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Another Busy Tuesday at the Festival Office!

Marilyn had another very, very busy day -- with plenty of stress thrown in. She had a couple of personnel issues she needed to iron out (and, yes, tears were involved). Thankfully my own personnel problems did not involve crying.

Let's start out with the good news for today. We hanging in there with our walking!

Fitbit update: Marilyn got 6,189 steps today. And I got 10,150 steps.

We both took another walk today with our president and friend, Frank -- plus friend Angel, too! It started out raining lightly, but that really got heavy by the time we were headed back to the office! Marilyn had her raincoat with hood -- but it doesn't keep her all that dry! The rest of us had no hoods or hats -- but both Frank and Angel had umbrellas. Angel did try to keep me under his umbrella for much of the way, but that didn't really work all that well. I was pretty soaked by the time I got back to the office. The good thing is that rain just makes my curly hair even more curly! (grin)

Sister Sue phoned first thing this morning to talk to us about tennis player Maria Sharapova. For those who might not have heard, she announced on Monday that she failed a drug test at the Australian Open this past January.

Sharapova, 28, said she had been taking the drug mildronate, also known as meldonium, for 10 years to address a number of health issues, including low magnesium levels. Meldonium is a blood-flow-promoting drug banned because it helps oxygen uptake and endurance.

Sharapova said she had been getting the flu every couple of months, had irregular EKGs and had evidence of diabetes, which runs in her family. She said she did not realize that mildronate and meldonium are the same drug and was not aware when rules changed January 1 to make the drug illegal. She said that when the World Anti-Doping Agency sent an email about changes to the banned list in December, she did not click on the link to see that the substance had been added to the list.

"I know with this that I face consequences," Sharapova said. "I don't want to end my career this way, and I really hope I'm given another chance to play this game."

Marilyn and I were discussing how ridiculous this situation is. First, athletes fail drug tests all the time from innocently taking medications for one purpose or another. Second, Maria has been taking this drug for a decade -- and it only became an illegal drug this year. The situation really seems unfair to me. And the legal consequences seem extreme. We've been fans of Maria forever, so I think it's awful if this situation ends her career.

But I've said before that I think the drug testing for all sports is far too strict. If someone has allergies or gets a cold, they don't have the same options you or I would have to take a simple medication to prevent them from getting a secondary infection! That just doesn't make sense to me...

Interestingly enough, Marilyn had wondered late last night whether or not Sue had heard about this. So we were pleased when she called to discuss it. She sounded really good to me before I passed the phone over to Marilyn. We didn't get to talk long, though, because we were in a hurry to head to work...

I wanted to start training Katie (Marilyn's assistant) to be able to do website edits for various events that 'belong' to Marilyn and Katie (like GFP). As I mentioned yesterday, I had set up Katie, Kate and Jessica so they had access to WordPress and could start interacting with the website. But it's complicated -- and they need some instructions on how to get started.

But we started our day heading to Starbucks -- Marilyn, Jeff, Frank and me. Many of the usual suspects (like Rich) were over at OFEA again today. Jeff kindly bought my Starbucks for me! Yes, I got a Flat White again. I love them!

Soon after getting back to the office it was time for Staff meeting, which was lightly attended (again due to OFEA). I was in and out of the meeting, because our princess announcement for today was early this morning. I had the time at 9:30 -- but Rich told me it actually began at 9:15! So I was sure we'd be done prior to 10:00 (when Staff meeting begins). But this was David Douglas today, and they have an assembly that covers numerous things besides the princess announcement. So I didn't have the photo until well past 10:00...

After that I had Donn at my desk for a brief meeting about what he was working on. Then Katie and I meet and discussed the website.

Then Marilyn asked me to join in the walk I mentioned previously.

After I had dried myself a bit, I found my blue jacket that I keep at the office -- that has a hood -- and I headed out to find something for lunch. So I did get wet again, I'm afraid. But I was hungry, so I didn't care. Anyway, that's why I had more steps than Marilyn did.

My afternoon was really busy. I did find a minute to sit in on one of the Clown interviews that Angel was having in the downstairs conference room. I'd never sat in on one before, so I was really excited to do that!

Adeena came in during that to see Marilyn about her upcoming stint as an intern, so I got to see her briefly, too.

I almost forgot to mention that I set up with Kate to do the Facebook announcement on Friday, as I'll need to be with Marilyn for her doctor appointment at the time the princess announcement will take place. Kate and I went through it all -- and next week we'll split doing these.

A good portion of my afternoon went to working on the How To website, focusing on the website portion. There are two separate pages dedicated to people who use the website. I had been surprised to discover recently that ONE of those pages -- a page I spent ages setting up last year -- was NOT displaying at the site! When I investigated, I found out that the page was there -- but I had failed to set up the navigation for people to be able to find it! How stupid!

That's been fixed now -- and was what I was still working on when they went into the Creative Team meeting in the upstairs conference room at 4:00. Marilyn finally came over (not sure exactly when) to remind me that even though I was deeply involved with coding, we needed to go for the day. Happily I'd been waiting for that, so I didn't take long to pull myself together to take off.

We drove way out to Marilyn's hair salon, where we were attending a Botox Party. Marilyn's hair dresser, Summer, is always very lovely with us. We were happy they were having another one -- especially before festival time -- as somehow we'd managed to miss the last two! It's not really a 'party.' They have some food to nibble on (a few veggies, meats and cheese, some crackers) and some wine (or cold water). But it's about getting Botox (or some related treatment) done by an expert at a discounted price.

WE both have the area between our eyes on our lower forehead done (where you end up with scowl lines). The effect is really nice. It relaxes that 'angry' look that people get, and lightly 'lifts' the eyebrows, as well. It's far more subtle than you see on TV, if you're wondering. Most people have absolutely no idea we've had anything done at all. But neither of us tend to be angry people! Yet our faces can tend to look that way without this treatment...

There were a lot of women there, so we had to wait well over an hour in a rather small, crowded room. (And it was hot in there.) Nobody complains, because we want this done (and it costs more other places).

Yes, it's painful to have the injections. But well worth it!

We were driving home in the dark and it was pouring down rain. Just a miserable night! I forgot to mention that we've been having a cold snap, so the temperature really dropped last night over night! It was only 61' this morning in the house. And I hadn't turned the furnace up very far this morning, so it was still cold when we got home.

Then we had a drama about me losing the credit card we use for getting lunches. We had to drive all the way back down to the office to see if it was there. Happily I had stuck it in the pocket of my blue jacket (!!!), so we did find it okay. (sigh) I'm not going to ever take it again, that's for sure!

We were home by around 8:00 p.m. -- and both totally worn out from our long, busy and intense day. I didn't mention my own personnel things in any detail, but hopefully it's worked out now. I'll need to follow up on it later on this week...

I put on a pot of spaghetti sauce to go with the leftover spaghetti. Marilyn eats the sauce on her wraps (low carb), and I eat it on pasta. And I also made a pot of green beans, which were delicious!!! So that was dinner.

I was so tired I couldn't wait to lie down with my Kindle. But I didn't get to read for long! I was out like a light.

Thankfully I woke up in time to walk around and get my 10,000 steps! I was only a few hundred steps shy, so it would have been awful not to get them.

Can't remember if I mentioned Jeff losing his Fitbit yesterday! But he did find it, thankfully...

Now I've blogged, and I can't wait to head back to bed.

We need to go shopping at Walmart (were out of a ton of the supplements we both take). And we'd like to go and see sister Sue, too. I guess we'll see how tomorrow goes!

We've officially ditched possible plans to head to the beach house this weekend. In fact, we'll need to head into the office to work, instead. It's okay. It's a busy time of year for us.

I just went and looked in the mirror. You can barely see my poke marks where the needle went in. I didn't bleed hardly at all, which is unusual for me (I tend to be a bleeder). It hasn't gone to work, yet. But it lasts for months when it does.

Tomorrow I have my dental appointment at noon. I'm still not sure how I'm getting there, but I'm leaning toward walking to get the steps. Sweet moment: I had a phone call from June telling me that either she or Jim would take me! Remember that they're both sick with that nasty flu right now! I think it's lovely of her to offer, but I can't let either of them do that, considering. I'm worried about them as it is!

Well, bedtime!

Sleep well, friends.
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