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Such a Busy Day! (Tired Tonight)

An early day, as Marilyn needed to go to her clinic BEFORE work to provide labs (blood and urine). We actually made good time heading out!

Then straight to work -- we wanted to get there by close to 8:30 to give Marilyn time to get Starbucks before her 9:00 meeting.

I spoke with Donn first thing. He had to get a new cast this morning! But he postponed his dental work and was at the office close to 9:00 today.

I waited for Kate (the new hire) -- then we all went to Starbucks (a large group that included Kate and Katie, Steven, Marissa, Ariel -- I can't recall who else!). Marilyn and Rich met us as they were coming back -- and Marilyn gave me her VISA to pay for everybody! Isn't that nice???

When I got back Donn was in Sheila's office with Tanya's computer. I shooed him over to work on Kate's computer -- beginning her Profile. Then I put Kate on Ashely's computer (Ashley was out today -- she's working part time right now), where she could review the How To website at I went up to my desk to print out the Training sheet I use (it's a check list of everything I want to cover with each person).

Once Donn had done Outlook and a few other things, he moved to other work (there was a LOT for him to do today!!!), and I started training Kate. I was very impressed with her. The interesting thing? She loves the festival -- and she actually came to US for work! Marilyn really liked her, so here we are! I was impressed by how she followed the training. She seems very sharp to me.

I was very glad Donn had come in early today, so I gave him a twenty and told him I was buying him lunch. I felt that was the least I could do. (I'm glad I had the cash!)

My day was crazy-busy! During training, I got a text message from Kris, asking if I could have lunch with him. So once I was done I phoned him and set it up for around 1:00.

I had already prepared the princess announcement for today in advance (yesterday), so I was ready to go except to wait for the headshot. Katrina said goodbye as they were heading out to Roosevelt. Marissa had already asked if Marilyn and I intended to go, as we normally hate to miss that one. But I had such a busy schedule I had to say no.

Christine asked me early on if I could help her with Jeff's Powerpoint for Monday. She needed to add video. It always has to be gacked from YouTube, then converted to a .wmv format to work.

Steven had mentioned problems with his cell phone and receiving the Exchange. So I was messing with that when Kris came. He tried the settings, too -- and to install the certificate (which is appears to need). We didn't get very far, but Kris said he'd get on that...

It was 2:00 by the time he and I went to lunch! We went to the Turkey Place and he kindly bought lunch (I'd planned to buy!).

Kris had to dash after lunch. It turns out he's had some changes in this new year. He's changed jobs and he's moved in with Val (in his house). He's pleased about both things, and I'm very happy for him!

He's going to try and see about the certificate on the Server -- and gave me hints for setting people up with Remoting again (we'll see how that goes!).

After lunch I took a walk with Marilyn -- and Jeff joined us! This was my second walk with Marilyn (we'd taken a short walk earlier on). The three of us had a good time chatting while we walked...

Next up was the princess announcement. Rich did his part and Christine and I were doing our parts at almost the same time! I do Facebook first -- then Instagram, linking to Twitter. It went quite smoothly today. I take the photo and resize on my iPad, then send it do my desktop, where I do Facebook. I do Instagram on my iPad after that...

Then Rich and I met at my desk and started working on HOW you add a new multi-day event, then split it off. I've got it down, now! I really need to get all the steps written out though (maybe tomorrow, I hope!).

Christine had sent me the link to the video and phoned to see if it worked. I asked her to wait, I wanted to finish up with Rich. We got a two-day event entered and split off -- and with our new method, made the second day link the first -- so we only need to edit the one day if there are changes. (I think he understood the process.) Now we'll need to review and try another, but he wasn't ready for any other events today. And we'll need to show how this is done for Christine, too.

After that I was working on the Rose Cup website (which still needs more work). I'll finish that up tomorrow, too.

Rich and I agreed to talk on the phone (if I stay home in my office to work), or meet again if I come in tomorrow. I think I'm staying home, actually. I'd like to really focus on some things that require I not be interrupted!

Oh! I gave Katie one of my small crystals today. And my crystal pyramid necklace, which she immediately put on. It looked so pretty on her! She such a gem! I just love her. And she's a wonderful assistant for Marilyn.

We got away fairly early for us -- and went directly to Emanuel hospital to see sister Sue. She was doing quite well when we were there. She's being moved to another facility tomorrow! The first step, hopefully (if all goes well), toward getting her back home again.

We went to Arby's for fish sandwiches (the flat bread ones) on the way home. And the zero calorie Peach Tea that we like.

Marilyn was starved! She had a bar to eat yesterday at lunch. By the time we got home, she had to fast for this morning! Then she had a bar for her lunch again today, poor hungry thing! So she was really, really starved by dinnertime.

Then she took a bath to get ready to go out to Donald, Oregon, to have her massage with Amanda. She's really been needing one. There's no place for me to go during that, so I stayed home. I needed to start the garbage and recycling anyway (real garbage week). I was working on it when I saw we had messages on our answering machine -- two from June and one from Jim! It was past 9:00 when I phoned their house. Jim told me he'd barbecued a roast and wanted to give us some!!! How sweet! He said they wanted us to have it for the basket of goodies I'd sent over to June yesterday. It was no big deal. I just sent her some cans of soup, some fruit and some tea. I'm really worried about her!

Jim said she was bad again today. I told him I figured she'd be bad for at least a week. My poor sweet girl...

I went over and he gave me the meat. I think that was so very nice! He said it would make nice sandwiches for us.

Then I came home and did more garbage and recycling. But I stopped because I was SO TIRED! I decided to get a nap and then finish up. I was out like a light. I guess Marilyn came home at some point, but I never heard her! She's snoozing on the couch right now...

I need to finish up and head to bed. She has a VERY EARLY meeting (GFP Creative Team) in the morning at 7:00!!! So I don't want to keep her awake if I can help it.

The EXCITING news for today??? I got over 10,000 steps with all my walking!!! I'm so pleased! It's been months and months since I last had 10,000 steps.

Well, off to do the work (cat boxes and so on), then head to bed. Damn! I was supposed to set up my pills again today. I'll need to at least do the ones for tonight so I can take them!!!

It was a crazy-busy day. And I imagine tomorrow will be, too. I'm certainly looking forward to the weekend, that's for sure...

Good night, dear friends!
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