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Thanks, Colin! Sweet Boy...

As it nears 4:30 a.m., I'm sitting up at my computer with a very sour mouth. I just threw up and might need to throw up again. Sweet Colin has been following me around the house, lying next to me, on the counter when I've been in the bathroom and even sticking his head in the door after I threw up. He's really trying hard to look after me...

Marilyn has taken her shower and dried her hair -- and has her makeup on already. She's ready when the time comes to head to the office for her meeting... (Amazing, considering how sick she is!)

I did get MOST of the garbage and recycling done. I didn't get the composting outside, but oh well. And I still need to do the cat boxes. Again, oh well. Considering how miserable I've been for hours, I'm proud I managed what I did.

I'm sipping lukewarm tea and drinking water. If I have to throw up again, I'll just go with it. Sometimes that's the only thing that helps.

Colin is such a good boy! I can't get over him sticking by me tonight. He's been mostly staying with Marilyn (sleeping by her head on the sofa), I think trying to help her to feel better. What a great cat!

I feel feverish. My hands are cold and they feel wonderful when I touch my face and neck. Good grief.

This is about my digestive system, by the way. Probably tied to both the recent antibiotics I took (which often make me miserable) and the pain pills I've been taking. I'm horribly constipated. Haven't been hungry for days and made the mistake of actually EATING some food today. That didn't work out so well. And it wasn't a ton of food, but it was way too much. (Those damn pain pills slow down my already chronically slow bowels.)

My flare-up is showing itself in other ways. My hands are throbbing with arthritis (huge bumps on the knuckles). And my psoriasis has patches so bad they're breaking open and bleeding. These are ALL tied together, by the way. It's totally systemic.

I can't lie down, because it makes me sicker. So I sit up, and then get up and walk, then recline and do it all over again. I'm yawning like mad, but I don't think I'll be sleeping for awhile...

I'm praying (even now) that Marilyn will drive safely to work and back. And that she can get through her important meeting and then back home again quickly and without incident. I'm no help, I'm afraid.

Look, even as we're suffering through all this, it's fine. People get sick. We're blessed not to have anything worse. I'm lucky that I can just stay home from work if I want to (need to). Lots of people don't have that luxury, after all.

Well, I'm going to sip more tea. I still feel really nauseous. I wish things would settle down. (sigh)

Praying for all my family and friends while I'm at it. Stay happy and healthy!
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