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Hard Time -- Winning Day!

I was planning to go to the festival office today, originally (as you'll recall from my last blog entry). But we were expecting HIGH WINDS today around noon -- as high as 45-50 miles per hour. And Marilyn and I were reluctant to leave the house empty. We haven't had much luck during the most recent high winds, after all...

Plus I wanted to be here for Sue to phone me (if she did). And I never did wash my hair last night (too tired). And in the morning I hadn't heard back from David, so I wasn't prepared for the website meeting we were going to have. And I could add to that, but you get the picture!

So I phoned the office and let people know I'd be in Thursday. And I called Donn and we plotted his schedule for today. (Donn and I spoke several times during the day about his work.)

By the way, on a personal level about Donn: He found out his wrist isn't healing (!!!), poor guy! They want to give it another month in the cast to see what will happen. But otherwise he'll need surgery. Right now he's been told to pretend he has ONE ARM -- and not to do anything with his injured arm, except type! I feel awful for him.

Sister Sue phoned me early today!!! She sounded just like herself! Her voice was totally her own. And she didn't sound even a little confused. We had a very nice conversation and I felt very hopeful for her recovery.

Later on I tried to phone her several times, but didn't reach her. When she called again in the evening, she said she'd had a busy day. They put a catheter in her arm (again, I think that's for the lasix drip -- but not sure). She'd also had a lot of company there and was complaining how 'tired' she was. No doubt! She didn't sound as good during this second phone call, but she's clearly hanging in there.

I have NO CLUE when they're moving her to the other facility (where she's supposed to stay for around three weeks, they think). I'm concerned they might move her tomorrow without telling us. Her friend Larry is coming to see her tomorrow afternoon. Marilyn's supposed to let him know where she is, so it would be nice to know. Heck, it would be nice to know, period! I'm not sure WHY neither Candy nor Larry can take time to text or phone us, but it's a bit annoying, in all honesty...

It would be GREAT if we both had time to be more hands on with Sue, but that's pretty difficult right now!

I started out my day preparing for the first princess announcement, which was today. My personal job was to make sure it was announced for the festival's Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It probably sounds simple to those of you who are very active on Social Media. But there's a routine involved.

I spent around 45 minutes just locating each of the 15 announcements from 2015 (not easy with Facebook!!!) -- gacking the URLs of each one, plus the actual text. Then I got a copy of the bio of the new princess from Rich, from which I would write a short blurb describing the young woman. I created a template to use each time -- to keep the basic text the same for each girl, so there was no possible indication of favoritism. Then I got a bitly link to the Princess page at our website. And I went to our festival hashtag list and determined which hashtags I'd be using.

The announcement is three-fold. Rich to the media (a Press Release to TV, radio, newspapers and online news), Christine for the website page (photo, name and school, full bio and speech), and me, doing the Social Media (as mentioned above), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I goofed up today! Because I'm linking the website, I need to be sure Christine is ready before I push the button on my work. Rich just goes when he's told the announcement has taken place at the school, because he only needs the bio (and doesn't wait for a photo). Both Christine and I have to wait on photos. But Christine CAN go without one -- using a place holder photo. I'm the one who MUST have a photo to do my thing.

Today I did Facebook on my desktop computer. And Instagram on my iPad -- and I shared to Twitter from Instagram (easy to do). I was setting up my iPad at the last minute, because I'd been so busy all morning. But tomorrow will be easier...

David (from FISH) DID email me early today with answers to my questions about the website. So I put quite a bit of time into the necessary editing of the CityFair pages. It's hard to explain, but this is (basically) how it works: You have a multi-day event (like CityFair) -- we have many. You enter it into WordPress under the Dashboard > Events (which is the Calendar). This splits into every day from the beginning date to the ending date. Then you have to go in one day at a time and edit each day -- so you can change the times (opening and closing times). And now we can REMOVE all the Sponsor info from every page except the main page (day one of a given event). You 'hide' any day that the event doesn't take place (we have days 'off' during CityFair).

It took a lot of work, but CityFair is now done! The only page that will need editing going forward should be May 27 (the main page). Unless another day has time changes -- or we would decide to close for some reason (which has happened in the past).

I'm excited to tackle more events. Rich has sanctioned events ready to put in, so hopefully we'll get started on those together on Thursday when I'm in the office.

I want to make CAREFUL NOTES (instructions) on how this is done. I thought I'd done that before, but I certainly didn't find any! When you're doing it all the time, you think you'll never forget how it's done. Not so! Anyway, the procedure CHANGED a bit this year (from the website tweaks we had FISH do), so...

I also worked with Donn on some things. He helped set up my TeamViewer on my computer at work so I can use it to Remote in! (I haven't had access to Remote Desktop for months now -- and it's maddening!) I'd still like Kris to fix Remoting, but this will help until (if) he does.

I was REALLY, REALLY BUSY all day long -- so I know I'm forgetting to share things I did. Oh well. I ate leftover green beans for my lunch and yogurt for breakfast.

Marilyn and I went shopping after she got home from work. First to pick up prescriptions at Riteaid. I have a new one to help with my cholesterol. Unfortunately, the side effects include: Constipation, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting (and I already have issues with ALL of those!!!). I'll try it, but considering I finally got my bowels under control, I'm eager NOT to have issues again. And I've been nauseous every single morning for ages now -- so I don't need to make that worse! This medication simply may have to go by the wayside -- and I'm not kidding.

Then we went grocery shopping at Freddies. They've recently changed the inside of the store (they're still working on part of it) -- so everyone is having a terrible time finding things. We got the Fred Meyer at 7:09 and we were done by 7:49. So it took us 40 minutes there. We needed water, pop, lots of canned foods, fresh fruit, frozen dinners, cat food, paper products and so on. We ended up getting a second cart (!!!) we had so much! (Ultimately we didn't get everything on our list. But oh well.)

When we got home we unpacked the car and put most of the stuff away. Then we each fixed a frozen dinner and had a Bud Light and went to watch "The Voice." We watched it last night and enjoyed it, so decided to watch it tonight, too. Wow, there was some incredible talent!

Well, Marilyn just washed her hair. And I told her I'd read out loud when I was done blogging.

I need to share the new book I'm reading, by Anne Rice. Tomorrow, I guess.

Why was it a 'winning' day? Well, getting the first princess announcement done successfully is ALWAYS a win. And I was extremely pleased to finally get CityFair done at the website (woo hoo). And my memory seemed a little better today (thank God -- I have a lot I need to remember with this work!). The wind didn't cause any damage (again, thank God). Plus sister Sue is holding her own! All wins in my book...

Sleep well, friends!
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