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Sick -- Plus: Work

I'm in a bit of a hurry, as I really NEED to finish up the garbage and recycling, which I've only started so far...

I did put out all the recycling in the roll cart. I don't think I have more to go, honestly. And I've already cleaned the cat boxes, which is always one of the BIG chores every week. But we have a LOT of actual garbage this week, due to the Konmari Method of tidying and organizing. A huge part of the process is DISCARDING -- and that means both throwing away things and donating and other things. So I'm figuring we could have several extra large bags of garbage that won't fit inside the roll cart garbage can.

My day? Yes, I'm still sick. And very, very fatigued. This bug appears to be floating around all over Portland, I guess. I spoke to my clinic today so I could set an appointment with Leslie (my nurse practitioner) -- and both the receptionist and the woman who does the scheduling made it clear that there are a lot of people sick right now. They were, in fact, very kind when I was a bit confused from not feeling well.

I have an appointment to get my blood taken and an appointment to see Leslie -- but these are written down in my iPad, which isn't with me at the moment. I THINK the bloodwork gets done on Saturday, February 13 (early) -- and I see her on Friday, February 19 (late in the day). But I'll need to confirm that, of course.

Sister Sue kindly took me to Riteaid to pick up my prescriptions from my dentist Mary -- so I started taking the antibiotics today for my infection (toothache). I'm also taking cold medication for whatever bug has bitten me -- I'd love to avoid any lingering cough.

I had some work-related things I had to tackle today. I spoke with Donn, who is going in to the office tomorrow to do the Profile for Allison (Carol's assistant), who starts next week. He also needs to set up the Profile for Jessica (Steven's assistant), who worked with us last year in a different position. I had asked him to contact me tonight if he hadn't heard from me -- but he failed to do that (disappointing for me). But I sent him the proper info, so he should be good to go, even so. I was very late, but time is messed up for me right now, to be entirely honest!

It's nasty wet and cold weather. I wish I didn't have to go outside, but I do need to get the garbage DONE. So as soon as I finish blogging, out I go!

Marilyn was late getting home again tonight. She's really swamped at work. Rich was back today, which is nice. I'm always sorry when people are out sick... But as my clinic told me very clearly, a lot of people are out sick right now.

Marilyn went by Safeway and brought home some sesame chicken for dinner. I made green beans to go with it. I had soup earlier today -- and I always enjoy soup when I'm sick. (By the way, I know a lot of people hate Campbell's soups, but I happen to still love them and eat many of them all the time. To each his own, I guess!)

Marilyn and I watched some of "The Middle" (recorded) and "Jeopardy" (also recorded). Then we went to lie down for naps (her on the sofa and me in bed). Now I've forced myself to get up to blog and finish the garbage!!! I'm really twisting my own arm today. I'd rather lie and sleep and read my Kindle, frankly...

I'm VERY GRATEFUL for my Kindle paperwhite, which I read every single day of my life. I don't know what I'd do without it, actually...

Things piling up at work:

I need to make sure the antivirus at the office is purchased and installed. I emailed Kris but haven't heard back from him (sigh).

I need to do quite a few tasks at the website!!! I actually logged in and did one thing, but I have just LOADS of pages to attend to. Plus I need to work on some guidelines for others, too.

I need to make sure those Profiles get finished right away! I can't have the same situation as I did while Donn was gone.

I should check to be sure Donn finished up the Profiles from while he was gone! I don't know that he's done that, yet...

I still need to sit with all of the existing staff one-on-one and go over training procedures!!!

I want to organize the physical storage space for our IT equipment at work. It really needs it.

I was contacted about the Rose Cup website. I got in touch with our host and found out we protected the domain, but have NO HOSTING currently in place! So if we want stuff to show, we need to take care of that right away...

I'm sure I'm forgetting other things, but I'm so brain-dead right now from being sick that it's little wonder...

Well, I'm off! Sleep well.
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