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Having a Tidying Festival -- Appropriate, Huh? (grin)

Marilyn mentioned that Marie Kondo calls what we did today having a Tidying Festival -- which is pretty appropriate for people who have been working for a major festival for more than four decades! Hahaha. Loving it.

Anyway, Marilyn had been planning all week to spend this weekend on the Konmari Method ("The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing") in her bedroom and bathroom. Today we were working in her walk-in closet on clothes and shoes. We put the 'discard' items that we're donating to the Goodwill into brown paper grocery bags. So far we have 17 (!!!) bags full to donate. (That includes two bags of shoes and one bag of stuffed animals.) Some of these clothes are brand new with the labels still on them -- but it wasn't that many. Many of these clothes have been worn for years and years -- but are still in good shape! Some lucky people are going to get good deals on these clothes, that's for sure.

It's a TON of work, sorting and deciding what to discard and what to keep. Then the discards have to be carefully bagged up and the keepers need to be folded using the Konmari folding technique -- and put into dresser drawers. Plus Marilyn has a nice closet system with lots of places to hang clothing, as well.

She accomplished SO MUCH today! I'm really, really PROUD of her! There's not much I can do, aside from bagging up the discards. It was really sweet: Both cats were around almost the entire time, 'helping' with the work. (smile)

There's still more to do with clothes, but she has a great start! (Far, far better than I'm doing in my bedroom, that's for sure!) Marilyn was so focused! She put in hours and hours on this, often without a break! Just to be clear, it's not only physically hard work, but it's mentally and emotionally tough, as well. And you get such a backache from all the constant bending and lifting! Yikes.

Marilyn and I did take a nap in the late afternoon/evening.

And we had more refried beans and green beans for dinner. We think this is very healthy for us (especially if we avoid any taco shells or crackers). We want to try eating it frequently during the next couple of months.

(Got a WEIRD letter from OHP today. I'm apparently NOT covered until March. Seriously??? I did the paperwork back in November!!! Oh well.)

Then we both washed and dried our hair before dashing over to Freddies to pick up a few quick purchases. (I am LOVING my hair since my recent hair cut from Kathy!!!)

Now I'm blogging and Marilyn is sitting on her desktop computer next to me (in our home office) playing Zuma.

The Australian Open Men's Finals are on very soon. We're pulling hard for Andy Murray. (Of course, we were pulling for Serena last night, so...)

We'll get back to our Tidying Festival tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend!
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