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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Fighting Off Laryngitis... PLUS: Happy Birthday, Jim! 
charlie sick, sick in bed

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Sending out birthday greetings to our very dear friend and neighbor, Jim!!!

I hope he had a good day!

Happy Birthday, Jim !

Our plan (at this point) is to go out for dinner Friday night to celebrate. (Jim picked Mexican.)

As for me, my main hope today was that I was pretty much over this bug. But I've been fighting laryngitis all day long. I tried very hard NOT to talk much. I was upstairs soaking in some sunshine in the living room until well past noon, but still just lying around not doing anything.

And in the afternoon I went to bed and napped.

But I really wanted to color my hair, which was BAD! So at 5:00 I did exactly that. I'm not going to try and kid you -- it was EXHAUSTING to color my hair after being so sick. But I did it and it turned out nicely. Not perfect, but really cute! I'm happy with it, anyway.

Marilyn went out after work with Jeff for drinks so they could talk. It's been so rough for them at work recently that I'm very glad they did that. Jeff has become such a good friend -- and we three certainly share a lot. They went to Hooters and frickles. (smile) Well, deep-fried pickles, anyway (whatever they call them there).

I put on refried beans and green beans for dinner and a pot of coffee. I wasn't very hungry today, but did eat something for lunch and a bowl of cereal later in the day. I liked my green beans for dinner, too!

Sister Sue did very well at cribbage on Saturday and had a nice time. I'm happy for her! She wants to go along Friday night for dinner.

Marilyn appears to be coming down sick, I'm sorry to report. We both have busy days tomorrow, so we'll be going in no matter what. I feel awful -- I'm sure she got this bug from me! She has an awful sore throat (had it), and just feels lousy...

Actually, if she gets worse, we might have to postpone dinner on Friday. She's already planning to tell Marissa that she won't be able to help with Court Judging on Saturday... POOR THING!!!

Well, we're both napping for now. Then we may have a treat before bedtime. I need to run! I hope I have a VOICE for my training tomorrow!!!

Good night!
February 9, 2016 (Tuesday) 09:01 am (UTC)
Well let me know if we are doing dinner for Jim or not on Friday. They are bringing my cpap maching out between four-six pm so I hope it will help me.
February 10, 2016 (Wednesday) 12:40 am (UTC)
Hope you got some rest and feel better!