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A Few Errands -- And a Short Ride

I talked to our friend and neighbor June today. She spent three and a half hours (!!!) in urgent care recently in order to see someone about her legs, which have been bad for ages now. They're swollen, tight and red. She was told she has an infection and was given an antibiotic to help. She's supposed to elevate her legs. Hopefully when she sees her doctor again she'll learn more about what's wrong!

Sister Sue spent last night at her son Larry's house with him and his family. She seemed very depressed when I spoke to her and is not getting along well with her daughter Candy. Candy and Larry are taking her to see Dr. Young tomorrow. She said she had a lot of 'problems' and she'd tell me more after seeing him. (I'm anxious to speak to either Candy or Larry to hear more details about her health.)

Prayers for June and Jim and for sister Sue (Larry, Candy and families) would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Or good thoughts from those who don't pray. Thanks, everyone!

Marilyn and I had errands to run today. We wanted to finish off some details for her office at the festival -- so it would be just perfect when she walks in to work tomorrow morning! I'm so glad we got a lot done yesterday. It just looks wonderful! We were hunting for some new item to add to her desk, and ended up buying a really cute lamp. She already had a nice vase, so we got flowers to put in it. AND Marilyn bought flowers for Katie, who has been such a wonderful help with all of this work.

There's so much to be said for making your work environment as organized and pleasant as possible! I'm inspired and would like to tackle the IT Room, IT storage area (near my personal location), Donn's space (also close by mine) and my own location (I have a desk and cabinet upstairs).

The IT stuff will be complicated and take a bunch of TIME. And I want Donn to help me with it. We're still keeping a bunch of stuff we just do not need!

I'll try to work on my personal space a little at a time...

I also want to make some changes to some of the assistant locations around the office (I've wanted to do it for ages now). We'll see if I can tackle that this year or not -- or if I'll have to wait until after festival (this summer).

Marilyn and I went to Ulta so she could look for a new hair dryer. She'd done a lot of advance research about which were really good dryers and she got one that was very reasonably priced. They have a bunch that run around $200 or more (!!!), but the one she got was $50. Frankly, she needs to invest in a good dryer. But she needs to talk to her hair dresser before spending any large amount of money. A good dryer could be a life-changer if it helps make her hair routine go faster and smoother. It's all about the time spent, after all.

We also got her a new set of sheets for her king-sized bed. She loves those high-count thread sheets, so she got some 800 thread ones at Ross. Ross carries excellent brand names -- really good quality -- for reasonable prices. Good quality sheets for a king bed can easily run into hundreds of dollars, believe it or not. But the set we got was under $50. Good sheets also last a long time. We need to get rid of some really OLD sets of sheets around here! Hahaha.

And I picked up some of my favorite fragrance, which I wear every day. I can get it for less than half price if I buy it at Ross!

After we'd done our errands and been to the office, we wanted to take a short ride up the Columbia River Gorge. First we stopped at Arby's to grab a bite to eat. This was around 4:00, and Marilyn hadn't had a bite all day long! I had eaten a yogurt in the morning, but we were both pretty hungry. We tried their new flat bread chicken sandwich (good!!!), and got some of their snack items that we like. Plus we got their peach-flavored ice tea (zero calories) that is just delicious!

We didn't end up driving very far. I was so tired I was nodding off, so we turned around pretty early and headed back home. I went down for a nap soon after that and slept a ton.

I had been in so much pain from my arthritis (bursitis) last night that I'd been up much of the night. I'm still avoiding pain pills like mad -- waiting to pick up the new prescription from Leslie (hopefully tomorrow, but I'm not sure). Marilyn wants me to just start taking something around here -- or to take a drink -- to deal with the pain. It does suck when it keeps me awake for hours, I have to admit...

TMI (sorry!): My bowels seem to still have some issues. But at least I'm NOT having a constant stomachache right now like I was before! But I'm still dealing with constipation and a lack of regularity. Sorry to share that, but I do think it's tied to that damn virus. Sometimes when you get a bug in the intestines it takes ages to work it's way out...

I didn't do that well for steps today, I'm afraid. I was having a pretty hard time walking around.

But speaking of walking!!! I've been in some serious pain from various joint flare-ups now for MONTHS. What I feel is essential is that I keep on moving! I need to WALK every single day, in spite of the pain. This past week I was getting thousands of steps a day -- in one case more than 6,000 steps -- and I was in pain the entire time. I believe that even when you're in pain you can't give up, and you really need to force yourself to walk. I feel that's true for everyone, but what others do is certainly up to them -- I can only do what I think is important for ME. And during this time when I've had constant flare-ups and constant pain, I also have managed to get enough exercise to lose ten pounds (not a huge amount, but still a loss). I worry that if I just GIVE IN to the pain and stop walking that I'll end up worse off.

Besides, really, what choice do I have? I need to WORK -- and that requires me to do a lot of walking. And our house is a two-story home, so I need to go up and down the stairs to do anything at home, too. I'm actually proud of how well I do -- even when I'm at my worst (like today). Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. But, if not, I'll just keep on moving. Eventually I'll work through the damn pain...

We missed "The Walking Dead" tonight (I was sleeping). We'll have to see it On Demand, I guess...

Time for bed! Did most of you have a good weekend? I hope so! Enjoy the coming week! And sleep well, my friends.
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