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Pouring Down Rain -- Marilyn Gets Soaked!!!!!!

Marilyn had another hugely busy day at work. Plus she had a 'lunch' meeting with no food (!!!) that was terribly intense. So most of the day she went without anything to eat. (I hate that so much for her.)

She was jurying for the International Youth Silent Film Festival tonight. It's quite a walk from the office to where this is held -- and she was drenched! Her coat is hanging to try and dry out. Her pants were dripping wet (!!!). I got her something out of her purse -- and the cardboard box was DAMP!!! Inside her purse!!!

Lovely getting that wet and then sitting that way during the jury process (I've been there myself in the past) -- especially when she's still getting over being sick. (sigh)

She and Angel left the office at 4:00 and did get a drink and something small to eat before going to that event. She didn't get home until nearly 8:00. Then she had some food (leftovers from last night) here at home. Now she's having a nap while I blog upstairs in our office.

As for me, I did my pee-pee with no issues this morning into my sample cup for the clinic. Sue came at 10:30 on the dot, and we went over there. I can't believe they don't just take the sample from you at the front desk (really???) -- instead they send you back to the lab to deliver it. I had to wait for AGES 'in line' (I was the only one!) for one of the two women to finally call me over and let me back to where the lab is... What's THAT about?

My main complaint about my clinic is the front desk. Talk about attitude! They are just awful.

Anyway, after that we headed in to St. Johns where Mary has her dental office. Sue and I were chatting with Shannon (the office assistant) and Holly (the dental assistant). Then Holly did some x-rays of my teeth while Mary worked on another patient. Then Mary looked at my x-rays and we chatted.

I need three appointments for the work that needs to be done -- and after such a long time without seeing her, we both felt that was great news! There's nothing serious that needs work, by the way. She commended me on my 'dental hygiene' (which made me feel good). Marilyn and I are both good at brushing and flossing regularly.

Mary decided to do the teeth cleaning today and the other work later (but she did give me input -- and that's what I wanted, too). It feels GREAT to have clean teeth! The pain from before is currently gone, so I didn't mind waiting for the other work. I have the following apointments:
March 2 (Wednesday) - 12:00 noon
March 9 (Wednesday) - 12:00 noon
March 16 (Wednesday) - 12:00 noon

I love having those matchy-matchy appointments -- it makes it very easy to remember them!

Sister Sue set up an appointment for herself to finally get her dental work done. I'm so glad!!! (She's been waiting to do it for a long time now.)

After my dental stuff, Sue took me to Starbucks in St. Johns. Then I went home and started working on festival work-related stuff. (I had already done a bit before leaving the house this morning.)

I also decided to focus on laundry a bit (I did several loads). I went through some clothes and got a few bags for the Goodwill.

I still have a bag of stuff to take over to June. I really need to do that. I found one top with long sleeves I'm keeping for Sue to try. (She only likes long-sleeved shirts.) I don't know if she'll like it or not, but it's a nice top I used to where a lot (and it's still in very good shape).

I went through a huge box of Marilyn's jewelry that she's getting rid of. Some of it I'm going to keep, some will go for gifts (lots of it is BRAND NEW). And I picked out a pile for making craft items (like jewelry trees).

I woke with nausea and was very gaggy again this morning. I took a pill and was happily better by the time I reached the dentist!

And I had stomach pains on and off ALL DAY LONG again. I'm severely constipated -- yes, still. I don't get it. I haven't taken a pain pill in DAYS AND DAYS. I've been reading a ton about the subject and found some fascinating things that are totally contrary to what we've been told our whole life about bowel health. Drinking lots of water doesn't help constipation! It's complicated, but the water doesn't get absorbed the way you would think. I'd share more, but it's long-winded and I'm really tired. I want a nap big time now...

Tomorrow night is our board meeting -- so obviously I'll be going to work tomorrow. I'm going to tell Donn to come in on Friday, though. (I'll also be in the office that day.)

I need to help Christine in the morning. I have calls to make and website work to do. And IT, apparently, as well. I need to check what's up with Marilyn's email, for one thing!!!

What else?

We watched "The Middle" tonight. We love that show SO VERY MUCH! I guess because it's so much our own lives growing up.

I had yogurt for breakfast. Some green beans and a small bowl of leftover noodles for lunch. And I ate some olives (which seem to help my digestive issue, believe it or not!). Then I had a can of double noodle chicken soup (Campbell's) for dinner. I'll try and eat more Activia before bed.

The rain is just pouring! It's supposed to pour for days on end. (sigh)

My arthritis is killing me. Still, I got my 4,000 steps yesterday (not even sure how!), and right now have more than 3,200 steps for today. (Again, not sure how. I was only walking here in the house, really...)

My arthritis (bursitis) is KILLING ME. With no pain meds, it's a wonder I can even walk -- especially up and down the stairs in our house! I have that huge staircase at work (my space is upstairs) -- so I'm not much looking forward to that. (sigh)

My weight is down. Even in clothes. I can't wait to be weighed on Friday at the clinic... Hahaha.

Tomorrow will be a busy day! Sleep beckons. Good night, friends!
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