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Haircut -- Plus: Lunch With Sister Sue and Friend June!

Today was my hair appointment with the wonderful Kathy (my hairdresser). She always makes me happy, just chatting with her! She remembered that I hadn't had a cut since before Thanksgiving -- and she was right! My last cut was on November 18 (I just looked it up HERE -- and Thanksgiving was on Thursday, November 26).

Anyway, sister Sue came by early, and brought her iPad. We chatted and I showed her some drawers and the pots and pans cabinet in the kitchen. Then I sat by her and helped her a little while she open her iPad and checked her mail -- and wrote a note to our friend, June! (Way to go, Sue!)

Then we very quickly took a load of stuff over to the Goodwill (maybe a third of the boxes that were out in the garage) on our way to my appointment in St. Johns. Sue sat in the car reading her book while I got my cut...

Kathy and I discussed the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing." She'd had another client who had brought the book to the shop! Little wonder, as it's a best seller. I think a lot of people want to tidy up their lives.

On our way there we'd phoned June about going to lunch. We went to The Fishwife and June drove over and met us there. We had a lovely visit at lunch (and I got takeout to bring home for Marilyn). Unfortunately, Sue got sick after eating. (I totally get that -- it happens to me all the time, too...)

Still, it was fun for the three of us to go out together!

Sue had been planning to take me shopping (I needed kitty litter!), so June did that, instead. Wasn't that NICE of her??? And Sue headed home.

This afternoon I worked on some MORE papers. We have a drawer in our file cabinet where we keep all our manuals and contracts and stuff for the entire house. It was really FULL of things. So I took it out a bit at a time and went through every single item. Most of it I didn't need to keep. So I added it to the recycling for this week.

It's funny. Yesterday when I was going through papers I was keeping quite a few items (even though I dumped a huge box full of stuff). But today it was even easier to get rid of more things! I guess as you continue the process, you just want to dump more and more and more. It honestly feels like lifting a weight from my body! I'm looking forward to doing more.

Marilyn and I plan to really tackle it this coming weekend. I'll be trying to help HER -- which will be our focus. (I've had a lot of time to work on my own stuff this week, after all.)

Oh!!! Before I forget! About Donn: He was apologetic when I finally reached him. I tried to call his phone again this morning and got a recording, so I finally phoned his wife, Denise. I was so sure by that point that he must be in the hospital! He said he just flaked on us. He had an early doctor's appointment. And they scolded him for not having a cast on his broken wrist! So they put a cast on and this took hours. Then he went to see a friend and got home late in the afternoon. So he forgot about going to Sue's.

Anyway, when he got up yesterday her computer had a BSOD (blue screen of death) -- and he needed to fix that. (Something about the way he did that addition of the new power supply, I guess.) We decided that he would let it run overnight and bring it to Sue tomorrow, when he was coming to town for work at the festival, anyway.

I was just so GLAD that he was okay!!! Gosh, he gave me a scare.

Around dark tonight my neighbor Rose called to me and wanted to talk about a little gray cat that she says has been hanging around. She's tried to catch him, but he spooks. But he's clearly starving! He's been eating out of my compost bucket! (That's where I put the food that I figure critters won't eat. Anything that I think would interest them goes in the bowls under the big tree.) I told her I often put out old cat food when it gets too dry for my boys to finish it up. So he probably knows that. Plus I do put out old food for all the critters (especially my crows). Poor little guy! She says he's been limping the last couple days, so some other animal has been fighting him (probably over food). That makes me sick.

Marilyn was unhappy I was outside chatting with neighbors (Doug, as well) in the dark and cold. She's right, of course. But I never know what to say. (Rose had on a nice, warm coat...)

Anyway, I hate to see anyone (person or animal) go hungry!!! Or be homeless. It's cold out right now and constantly raining. Poor, poor people and poor, poor animals. (sigh)

There are a lot of critters around here. This area used to be all trees a couple of generations ago. Our house was a grove of trees, we've been told (and we used to have the stumps around here to prove it!). Where are the animals supposed to go? Marilyn and I believe in trying to help feed them as much as we can -- and I think most people around here do, too...

Well, now I need to go do the recycling and composting for this week, as it's garbage night.

I'm hoping Sue feels better. She needs to get in to see her doctor. She was terribly down at lunch today and saying some upsetting things (about not wanting to live). I think she needs her meds adjusted.

Sleep well, my dear friends!
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