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Planned Maintenance March 10th

The following entry about LJ was posted yesterday at lj_maintenance. (Yes. I'm a day late and a dollar short. We actually went for a drive early in the day, then grocery shopping and in to work for several hours. No time to get on line, I'm afraid!)

Planned Maintenance March 10th

Over the past several months you may have been experiencing database errors on the site. These include errors on commenting, loading user profiles, individual journals and sometimes loading a friends page. This has been frustrating both for our users as well as for us, as we have been working on a solution that wouldn't leave us back in the same situation again shortly.

In an effort to reduce the instance of database errors on the site, on Friday March 10th we will be taking a 2 hour maintenance window starting at 10pm PST (GMT -8). During this window we will be upgrading some components of our database architecture, and whole or parts of the site may be unavailable to you. Though the intent is to keep the total downtime as minimal as possible (under 20 minutes), we reserve the entire window to work on any unexpected kinks. We'll be posting ahead of time and following to update you on our progress.

Thank you for your continued use of the site as we've worked through these issues.

I actually posted a comment (though I doubt it will be answered, considering there were 233 comments prior to mine...).

My main issue at LiveJournal is easy and reasonable access to memories.

This is especially an issue when one is helping to run a community that seriously relies on memories for navigation.

For example, the Paint Shop Pro communities all share tutorials, which we keep track of via the memories feature. Basically members are left high and dry unless memories function.

We've told them to refresh, but I don't blame them for being frustrated. Often I'll find myself refreshing five or more times before I can access memories. Then frequently once you've clicked the memory link you want, you end up needing to refresh again. Is it any wonder the members complain?

The problem for us is that the members seem to want to blame the community, rather than LiveJournal. We have absolutely no control over how well the memories are working. All we can control is whether or not we've added something to the memories...

Anyway, we've been trying to use tags more effectively -- and to get members to use them, too.

But the issue with tags? Once you've located a useful tutorial, you often want to add it to your personal memories. And isn't that one of the ideas behind having memories in the first place?

I suppose we should encourage members to save links to the tutorials. Then they can tag the entry with the links. But it's certainly not easy to explain to anyone unfamiliar with how to use tags!

Ah, me.

Well, I've got a lot of catching up to do after several days basically off line, so I'll drop this for now...

Happy Monday, all!

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