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Lovely Saturday -- Walking and a Movie

Marilyn got up early enough to wash her hair and then take a walk over in Columbia Park.

Me? I slept in and didn't wash my hair (I should do that tonight, really). Part of the extra sleeping right now is about the new medication (Meloxicam). It just makes me drowsy. I figure that will adjust over time. I've only been taking the night time dose recently (I was advised not to do so right away). Anyway, I'm sure it will all work out over time...

I had a nice talk with sister Sue this morning. She's really enjoying the place she's staying in.

When Marilyn got back, I got ready so we could take a ride. We went over to the Lloyd Center, which is under major construction, but still open. We went to a reading event there for children that had quite a turnout. (Our official festival charity for 2016 is SMART.)

While at Lloyd Center we got Starbucks (I'm still hung up on Flat Whites). Then we drove down to Sauvie Island and went to the place where we hiked around the lake last year. We didn't go that far, because I got tired (seriously?).

Then we came home here and took naps. I was out like a light again. I haven't been doing much reading when I lie down, because I fall asleep so quickly.

When I got up, Marilyn said she wanted to go to the show. She got on the treadmill, and I went to the bathroom, then got dressed again to go out.

All I'd had to eat today was a yogurt (for breakfast), then some cheese and crackers later on. But we knew we would eat popcorn at the show -- and we used to always skip dinner when we were going to a movie so we wouldn't feel guilty about the popcorn (smile).

We saw "Risen" -- the Kevin Reynolds movie featuring Joseph Fiennes (as Clavius) and Tom Felton (as Lucius). (We really enjoyed both in these roles.) We've been big Kevin Reynolds fans for years -- he both co-wrote and directed this film. I cried at the end (happy tears -- I found it very moving). I think even those who are not Christians would find this an interesting movie. It's a very different take. The investigation of the 'disappearance' of Jesus' body after his death!

Fitbit Update: Marilyn got more than 11,000 steps today (!!!), and I got 6,806 steps (not bad).

(We want to get back to walking and hiking again. We were doing especially well during April and May of last year!)

Anyway, we're heading to bed soon. Lots to do tomorrow...

Good night!
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