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Incredibly Busy Day -- Dentist Appointment

First off, my dear friend June has the virus that Marilyn and I had! I feel so bad for her. She's really sick! I phoned this morning about my dentist appointment, which she was going to take me to, but she was sick in bed. She still had her sense of humor, however! We were laughing with each other on the phone. Anyway, her husband, Jim, offered to fill in and take me, sweet man that he is.

I spoke to sister Sue early in the day and she seemed very good. She had her palliative care meeting TODAY at 2:30 -- and Marilyn managed to break away from work in order to be there (with Candy and Larry and Sue). Marilyn felt the meeting was pretty insightful. But it was disturbing to have one doctor say that while checking out her heart he'd 'discovered' she had pulmonary hypertension. Really??? We've known this FOR YEARS! And they were surprised about her digestive issues, until Marilyn 'reminded' them that Sue had gastric bypass surgery 12 years ago! I mean, catch a clue here!!! Oh well. The good news was that they did seem to think she was improving.

She's being moved into another facility either tomorrow or Friday, and will be there for around three weeks. Then we'll see what happens after that. Hopefully she'll be ready to go home.

Marilyn missed her City Hall meeting to attend this, but I'm glad she was there!

My morning was extremely busy. Then I pulled myself together for my noon appointment, that Jim drove me to. Mary only gave me one shot today -- and I had pain during the procedure. She'd DIE if she knew that! She's very opposed to any pain during the work. But I was able to conceal that I was in pain -- something I haven't been able to do pretty much since becoming diabetic. Something about diabetes has made me more of a wimp about pain -- and I used to have a very high pain threshold. Anyway, I didn't wince or moan or give the pain away. It was bearable -- and I've always preferred to be less numb, frankly.

She did the bottom right tooth that's been bothering me for ages -- and that was finally painful enough that I went in to see her about it. The x-rays had shown a cavity, but she didn't think it was too serious. However when she drilled it open, suddenly she said 'uh oh' -- and it turned out it was worse than she'd thought! Anyway, it's done, thankfully. There's still a little pain tonight, but I'm pretty sure it will be fine by tomorrow...

After that, I came home and finished preparing for the second princess announcement at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It went pretty smoothly, really, today. And Christine had the bio and speech up before I posted (she did the photo later). So that worked out great.

Christine had also asked me about changing out the revolving banner at the website. I was actually reluctant to work on that today. I wanted to finish up the announcement work, then maybe take it easy and lie around reading my book. Did that actually happen? Oh hell no.

The next thing that came up was all this stuff about the two Rose Cup domains. So Carol set up a phone meeting for me at 4:05 with Kim. And I started to do additional research about it. I explained everything to Kim and she told me about 'her web guy' Chris. They DO want to use MY website for this year. But they want to move everything over to GoDaddy.Com for hosting. That makes it a bit harder...

Supposedly he'll take my stuff and update it.

Here's the thing: Hopefully she's right about Chris, and he does know how to code. I've heard this before from people and found it to be less than true in reality. I'm willing to help them with the website, but if so, I'd prefer to leave it at and NOT move it to Godaddy (which I just don't know as well). I've used both over the years, but I have to say Marilyn and I have had amazing results with Doteasy.

Anyway, I worked all day REALLY HARD -- except for my actual dental work. And I was setting up (creating) the Profile for our new hire (Kate) at 9:00 p.m. tonight. It was a super busy day!!!

I go to the office tomorrow. I'll be training Kate, which was not originally on my schedule (she was just hired today). Actually, Marilyn hasn't her back from her yet, but we must assume she'll be in rather than not.

I called Donn just before 9:00 to find out if he could come in early tomorrow to do the Profile on the computer. He has his own dental appointment in the morning at 9:00 -- which might mean he wouldn't be there until 10:30 or later. He's saying he'll try to postpone it, but only if they won't charge him anything for that.

If he can't, then I'll need to do the basic Profile myself, or I won't be able to train her. (The same thing that happened with Katie, by the way!) Then Donn can finish it up when he does get in...

I'm still hopeful I'll get to have my website meeting with Christine and Rich. We're very behind and need to get moving on it. I haven't written up the instructions yet (I just did NOT have time today!!!), so I need to do that tomorrow, too. (sigh)

Plus there's another announcement to do tomorrow. The good thing is that it's later. The program starts at 2:30, so it will probably be 3:00 before we post things. Friday it's first thing in the morning (!!!), so I'll need to get up and be ready early on! (Not sure if I'm going in to the office on Friday or not, yet.)

I've been going to help Donn with the installs of CloudMark since last week! I don't think that's going to happen tomorrow, though...

I mentioned my current book yesterday -- but didn't share what it was. I actually FINISHED "Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana (Life of Christ Book 2)," by Anne Rice. I haven't read the first book, yet, so now I want to get it. At first I really DID NOT like the book. But then I fell in love with it -- and in love with her Jesus! Wonderful stuff. I can't wait to read the other book.

I'm planning to take my first night time dose of Meloxicam tonight...

I probably should try cutting the pills in half. Maybe I'll do that. Then I'd take half in the morning and half at night. This medication really, really helps with my pain! A TON. And I'm convinced I can work through the side effects, if I give it time.

Right now I still am struggling with fatigue, confusion and memory issues. And yet I did some VERY COMPLICATED and detailed work today, even so. So what the hell!

I keep talking to people about the fact that our memory's are never that damn good! We forgot things when we were kids and when we were teens and it was all 'whatever.' There's something about being older (old?) that makes you blame it on your age. Why do that??? Are we really worse than we used to be? Sure, health and medications can impact it (AT ANY AGE, by the way). But notes help a lot. And I'm a great one for WRITING THINGS DOWN, as everybody knows! It's what I do!!!

Marilyn worked REALLY LATE -- then went up again to see sister Sue! She amazes me. She got home around 8:00 -- too late for any dinner, as she is having fasting labs first thing in the morning!!! Poor Marilyn. (All she can have is water, period.)

She's asleep on the family room sofa right now.

And I'm forcing myself to blog before heading off to bed. I'm tired. Time for sleep...

I hope things go smoothly tomorrow.
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