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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Blue Skies and a Sunny Day -- Just What the Doctor Ordered 
winter branch
It was LOVELY to sleep in today. In fact, REST has really been one of the things helping me to get back on my feet after having this bug. I slept well last night and had amazing adventure dreams. Nice.

For those who are interested, today is Quinquagesima Sunday -- the final Sunday BEFORE the start of Lent (and 50 days from Easter). Tuesday is FAT TUESDAY, and Wednesday is ASH WEDNESDAY. Can you believe Lent is already here once again? Gosh. Time flies!!!

I've been re-reading an old favorite recently, Stephen King's "The Stand." Specifially, The Complete & Uncut Edition of the same. Stephen King has always been one of my favorite writers, since I 'discovered' him back in the late 1970's. It's amusing that I'm far more critical of his work now than I used to be. "The Stand" has always been one of my favorite books, but NOW I found myself skimming like crazy -- I literally couldn't stand (no pun intended!) to read certain parts of the novel...

Anyway, I just finished it up (again). Heaven alone knows how many times I've read it (over and over) in the years since I first picked it up. I still think he's an amazing writer -- and his book on writing is wonderful. But his work doesn't begin to seem as 'perfect' to me as it used to. I wonder when that happened? And why? Am I too picky about what I read? It's pretty bad when one of my favorite writers can't meet my high standards...

Oh well! That's an aside. But reading still drives my life -- just as it has since I was a kid. Who knew when I was struggling to sound out words in the first grade that I'd end up reading as much as I do? I drove MYSELF to first excel at reading, so I guess I have to say it's the best gift I ever gave myself!

Today was A SUNNY DAY, with lovely blue skies. And it was so mild!!! Marilyn and I went for a short drive and got Starbucks -- just lovely! There were quite a few people on the road when we went out. Surprising, considering it was Super Bowl Sunday! (Go, Peyton Manning!!! Marilyn and I were pleased that it was all about the 'old guy' today.)

Marilyn continued with her CLEANING today. Things are really looking nice around here! I can't wait to feel well enough to get back to my part of it (my bedroom is currently a disaster, I'm afraid). Go, Marilyn!!! She got a cute new lamp for her bedroom which goes really well with her bedspread.

I have to say it was fortuitous that I had my dentist appointment wrapped into being sick. I'm convinced that the antibiotic is what kept me from getting laryngitis. I was SO CLOSE to losing my voice at one point! Then the next thing you know I'm really improving -- and my sore throat is gone and the cough just isn't all that bad! Amazing, isn't it? I still have an earache, but that's nothing compared to what I could be dealing with. I'm still fatigued, so I'm going to take it VERY EASY tomorrow -- seeing as I have a new staff person to train on Tuesday!

I gave a lot of thought to the whole subject of BEING SICK when I was in the middle of it. I was so miserable that I didn't even want to try and sit up at the computer -- something I've done many, many times in the past! Feeling so tired really was hard. I could barely do the garbage and recycling last Thursday night. I was so out of it that I did crazy confused things. And I just didn't even try to do much in the way of festival work. This morning I felt so much better! It's like night and day from when I was really bad.

I'm going to be really careful so I don't risk a relapse (which I've heard some people have had). I'm so tired of being sick! And I have a lot of work I need to catch up on!!!

Aside from our ride, I honestly did very little today. I deliberately wanted to take it easy, so I'm okay with that.

I hope sister Sue had a good time on her cribbage trip. We didn't hear from her, so I have no clue if she's back home or not.

Tomorrow is our friend Jim's birthday. Last year we went with Jim and his wife June, plus sister Sue, to our fave Mexican restaurant for dinner. I'm going to phone them tomorrow about postponing dinner until Friday night because of Marilyn's work schedule. Hopefully that will work out. We like getting together with them, so it should be fun!!!

Well, off to bed soon. Good night!
February 8, 2016 (Monday) 03:28 pm (UTC)
I hope you get feeling better. I was so lucky at Sunnyside and won $150 which was very nice. Tammy and Ross did not either one do well. I also got the $25 back from Friday night and another $25 from the long match. Pretty nice. We did have fun and I loved the outcome of the super bowl. Love Mr. Manning and he did so well. I would love to go with you for Jim's birthday so let me know.
February 8, 2016 (Monday) 11:54 pm (UTC)
Glad you had rest and a good day!
Happy birthday to your friend!