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Marilyn Remains Amazing! The Tidying Festival Continues...

I had trouble sleeping last night. This isn't strange (I've had insomnia since childhood -- no big deal). I did get up and watch part of the third set of the Men's Finals at the Australian Open -- but let's not talk about it! I am about as far away from being a fan of Novak Djokovic as anyone could be. (I don't even like putting his name in my blog... ugh...) I was disappointed Andy couldn't even take one set! Too bad.

So I slept pretty late, I'm afraid. It didn't matter. So we decided to take our first big load over to the Goodwill. But when we got there, there was quite a line of cars! And the truck in front was dropping off a bunch of furniture. So we went for Starbucks and a took a drive.

Marilyn's coffee ended up not containing a shot of espresso!!! Crazy. So we drove where she could get another one. It tasted like it had a short shot, if you want my opinion! I can't help wondering if Starbucks is suddenly giving out short shots! That kind of thing makes me furious...

Then we came back and took the load over to the Goodwill. It filled the back, plus most of the back seat, too! 16 bags in all. Then we came home and got the stuff I had waiting out in the garage and went back again. So that was quite a bit for donations.

Anyway, Marilyn in and was working on the standing wardrobe in her walk-in closet. She did a GREAT job with it! And she was cleaning out the cabinet in her bathroom, too.

She actually did an amazing job cleaning the entire bathroom -- not just the cabinet and counter! It really looks great in there.

And she got rid of a lot more in her walk-in closet -- and totally organized the wardrobe. All she needs to finish up in her closet is the top dresser drawer (which I started last week), and her jewelry box, which is this large standing piece of furniture. Oh, and her bookcase near her bed.

I can't get over everything she's accomplished in ONE weekend! Wow. I can take months to do an entire house. I'm feeling good about the start I have in both the living room and kitchen, at least. My bathroom and bedroom need a bunch more work. And the linen closet (which is just outside both my bedroom and the bath. Then our home office will be a ton more work -- mainly because of how much is there in the way of paper being stored in our many file cabinets.

I also need to tackle more in the family room downstairs. And the laundry room (which has a bunch of our storage). Right now the overhead light is out in the laundry room, so I can't see to do ANYTHING back there (it's very dark). I actually DID start some back there (it's much nicer than it had been). And I did some work in the family room, too (clearing off some surfaces).

This is physically tiring, there's no denying it. There's a lot of bending, so we both have had backaches. And our legs and arms get sore, too. Not sure why. Maybe it's the lifting, or whatever...

But it's also mentally exhausting. You have to THINK a great deal about what you'll keep, and what you'll discard -- and where you'll put what you do keep!

Finally, it's emotionally tiring. Trying not to second guess yourself when you decide to discard something that you feel an attachment to. People get close to their things. We care about the clothes we wear, for example. Even if we've grown tired of wearing them over time. We remember the events that we wore an item to. We think about the people we were with when we were wearing certain garments...

But I do like the Konmari Method ("The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing"). This is NOT the only time I've found a book helpful, but I admit it's a VERY helpful book!

So the Tidying Festival has been going well.

By the way, today is sister Sue's 73rd birthday. I'll do a separate entry for that!

Sleep well, friends.
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