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Yes, Marilyn is Sick and I Have a Flare-Up (sigh)

Poor Marilyn is really suffering. And coughing something awful! (I'm very lucky I didn't have much of a cough with my bug -- but I figure that was because of the antibiotic I was taking.)

My damn hip/back is still giving me fits.

Sister Sue took me shopping (THANKS, Sue!!!) this morning. I needed several things. I ended up pretty near to tears -- and boiling mad -- while shopping. Our local Freddies is doing a 'remodel' -- probably related to the soon-to-be-open New Seasons store down on Lombard (pretty damn close to Fred Meyer). But what a huge mess! And to rearrange one aisle from things being at one end to being flipped to the other end? Seriously???!!! What's the point? To drive us all crazy?

Every shopper in the store today was complaining LOUDLY to anyone who would listen about this mess. I had Sue waiting and Marilyn home sick and had wanted to just 'dash' to the store and back. Oh. Hell. NO. It took forever to even find the most simple items, like BREAD! I was really wondering why I wasn't shopping at Safeway today, I have to tell you.

Plus I was already in pain (hip/back), so adding three times as many steps to the trip was awful. I was in terrible pain by the time I got back home again...

Anyway, I did get Marilyn a London fog tea (she loves those). And her Cuties and canned cheese and crackers. You know how it is: You can only face certain foods when you're really sick. The cats have more food and their bottled water (I replaced their bucket as soon as I got home).

It's Thursday night, so I need to go and do the garbage and recycling (not real garbage week, thankfully). I was just outside, where it's wet from rain earlier, but at least not raining now. But there was something going on out there. Marilyn and I were just discussing this yesterday -- again. We've talked about it many, many times. You get a 'feeling' -- usually a 'bad feeling' about something. But you ignore it. And then you're usually sorry you did!

Anyway, at night when I'm outside ALONE (in the dark), working on the recycling and/or garbage (and composting or whatever), I generally pay close attention to any feelings I get. I listen carefully to noises. I sniff the air (cigarette smoke and so on are tip-offs). I just turn up my sensitivity, if you will. Because you never know...

I was so bothered by what I heard and saw just now that I came inside and actually shut OFF a bunch of lights in the house. We almost never do that, by the way. We have lights on both inside and out much of the time. It's our light bill, so why not? My Aunt gave me hell once that she could 'never tell' when we were home or not. I told her that was the idea! Assume we're home and assume we're awake -- especially if you're thinking of doing harm to our home or to us, thank you very much. Maybe that's paranoid, but we're two women living alone and we prefer to be safe rather than sorry.


Marilyn has a MEETING tomorrow morning that she MUST attend -- sick or not. (I wish she'd let me go along, at least to be in the car while she's driving there -- but she said no.) I guess she can come home after the meeting, thankfully.

We were supposed to go out to dinner with June and Jim and sister Sue tomorrow night -- to celebrate Jim's birthday. Obviously with Marilyn sick, I figured we would postpone. THEN I find out today that we've been contacted by Ron and Jan -- the funeral of Ron's mother is tomorrow night at 6:00, and they really, really want the two of us to attend (and maybe go to dinner with them after that).

I suppose even with Marilyn REALLY SICK we should try to go to that funeral -- especially if they went out of their way to ask us to attend. But I feel pretty strongly that Marilyn shouldn't be going out -- especially after having to go to work sick in the morning. What a mess.

I need to phone Jim and June and Sue and explain all this (I'm sure they'll understand). Ron is very broken up over the loss of his mother. (Our friend June will really be able to relate to that.)

Meanwhile, I'd better get to the recycling and cleaning the cat boxes and so on. It's a huge PAIN to go up and down the stairs right now, I'm telling you. But I switched pain pills and am hanging in there.

I should wash my hair (it's dirty). Maybe when I'm done with the garbage and recycling. That sounds like fun (not).
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