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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Blood Work Tomorrow -- Plus Friday Update 
blood drop
Marilyn did get herself up and out the door for her early meeting this morning. She was making an IMPORTANT presentation that she couldn't miss. (And she managed to convince everyone to approve her choice for our festival charity for 2016.)

I was glad when she got back, though, as she WAS awake all night long.

I talked to both Sue and June today -- who are worried about Marilyn, of course.

She's sleeping right now -- finally worn out enough to be able to snooze. She tried during the day, but was so miserable she just couldn't manage it...

We had talked seriously more than once about going to Ron's mother's funeral this evening. But there was NO WAY Marilyn was going to be able to make that. Thankfully she gave up even thinking about it.

I'd gone upstairs at one point to wash my hair to go -- and I was so wimpy from barely eating that I couldn't do it. After being awake and sick all night (throwing up), then having my other issues today, I wasn't doing that great, either. Far better than Marilyn, however!!!

I'll need to set myself an alarm to wake up for my blood work in the morning! Sister Sue is taking me. That won't take that long, but I will need to get up and dressed to go in...

Marilyn has barely been off the couch in the family room all day (except to go to work, of course). She still gets phone calls and emails and texts from work, though! I just have to say that people will have to WAIT for her to be better. (She keeps saying she's sure she'll feel much better by Sunday. Gosh, I sure hope so! I had that bug for a full week!!!)

We've been watching a lot of "The Walking Dead" marathon that's been on. And we watched Sue Klebold, (the mother of Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold) on 20/20 tonight. That poor woman.

Well, I should try and wash my hair before heading to bed, I guess. I'm TIRED (and I did get a nap today, thankfully). So that's all from me.

Stay healthy, everyone! Good night, friends.
February 13, 2016 (Saturday) 01:14 pm (UTC)
I'm glad she was able to make her case! Especially when sick!
Hope your blood work goes OK and you both get rest and feel better!
February 13, 2016 (Saturday) 04:13 pm (UTC)
I will be over to pick you up and take you to the doctor and hope that will all go well. I wish that you both felt a lot better and could get over this illness. What a pain it is to be sick.