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Busy, Busy Day at the Festival Office...

It's past 10:00 and Marilyn is actually helping me with the garbage and recycling.

We're home (duh) from the annual Winter Board Meeting, which went very well, but ran really long (8:30-ish). It was in the Rose Room at the Moda Center (where we held our board meeting prior to the festival in Centennial year, 2007). We were there last year, too. I really like that venue! Great food, plus hosted wine and beer and a non-hosted bar (I bought a margarita).

I need to go finish up the garbage and recycling and get it out to the curb. I still haven't done the cat boxes, yet. Thankfully I had kitty litter so we didn't have to suddenly dash to the store after a very long, long day.

It was POURING DOWN RAIN much of the time today! (ugh) I walked out alone to get some lunch and got wet (though not near as soaked as poor Marilyn did yesterday). This weather sucks. In the afternoon Jeff and I wanted Starbucks, but weren't willing to walk over there in the pouring rain!

Today we had a guest from out of town to speak at our board meeting: Steve Schmader (President & CEO of IFEA World). For those who don't recall, IFEA is our international events organization that I mention annually (where we get our industry awards -- and who gave me Volunteer of the Year back in 2012). Steve spent the entire day in the office and he and I must have chatted for at least 90 minutes in the afternoon. He gave a great speech at our meeting tonight.

I started my day with IT work for Marilyn -- fixing the Outlook on her computer and installing Cloudmark DesktopOne (an amazing SPAM blocker) for her to use. I've been testing that software for months and vetted it entirely. Now I plan to put it on every computer in the office...

I also set up Alli's email on her iPhone (for some reason it didn't want to work -- but I finally got it to). I had a meeting with Katie and Alli while everybody else was tied up. Then I worked with Donn on some projects. Happily he was able to come in on the spur of the moment today. Originally I hadn't planned to bring him in until tomorrow -- but he hadn't finished getting Tanya's computer set up, and today was payroll, so... I'm glad to say he took care of that!

Christine did the Powerpoint for tonight -- and needed help with the video she wanted embedded inside it. They sent us two different versions of the video. The first was in .mov format: I couldn't get it to convert no matter how hard I tried! The second was in the proper format, .wmv. But it wouldn't play! So finally Christine linked me to where the video appeared on YouTube and I was able to both download AND convert it. She actually did the embedding all by herself! How about that?

Anyway, I had several 'wins' today. Getting Alli's email on her phone. Getting Marilyn's Outlook to work. And getting the video in a format that Christine could use. Small things, but I'll take 'em!

Let's NOT mention my failures, please...

No tummy pain today! And my flare-up seemed good -- until this evening! Now it's my left ankle that's just killing me. I'd love to take pain meds, but don't dare... (sigh)

I agreed to allow Sheila to please the auditors by putting a lock on the IT Room door -- after being approached by: Marilyn, Christine and Sheila (and I knew Jeff was involved, as well). It was clear that they were STILL letting me decide (!!!), so I finally gave in. There's a caveat, but I don't think I'll share it here. Let's just say it ended up a win/win situation.

Donn promised to make notes on the Quickbooks problem for me. And he's playing around with Cloudmark so he can help me with that tomorrow...

I'm going to give Alli her first lesson on the eNewsletter tomorrow. I recently fixed the templates (updated for 2016) -- there are a total of 6. And I was reviewing my notes today, which are still fine. I just need to resolve how we'll handle uploading it to preview. I think we'll probably end up using our personal website. Considering we're mostly using it for the festival now, I think maybe they should start paying the fees, instead of Marilyn and me!

I had a meeting with Carol in the afternoon (about personnel). I wonder what will come of that?

Cute moment: I bought my food at McDonald's and was waiting for them to prepare it, when a young woman came out from behind the counter and told me it was about the 'love' at McDonald's. I was their winner for the hour -- and then she gave me a certificate for a free lunch. Isn't that sweet? Everybody in the place was cheering and I had my arms in the air and said: You've got to love McDonald's! One of those fun moments...

Well, I feel like I'm stalling. Time to go finish up my work and think about bed. Marilyn has an early meeting in the morning and we can't be late.

I wrote a careful email saying we were NOT going to do something at the festival website that had been requested by the chairman of one of our events. I made it warm and friendly, but I was clear the answer was no. And the guy bugged me about it THREE TIMES at the board meeting! He will NOT take no for an answer. WTF?

I found time to write two emails to my friend Shari today. I hadn't written her in some time, so that made me happy!

Tomorrow I see Leslie, my nurse practitioner. I hope it goes smoothly. I have a bad feeling about my lab results. (sigh) We'll see.

I got 6,200 steps today!!! (woo hoo)

Early day tomorrow -- time to get to bed!!! Good night, friends!
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