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Sue Update: Not Good || Two Days of Work: Turned Out Great!

Update on sister Sue: She's not doing very well, frankly. She's very, very confused. Marilyn and I do not think this is due to a stroke (or strokes). We think it's a lack of oxygen to the brain combined with the strong medications she's taking. But confused is a kind way to refer to it. She told me on the phone tonight that she had cancer (on top of everything else wrong with her). But Marilyn thinks she 'dreamed' the encounter with a doctor who treated our mother when she DID have cancer, years ago. Marilyn can log in and see Sue's test results. But no member of the family has yet to speak to a doctor about what's going on with her! Not her daughter, son or us (her sisters). What the hell is that about????? (We talked to her son Larry tonight. As he pointed out, by the time he's able to see her after work in the evenings, there are no doctors around to speak to...)

Anyway, she's still at Emanuel hospital and still can use all the prayers and good thoughts that you can send. Thanks!!! We're trying not to worry overly much. At least she's where she belongs, getting the care she needs.

I saw my friend June (and husband Jim) briefly today. She had a SERIOUS computer issue -- but she did the RIGHT THING and it didn't end up being bad! I'm so proud of her! Hopefully we'll avoid the same situation in the future. (It gave me a good scare!) She went to give blood today. And sees her kidney doctor mid-day tomorrow...

I should mention that Marilyn laid off Allison, one of our seasonal employees today (Carol's assistant). It was agreed by both Marilyn and Allison that it just hadn't worked out (it happens). I've got her email address and hope to keep in touch with her in the future.

As for me, I was working away on finishing up the eNewsletter for this week. Alli was trying to help with photos, but had sent me some without resizing them! They were so huge that my email rejected them! I guess it's hard to get the necessity of resizing across to people (this has come up many times in the past). But it all turned out fine. I was racing the clock (as always) to send the eNewsletter out by noon -- and it ended up going at 12:30 (which is quite acceptable, actually).

All day long (!!!) I was involved in numerous phone calls and emails dealing with the same issue as yesterday: Figuring out how I could FTP to our festival website!

This morning John from FISH reminded me that there was some blocking that went on at the Atmosera end which required them having the IP address of any and all computers that were trying to access via FTP (SFTP, actually!). I'd forgotten that! It came up years back when we were first making the switch to the new website -- but we never quite resolved it then (obviously!).

Anyway, I did a LOT of talking with both Q (Christopher) and Dean from Atmosera -- I just love those guys! John, too, for that matter! These people are WONDERFUL to work with! They gave me HOURS AND HOURS of their time both yesterday and today!

To further explain, when we set up the NEW version of our website back in 2013 (launched in 2014), the lovely Atmosera people let me KEEP the OLD website, right where it was. I used it for archiving purposes -- and to host images (etc.) that I needed for various projects, including the eNewsletter! But in December they had to migrate it -- so the access changed. With the old site a simple FTP software could 'touch' everything. Now we need a more secure SFTP software -- and clearly it's a bit more complicated.

Anyway, once we got all the technical aspects reasoned out and tested, I sent over the two IP addresses we have -- both CenturyLink and Comcast. Right now my desktop is hooked up to Comcast. But I can use either and still touch the new website just fine...

It was AMAZING to me that they got this done today! I'd figured I'd be a few days out before the tech guys could get to it. But I think my pals were really pushing it through for me! So by late today I was actually FTPing for the VERY FIRST TIME to the new website. And more specifically, to the OLD portion of the new site. (grin)

Totally worth celebrating!!!

Other than that, my new anti-inflammatory pain pill appears to have a side effect that's a bit of a pain: It makes me really TIRED by the afternoon and evening. I'm not sure it I need to cut the pills in half and try that, or if I should just give myself time to get used to them. I don't remember really clearly, but I know I had issues with Naproxen back when I was first taking it. Actually, I'm thinking for the first couple of YEARS that I took it. So I know I need to be patient.

But I'm talking about really feeling tired -- strongly fatigued. To the point that I get both confused and cranky! That's awfully hard to deal with when you have to do something as mentally intense as my work was today (and yesterday, too).

I was trying to set up June's bookmarks for her when I went to check on her computer, and I literally couldn't concentrate well enough to do it! I had to throw in the towel -- and I'm not good at doing that...

Well, I just did the recycling and cat boxes. I haven't even started gathering the garbage. But I think it's going to have to wait for tomorrow. We need to be up on time in the morning, and I'm super tired, so...

I was actually SAD to finish my latest book: Blanche Cleans Up (Blanche White series Book 3)," by the amazing author Barbara Neely! I only get sad like that when I'm just loving reading a book. I thought it was the last one in the series, but happily that's NOT the case! I just bought number four and can't wait to start it!!! (woo hoo) I hope she writes more books!!!

Well, I'm forgetting things, but this will have to do for today.

Goodnight! Pleasant dreams, everyone!!!
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