretty amazing that I can still get my steps in most of the time, considering. I try to read when I lie down for a nap, but I don't last long.

Well, I'd better go. I'm looking forward to Skinny Cow ice cream before bed -- once my hair is done!
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