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Marilyn: Sick -- Me: Flare-Up

Poor, poor Marilyn!!! She has my lousy bug. I got it a week ago yesterday (Tuesday afternoon). She was coming down with it for sure yesterday -- and is really miserable today.

She went to work this morning. But when I spoke to her she told me she planned to come home as soon as she'd finished up a certain meeting. I was glad to hear that, knowing how horrible I felt that one afternoon in the office! I knew she really did need to come home...

She was pretty sick last night. A good sign of that was that she actually TURNED OFF the TV in the middle of the night, even though she'd gone to sleep on the sofa. (She almost never turns off the TV when sleeping in the family room.)

As for me, I seem to be pretty much over the bug (cold? flu?) that I had. But I'm having one of my physical flare-ups and it's VERY PAINFUL. This time it seems to be in my right hip (wrapping around into the lower back). The pain is awful. So I took one of the pain pills Mary (my dentist) gave me this morning -- hydrocodone-acetaminophen (common brand names are: Lortab, Norco, Vicodin).

(Side effects of the medication can include: Nausea, vomiting, constipation, lightheadedness, dizziness, or drowsiness. I haven't thrown up, but I've had all of the rest of those, I'm afraid...)

Anyway, I've been VERY drowsy with these meds. I took one yesterday, but managed to get really wired for my training by having a Venti (20 ounce) Flat White (which they say is: bold ristretto shots of espresso get the perfect amount of steamed whole milk to create a not too strong, not too creamy, just-right flavor). I'm really hooked on Flat Whites right now. And that drink is strong enough to have kept me from feeling sleepy or dizzy, thankfully!

After Marilyn came home (early afternoon), I took another one of those pills. It bothered me the rest of the day. I got more and more nauseous.

I did make us cheese sandwiches and we both ate those. But I feel bad that she didn't have more to eat. I just haven't been very hungry since I got sick. I did eat pretzels -- but I was sorry about that when I started feeling sick to my stomach.

Right now the pill has knocked down the pain, anyway. But those pills only last for six hours. So I'll need to decide what to do when it wears off. (sigh)

Marilyn is really suffering. She has chills, body aches, restlessness, and is coughing. Gosh, I feel awful that she caught my bug! I tried hard not to expose her, but it's so hard when you live with somebody...

This morning I called about my insurance. I sent in the paperwork the first of November, knowing it was slated to expire in December. They normally need 30 days to process things. I recently (the end of January) got paperwork saying coverage starts on March 1. But that freaked me out, wondering if I wasn't currently covered! I have a blood test Saturday morning and see my nurse practitioner a week from this Friday. So obviously I want those appointments to be covered.

The phone call was not very satisfying. I was getting information that just didn't make sense. They're in the process of changing computer systems. And don't appear to know how it all works, to be honest. Finally she told me I was covered -- and hopefully that's true. But originally she told me I had an 'Open Card' -- that required manual billing (or something). I kept trying to pin down exactly WHAT THE HELL that meant, but never did. So I don't really know if I am covered now, or not. I suggested postponing my appointments, but she said I didn't need to. I guess we'll see how that goes! Hahaha.

Sister Sue and I did talk. Next weekend is the Reno cribbage tournament, but she doesn't go to that. Last time she was there she got very ill. But Tammy and Ross will attend, so Sue will run the local club cribbage on Thursday night (as if she doesn't already run it all the time, anyway!).

She doesn't get her CPAP machine until this coming Friday. The nice thing is that they'll bring it out to the house for her.

I wish we had more cuties (tangerines) in the house -- Marilyn's been eating them a lot lately. And they seem to sit okay on her tummy right now. But she has the last one, and then I believe we're out. (sigh) I suspect we'll need more cold/flu meds, too (I used most of those up this past week). We also eat a lot of green beans and are almost out of those, too...

Anyway, I'm going to try and help take care of her, as best I can. She doesn't really let me do much for her, to tell you the truth.

I'd assume she's staying home from work tomorrow. She's pretty darn sick. The good news: She was supposed to work on Saturday, but Marissa told her today that she didn't need to come. (Good for you, Marissa!!!) It's Court Judging, and Marilyn loves to attend it (and is very good at it).

I guess that's it for today. Good night, friends. STAY HEALTHY if you can!!!
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