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Another Busy Day...

Sister Sue is still in the hospital. I guess she's holding her own. I spoke to her briefly today, as did Marilyn.

I visited with June and Jim late afternoon (early evening). Marilyn phoned me to come home around 8:00... June and I had a long talk. And she showed me the new, lovely art in her living room! (Plus I finally took Jim his birthday presents.)

The rest of my day was hugely busy! I spent HOURS on trying to resolve the FTP issue about the festival website. It's way too complicated to share here, in all honesty. I talked to Christopher (Q) and Dean at Atmosera (used to be EasyStreet), as well as a support tech. I still don't know if I can FTP or not...

I emailed with both Brit and David at FISH about this, too. It's amazing how complicated the whole thing is.

And Donn and I talked a number of times. He's still trying to help with our stove. We did find the model number. It's kind of a funny story! I had showered and washed my hair. I got out of the tub and toweled dry and then Donn called. He told me to open the drawer on the stove. I had to get down on the floor. We use a brick to hold up the broken drawer (original, huh?), so I took it out. Then I opened the drawer and the model number was inside. I had to lie down on the kitchen floor to read it! (Picture me NAKED doing this...) Anyway, after that, I had to jump back in the shower and wash again. Hahaha. Yikes. But at least we have that number now! (So Donn can get the correct element.)

Actually, after that Donn decided he wanted to test the element (he has something to use for that) before buying a new one. So he's going to come by Friday for that. Plus it's cheaper if we buy it online, so we'll do that, as well.

Odd moment today? I went to get the mail on the front porch. As I went back in the house, I saw a blur out of the corner of my eye, that looked like a cat (as I closed the door behind me). I opened the door and found a black cat sitting there. Guess what? It was Colin! I have no idea how he managed to get past me without me seeing him! He's never done that before!

Anyway, thankfully he hadn't jumped down behind the bushes where I couldn't see him. I don't know what might have happened!!! But I shooed him into the house. Then stupidly rewarded him by letting him sit in the back doorway (it has a security door), to have some air for just a bit.

Leftovers and a peanut butter sand (on rye) for dinner... I was so tired I didn't feel like fixing anything else.

Pain? Barely ANY today! That's after only two of the new pill! I'm so excited!!!

I spent ages on the eNewsletter today. Shades of the old days! Actually, it was nothing to make a header banner (I have years of experience, after all). And I fell right back into the coding, which is a breeze for me. I had to re-write the Copy (which was bad). And I still need to add photos. Apparently these WERE sent to me, but were so LARGE that they wouldn't come through my email!!! Um, did you read the things you were told to read on day one, new employee??? I guess not, because they tell you how to resize large photos!!!!!!!!

Does ANYBODY follow instructions anymore???

Do new employees ever consider learning what they're told during their initial training? I remember those days when I was the new person, so eager to learn. What's going on with that today? (sigh)

Well, I'm heading to bed. I can barely keep my eyes open... I did sleep much better last night, now that the pain is under control. (woo hoo) I hope the same will be true tonight!

Goodnight! Pleasant dreams!!!
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