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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Marilyn is Amazing (as always) 
marilyn-amazing, amazing
Marilyn went back to work today -- better, but far from normal. But I bet nobody even realized it. She's such a trooper. Seriously. She had a killer day -- things are SO HARD this year. Not sure why...

I worked on both the website and IT today (plus some research for Rich for Rose Cup and an image for the eNewsletter, too). Busy day!

I also picked up around here some. Did some laundry. Suddenly had to take a shower in the middle of the day (don't ask). Did dishes and picked up in the kitchen. Talked repeatedly to Donn (at the office). Talked to Christine. Talked to Rich.

I talked to my friend Rob about Ken -- his 50th birthday falls on Grand Floral Parade day! He's visiting again this year and we're all excited to see him. But we'll have to try and celebrate on June 12 (because June 11 is not working!).

I talked to Hector who then came out and did the yard. I finally got to give him his Christmas presents! Better late than never. I honestly never saw him during the holidays...

I can't think what else I got done. Tomorrow I take a urine sample to the clinic. Then I have my dental appointment at 11:15. Sister Sue is coming over for me at 10:30.

In the afternoon I managed to totally SMASH a light bulb on the floor in the office -- and the glass went everywhere!!! I have tiny pieces in my fingers and can't see it to get it out. (sigh) I was careful cleaning up, but this was a disaster-type mess. I tried using Elmer's glue to make 'skin' on the fingers and pull the glass out. I got one piece, but I can feel more. I'll have to try tape tomorrow, I guess. (I did get one piece out that way earlier.) That was just what I needed, I'm telling you.

Part of today I didn't have a bellyache. That was WONDERFUL. But most of the day I did -- and I do right now. I wonder if I have IBS-C? I looked it up today, and now that I'm having PAIN all the time, I'm starting to wonder. I'm used to digestive/bowel issues (all my life, frankly). But this is different. And the constant pain is getting to be a lot to deal with.

We had a very light dinner, which works well for me. Most of the time I'm not very hungry because of the pain.

And the arthritis (bursitis? whatever!) in my right hip is miserable. Both pains together? Just lovely. Hahahahahaha. Oh well. Life is pain, after all.

I'll do more on the website tomorrow (I hope).

I can't wait to get my teeth cleaned tomorrow, I must admit! That will be nice.

Donn had to work on Tanya's computer today, which had died. He had to replace it with another machine. So what I'd planned for him to do did NOT get done. (sigh)

Well, I'm really tired, so I'm heading to bed now. Goodnight, dear friends!
February 17, 2016 (Wednesday) 10:57 am (UTC)
I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and so sorry about all of your other issues. You sure did not need to get glass broken in your hand. Always something and the other issues were not good either. We can visit and after the dentist I will get us Starbucks. Love you Sue
February 18, 2016 (Thursday) 06:03 am (UTC)
Thanks for taking me today, sweet sister!!! I love you.

I'm SO GLAD you finally got your dental appointment. Go, YOU!!!

And thanks for the Flat White from Starbucks -- I love 'em so much!

February 17, 2016 (Wednesday) 01:37 pm (UTC)
eeeee! *hugs*
February 18, 2016 (Thursday) 06:04 am (UTC)

February 18, 2016 (Thursday) 02:30 am (UTC)
Good for Marilyn going back when sick. I hope she feels better soon.

Sorry to hear about the bulb. That glass is very hard to get up!
February 18, 2016 (Thursday) 06:05 am (UTC)
Such a STUPID thing, Frank. I was dumping a waste basket into a brown paper bag -- and the light bulb was in there. I'd totally forgotten, even though I put it there! What a damned mess. I'll be finding glass for months (that's how it always goes). Yikes.

Marilyn never lets being sick hold her back from working, that's for sure!