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Dealing With Fatigue...

This, too, shall pass. I'm dealing with the fatigue caused by my new medication. And it's really dragging me down. I skipped work today, because I was too tired to face it. I just went back to bed and slept in.

But I did get several things done around the house when I got up, including loading the dishwasher and picking up the kitchen, plus taking out all the garbage I just ignored last night. I picked up around the house, knowing we were going to the beach house today.

Marilyn had to be at work early, so I told her right off I was not going in. She had a very busy half-day with meetings and an interview.

I did talk to Donn. We had an entirely new IT issue to resolve, so I asked him to deal with it.

Marilyn had planned to leave by 1:00 p.m. and did actually get out of the office by 1:15. Donn had come by the house to make sure the issue with the stove was, indeed, the element. He timed it to arrive before Marilyn, but was still at the house when she arrived. (It was the element! It had burned through at one point. So he'll order a new one and install it for us when it arrive, via the internet.)

As soon as Marilyn got home we picked up a bit more, then started packing.

The boys (Colin and Henry) were VERY, VERY GOOD during the drive down! I think they're happy to be here.

It was a rainy drive. And part of the time there was quite a bit of traffic. But we did manage to get to Seaside before dark, which was nice. There were clouds lying in the hills and right down on the road in many spots. A very gray day.

It was APPALLING to get here and be greeted by Christmas in the house! We started in immediately getting it out to the garage. Marilyn got the tree out entirely by herself. And after we ate, I took the rest of it down and packed it away for next Christmas. It was great to have our normal house back!

We got takeout for dinner (we were both too tired to cook). And we each had a Bud Light. It was like a party. (smile)

Sister Sue is still in the hospital. But it appears that they'll move her to a care facility tomorrow. The main issue with her confusion is the lack of oxygen to the brain (nobody is saying stroke). She now realizes that she does not have cancer -- and seems to get that she had a dream about seeing Mom's cancer doctor.

Tomorrow we'll spend the day relaxing, and we plan to head home early in the afternoon on Sunday. We want to be home in time for the Oscars.

I have Henry IN MY LAP as I'm sitting at my desktop computer typing this. He's purring like mad!!! How cute is that?

Well, time for bed! Sleep well, friends.
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