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Another Busy Day! New Staff Member and More...

First, just a moment from late yesterday... I heard back from Chris with Rose Cup. Those of you who have read my blog for many years will have heard me talking about Rose Cup. It's been a festival event for decades (over 50 years, actually). It's now gone to a sanctioned event (announced in November 2015).

Anyway, years back I created a small website where we put up seven concentrated pages dedicated just to Rose Cup. I wrote my own website code for this, back in 2008. We're going to now transfer domain ownership to these new owners. And I'd offered to let them use my html code for this year for their website, in place of creating a new site. Be wary of being too generous with people. I'm just sayin'...

Regardless of the old (very worn out) site, I think all the data there (including tons of previously written text and links to websites important to the event) would be enough to make them want to use what I have. But no, Chris was extremely unkind and dismissive about the old site. Fine. Obviously he doesn't want what I have. I get it. So I'd put it all up for him to view -- and last night I took that all down within mere seconds (less than a couple minutes, seriously). So now he can create his own website from scratch, and come up with his own information and contents. I never heard the words 'thank you' for my work (nor am I likely to, clearly). And I'm pretty much done with helping out, needless to say. I'll help process the ownership change, them I'm quit of it all. And good luck is about all I can say. (I was going to offer to help with it for the rest of 2016, but to hell with that.)

Let's just say that if you want the good will of someone who can offer you extensive FREE help, all you have to do many times is be polite (rather than rude), and be gracious and appreciative. I've done a lot of work in exchange for some kindness -- and for pride in what I've produced. Sorry if these products have become less attractive and old over the years (kind of like me -- hahaha). But I'd also suggest that SOMETHING is better than NOTHING, if you have those choices. (The Roosevelt Alumni people might have decided to happily ditch the website I created, as well. They voted on a new version repeatedly and so on. But when push came to shove and they discovered the COSTS involved in changing? Well, they're STILL using my website to this day! I suppose they will eventually change, but again, something beats nothing at all...)

That was a lot about that. Not a rant, exactly. But I did find it pretty amusing, to be honest. I have a feeling they might regret not jumping at the chance to use my code for a few months, at the very least. But maybe not. Who knows? Maybe they prefer not to have a website until they can get around to making a new one (whenever that might be)...

Happy moments today:

Seeing Jessica again! She was with us as an intern last year -- and is back as a seasonal assistant this year. I love her! And training (re-training) went very smoothly today.

Marilyn, Frank (our president) and I had a nice walk today (even though it was quite cold -- and started to rain at the end!!!). More steps! (woo hoo)

Much of our Staff was at OFEA today. Jeff's presentation went really well (woo hoo). I'm only sorry I didn't get to attend it. (OFEA started on Sunday and ends tomorrow.)

The princess announcement for today went very smoothly!

Marilyn got a phone call from Hector when we got home from work tonight! She said he sounded very good!!! We're both so happy about that!!! (According to our message from Sandy, his wife, he had a serious stroke two weeks ago. He's been having trouble remembering people and words...)

Sister Sue finally phoned me around 9:00 tonight (I'd tried to phone her repeatedly all day long). She sounded great and said she'd had a good day!

I had a nice talk today with Jeff about "The Walking Dead."

I'm probably forgetting good things to share, but that's several, anyway!

We went to Starbucks this morning with Jessica. I'm still hung up on Flat Whites. They gave me an extra shot (free!) of Espresso today -- and Joe made a joke that he would think I'd be the last person to need it! I loved that! Hahaha.

I set up Katie, Kate and Jessica for WordPress access to our festival website. I gave Kate access to our 2016 Distribution Group on the festival Exchange (our internal email). And I wrote up the steps for giving someone NEW access to any given Distribution Group (when I couldn't find any notes about how it's done).

You know, I'm GOOD at telling how these things are done. Just sayin'.

I helped both Jessica and Kate set up their phones to receive the Exchange (both have iPhones, thankfully).

I got to see Rich briefly when he came over from OFEA to do the press release about the new princess.

We got hard boiled eggs (one each) plus avocado for me and grapefruit for Marilyn for lunch. And had leftovers from last night for dinner tonight.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn got around 7,400 steps today, and I got around 7,200. Not bad at all!

Bad news: My neighbor Jim has the flu now, I'm sorry to report! June is still down with it, too. I'm VERY WORRIED about both of them!!! The flu can be serious sometimes...

I'm working in the office tomorrow and Donn will be in. I get more dental done on Wednesday at noon.

I'll find out Thursday if Seth is accepting Jeff's job offer. If so, I'll need to create a Profile for him -- and Donn will need to set it up on Friday morning. Then I'll need to train Seth on Friday.

There's been talk about us going to the beach this weekend. But I don't know if that's happening or not at this point. If we do go, Jeff really wants to come down.

And that's it for today. I need to go color my hair and head to bed!
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