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Australian Open Women's Final -- Dinner With Arthur and William (and More)

Such a BUSY day!!! Before I go into details, it's just about time for the Australian Open Women's Final between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber. The first Grand Slam final of 2016! Do I need to say that I'm pulling for Serena? (smile)

I just got up from a nap and am ready to watch.

Speaking of watching, I was up for HOURS in the middle of the night (four hours and three minutes, to be exact!) last night to see Andy Murray beat Milos Raonic (in five sets). I want to say it was finally over at around 4:00 (5:00???) our time. Late, anyway. Or early! (grin)

You know, it's hard to get your sleep when you're a tennis fan! Hahaha.

(To be exact, I had just finished up the garbage and recycling for the week right before settling in to watch that match. Marilyn was snoozing on the sofa. Funny thing: She talked to me SEVERAL times during the match, so I thought she was awake for a lot of it. Turns out she doesn't really recall the match! She's had an exhausting week at work, so it's little wonder...)

About today (Friday):

I got up as Marilyn was heading out the door to work. So much for my intention to go to the office today! Oh well. It is what it is...

I had planned to go lie down for a nap before starting my day, but that never happened. Sister Sue needed help with a project for a friend, so I spent hours on that. Actually, I did a bunch of work I didn't need to do, but oh well. I should have asked more questions before getting started. But I did Remote in to Sue's computer and helped her find my email containing the info and finally email it to her friends. So all was well! (We did that on Candy's computer, actually...)

After that I had Donn phone me several times. Originally he was going in to the festival office today. But he wasn't feeling all that well, so we decided to postpone until next week (when I have to go in, anyway!). Our plan is for next Tuesday, when I'll be training the new seasonal receptionist for this year.

Anyway, Donn did go to Sue's house. He took along Denise -- I think to help with the lifting, as his wrist is now in a cast.

I can't even say how many times we talked by phone...

I did a few things here around the house. I knew I need to try and get some rest (if not some sleep), because Marilyn and I were going out for dinner with Arthur and William tonight. We four have been trying to get together since before Christmas, so it was about time!!!

Odd incident: Henry was howling at me like crazy at one point, like he was really upset! I looked at him and had the strong impression that he was having trouble seeing me! I went to pick him up and hold him and it was like I startled him -- he just freaked out!!! He calmed down after a time, but it was very strange! And I was really worried about him.

I did go and try to take a nap in the afternoon, but every time I was about to drift off, the phone would ring and wake me! So I finally had to give it up.

Then June called me around 3:30 to ask about Sue (checking up on her). We talked for a bit, but I was anxious to get off the phone as I knew Marilyn was coming home early from work to pick me up to head out to dinner.

After I got off the phone with June, Marilyn called me and was on her way home! I had to dash to put on my contacts, get dressed, do my hair and makeup and finish getting ready. I got done just before Marilyn arrived home to pick me up!

We were going to the Shandong Restaurant over in the Hollywood district. The issue there is PARKING. It can take half an hour sometimes to finally find a spot to park your car! We got there and found a spot several blocks away. It was funny! The restaurant is located in the center of a HUGE parking lot! But all the parking -- ALL OF IT -- belongs to somebody else! It's clearly posted that you need a special parking permit to use it!

I had worn a jacket, but should have put on a heavy coat. It was partly sunny today and I didn't think I'd need that, but I got chilled walking to and from the restaurant. (sigh) And it was raining when we went back to the car after dinner.

We took along some presents for Arthur -- he just celebrated his birthday. And we had a magnum of champagne for both of them -- they had really good news today (but I can't go into it just now).

Marilyn and I had never been Shandong before, which is a Chinese restaurant. It's VERY POPULAR! We could hardly get in through the door for the crush of people waiting to be seated!!! Thankfully the boys were already seated and waiting for us!

We got there at 5:30 and didn't leave until past 8:30! We had a lovely dinner and all of us talked and talked and talked. Arthur and William had Christmas gifts for the two of us, a total surprise! These are lovely mugs -- beautifully made in a special design. And so cool: They could donate a portion of the price to any charity of their choice! (It's a story I can't really go into now, but maybe I'll share it later on.)

I had gotten Arthur an Episcopal 'Book of Prayer' some time ago, so that was one of the gifts we gave him. Long story, but he's planning to attend an Episcopal church, so he was quite pleased!

We had wonderful appetizers and drinks -- and then ordered several different dishes and ate family style. A TON of food! We all had a second drink -- and these were quite strong! (I was feeling no pain when we headed back to the car. Marilyn only drank half of her second drink, thankfully!)

We got home and made a pot of hot tea and washed out our new mugs so we could use them. Soon I was lying down and sound asleep -- I only got up just before this!

I'm sure I've left out details from my day, but I'm still a bit blurry from sleep. (I just spilled a pop all over the rug in the family room... sigh...) Anyway, I'm off to watch the tennis now!

This weekend will be about TIDYING (cleaning and organizing)! Marilyn has a three-day weekend to really focus on this!!! We're both looking forward to doing it.

Anyway, sleep well, all! And have a nice weekend!!!
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