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Marilyn and I See Sue -- We're Back in Portland

Marilyn and I (and our cats Colin and Henry!) got home from the beach just past 2:00 p.m. today. As soon as we got the cats in the house and the car unpacked, we headed up to Emanuel hospital to see sister Sue. We actually called there first, and she'd been telling everyone we were coming to see her today! I guess she read our minds. (smile) I suspect she might have hallucinated that we'd told her that (as we hadn't), but it was fine, seeing as we were going anyway!

We bought her some daffodils in Seaside, so we took those to her -- a nice big bunch! We thought a touch of spring would be nice. And we took her a stuffed bear dressed up like a bunny (Easter isn't all that long away). She was glad to see us and did recognize us (she hasn't recognized everyone she's seen), so that was good.

We ran into Nicole and her dad Brian on the elevator. And when we got to the room both Candy and Larry (Sue's kids, our niece and nephew) were there. They left shortly after we arrived so we could spend time just the three of us.

Sue was good enough to make a family joke! Back when Mom was still alive, at one point she was in the hospital and Sue and I would go to see her every single day. But Marilyn was so busy at work that she didn't have the chance to go. But Mom said that Marilyn had visited her all the time -- she remembered Marilyn being there wearing her red coat! (She had a nice wool red coat at that time.) Sue and I laughed and laughed about it, because Mom had no memory of either of us seeing her. That's how it is sometimes with people in the hospital. Anyway, it was great to see Sue's sense of humor intact!

Also, Marilyn and I used our phones to share a bunch of messages people had sent her from Social Media (here at LiveJournal, over at Facebook and so on). We'd take turns mentioning a name -- especially of people we didn't know -- and then see if Sue knew who each person was. She was amazing! She could tell us who almost every person was! So she might not be perfect, but she's clearly doing better.

We were pleased we'd decided to drive down to the beach house on Friday. We managed to put Christmas away (which was driving us NUTS). And we spent time going for coffee at a new (really cute) place on Saturday, walking around, taking two different drives and even doing some hiking! We got ice cream and finally got a small pizza and some frickles (deep fried dill pickles) to take home for dinner. It was a lovely day.

When we were so worried about Sue, we considered turning right back around and heading to Portland. Then we decided that wasn't what Sue would want us to do, considering she, too, loves the beach house. So we stayed on until today (getting to be there two nights). I think we made the right decision. We hadn't been down since Thanksgiving, and it was very relaxing even for that short amount of time.

We left the hospital when Sue kept dozing off -- finally we told her to just sleep and we'd talk to her later. She's been complaining that she doesn't get enough sleep. That's always true when you're in the hospital, it seems! As soon as you fall asleep somebody wakes you up.

We were home in plenty of time for the Academy Awards show. (We'd seen part of the pre-show in Sue's room.) We were delighted about Sam Smith's win. But DISGUSTED that Sylvester Stallone didn't win!!! Oh well. Typical. I thought Chris Rock was wonderful, by the way...

We like Arby's new flatbread chicken sandwiches, so we got those for dinner (light sauce). And we love the zero calorie Peach Tea you can get there, too.

I had a nice, long chat with my friend June this evening (checking up on Sue). She's such a dear. Oh! And Angel went to see Sue before we got there -- he took her a stuffed cat. Sweet.

Well, back to work tomorrow!

I think we'll head to bed soon.


Sleep tight, friends.
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