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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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A Productive Day in Marilyn's Office! 
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Marilyn and I both got up and started our weekend by showering and washing our hair. As soon as we'd gotten dressed, we headed in to the festival building -- so we could focus on Marilyn's office!

Actually, we did load up the car and take a bunch of stuff over to the Goodwill before heading downtown. We still had stuff leftover from Marilyn's work in her bedroom, and I had some stuff from other parts of the house (including my bedroom).

Anyway, we were at the office until around 4:00 and we got a TON done! It's amazing how nice her office is now. We've done almost the entire room now.

I was happy to be able to help, as Marilyn has done most of the work herself, or with her assistant Katie. Normally I always get to help her get more clean and organized.

Of course, this was part of our Tidying Festival -- the work version!

I'd personally LOVE to get back on that here at home. I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Dealing with being sick with that virus, and dealing with the pain of my recent flare-ups has really taken away my cleaning and organizing motivation, I have to admit. But I still WANT to do it! I just need to feel a little bit better so I can tackle it.

Anyway, after work we stopped at Safeway on the way home. We wanted to pick up a few groceries and some deli food to eat. We hadn't had a bite all day long and we were REALLY HUNGRY!!!

We got Chinese food (they have really good food there) to go. And we got some Bud Light and cat food and a few other things. We couldn't get everything we needed, because I didn't have the list with me. It was a spur of the moment thing.

Anyway, we ate after we got home. AFTER unpacking the car! We brought a bunch of stuff home to go through. Some of it will go to the Goodwill -- and other stuff we'll keep here. We brought home a chair that's been in Marilyn's office for ages (Sue B. gave it to her). It's really pretty, and goes GREAT in Marilyn's bedroom! (But it was pretty much in the way in her office...)

We could barely get the groceries in the car we were hauling so much stuff. Maybe I'll try to start sorting through it tomorrow. Or I'll do some other stuff around the house.

After eating we both were SO TIRED that we had naps. And we've been just lying around and watching TV tonight.

Marilyn is really not feeling all that well tonight. She had a very difficult week and is still getting over her recent bug, so I don't find that strange in the least. Hopefully she can get more rest tomorrow.

It was a pretty day today! Sunny, with no rain. But it's supposed to pour down rain tomorrow! We were thinking about a ride, but maybe it's better if we just hang around the house, instead.

Jeff was in the office part of the time today. We three have become such good friends! It's really nice.

Well, I think I'll try and get Marilyn to go to bed now. More tomorrow!

Sleep well, my friends.
February 21, 2016 (Sunday) 11:10 pm (UTC)
Sorry Marilyn is still not feeling well.
I hope you both feel better soon!
February 22, 2016 (Monday) 04:43 pm (UTC)
I sure hope that you both get feeling better. So sorry to hear about poor June. Hope she can feel better soon also.