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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Some WINS Today! Plus: Went to My Clinic -- Results 
Marilyn took me to my diabetic follow-up appointment at my clinic with nurse practitioner Leslie. The appointment was for 4:30, but my reminder phone call from yesterday had asked I be there at 4:20. No idea why! I had no paperwork to do and no labs (already done). But we left the office at 4:00 and we were there on time. I didn't go back from the waiting room until past 4:30 (surprise!).

I had a very positive appointment, all in all. My weight was down 10 pounds from my last visit in September, which pleased Leslie very much. I know 10 pounds doesn't sound like much, but Leslie mentioned that it's very hard for diabetics to lose weight, so I was happy. (More on the weight thing later...) My blood pressure was 132/70, which was much better than the last time. My A1C was slightly higher than last time, but not that bad. My cholesterol was the same as last time (she wants it lower). She made a number of changes to my medications, and she recommended some additional supplements, including magnesium (I'm already taking it) and turmeric. Marilyn takes turmeric -- and I did for a time.

I LOVE curry! Anyway, if you missed my post about Turmeric and Curcumin, be sure to check HERE. It really sounds like we should ALL be taking these two supplements! Anyway, Leslie wants me to try turmeric for my inflammation -- so guess what? (smile)

We were both pleased by how things went, anyway. I felt very positive about it -- just like my recent dental appointment. We'll see how the new meds and supplements help things. And hopefully I can continue to lose more weight.

As for the rest of the day, I just DID NOT WAKE UP first thing today. (sigh) I have a vague memory of Marilyn talking to me. She had an early meeting, so she didn't have time to fool around with me! So she left and I slept in. I remember feeling really feverish (my flare-ups often make me feverish). My left ankle was driving me NUTS last night! My feet were cold and I was hurting, so I took a soak in a hot tub before going to bed...

Anyway, I got up and chatted briefly with Marilyn, who had another swamped day of meetings and so on. Then sister Sue and I chatted, too. I remembered that Donn was coming in, so I phoned him and he came by on his way to the office to pick me up.

He was working on Tanya's computer -- which is also the machine used by Kathy (our finance consultant). When Tanya's computer died this week, Donn came in to set up a brand new machine. But he didn't have time to do the second Profile (these take between 90 minutes to two hours to profile). So he was working on that today -- and boy, did he hit a major snag! Poor guy! He did finally get everything fixed with Quickbooks (the Intuit support people are mostly NOT GOOD, I'm afraid) -- and he finished up the Profile! So he had what I consider two major WINS today! You go, Donn!!!!!! (I was very pleased with his work.)

As for me, Donn was trying to help Sheila out with a request she had. There's a thing on Windows 7 called Recent Places that you can 'turn on' -- and she wanted to be able to use it. Basically, it's a folder that shows any of your recent 'visits' to various folders on your computer. Donn spent some time trying, but couldn't get that to work. I wanted his focus on Profiling and Quickbooks, so I took over finding out HOW to make Recent Places work...

That might sound simple, but it wasn't. Hahaha. Still, when I finally went to look for it, I did figure out how it was done -- and I DID get it to work for her. And I think that pleased her a lot. Sheila challenges me from time to time. She likes things to work certain ways on her computer -- and often it will be something that requires me to LEARN SOMETHING NEW. That's always a good thing!

Marilyn and Katie got a TON done in Marilyn's office!!! They were going through one of Marilyn's file cabinets and recycling a TON of papers. It's really very impressive!

When I found out that Katie loves crystals, I took her one of mine today. It's a crystal I made into a necklace years and years ago. I haven't worn it in forever, so I'm delighted for her to have it. I need to look around and see if I have other crystals I can give her! Marilyn and I used to always wear them, but really don't anymore...

No eNewsletter training happened today. It looks like we'll move that to Tuesday of next week.

We also ended up pushing back meeting on the website...

Rich walked with me to McDonald's to get some chicken for lunch. And I stopped at 7-Eleven to get Marilyn some Payday bars (she wouldn't let me get her anything from McDonald's, so I know she always likes eating Paydays for the peanuts...). Rich and I had a nice talk! And though it was COLD (brrr), it was dry today!

Funny: Rich called my desk about half an hour after we got back to point out that it was POURING DOWN RAIN at that point! We were so lucky not to get caught out in the rain, as neither of us had hoods, hats or umbrellas!!!

My steps for today ended up over 4,500! Even with my flare-up (poor ankle!), I got some good walking in... Rich didn't have his Fitbit, but was glad I'd gotten him to go for a walk.

Just imagine how well I'd be walking if I didn't have all this pain! I'm excited to try the NEW medication Leslie gave me to replace the Naproxen -- and to see how turmeric works, too!

I feel like I'm forgetting things. And this is a 'messy' entry, at best. Hahaha. It was nice to be home before 6:00, I have to tell you! Marilyn and I each fixed our own dinners (frozen foods in the microwave). I had a LONG nap after dinner, but can't say what Marilyn did. I know she finally had a nap, but I suspect she was awake for some time that I was sleeping.

I finished my second of Barbara Neely's Blanche White books. I guess I'll have to get the next one now!

While napping, I decided to re-read "11/22/63" -- Stephen King's book (published in 2011). I'm still curious about the Hulu production!

Sleep well, friends! And enjoy your weekend! (I'm looking forward to it.)
February 20, 2016 (Saturday) 03:01 pm (UTC)
Good to hear about your good medical and dental reports. I am hoping that Mary can help me with my dental too. Then with Candy and Larry taking me to see Dr. Young on Monday that makes me feel good also. It seems like Larry was able to convince Candy to do this.

Sounds like your medical went very well and I am happy about that. Also good for you losing weight and getting your steps in so well. Wish I could do more of that. I need to figure a way to get some exercise. I am very upset about how bad the cpap machine is not working for me. Hope it will get better.
February 20, 2016 (Saturday) 11:26 pm (UTC)
Glad things went well at the clinic!