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Sue Turns 73 in a Few Days -- Plus More KonMari: Papers

We're days away from sister Sue's birthday. She's turning 73 on January 31. Marilyn and I decided that getting her computer (and Candy's) fixed, plus her iPad, will be her bday present for this year.

By the way, WHERE did January go to? I was supposed to be working on the festival website and doing one-on-one instruction with members of the staff in January. So much for that. (sigh)

But as Christine pointed out today, we couldn't do much with the website, as Fish just finally did their tweaking! So... That made me feel better, I admit!

Today? I was feeling crappy last night. Fighting a cold! Yeah, yeah -- Why? So I stayed in bed all morning, not getting up until past noon (I kid you not). Then I got a bee in my bonnet (ha!), and decided to try tackling some of the PAPER I need to deal with. I've wanted to do this for AGES, but it's a daunting task, to say the least! We have huge, office-style file cabinets, FULL of papers!

This is really a case of me being a hoarder, no doubt. Of course, this stuff is inside file cabinets and inside folders -- but not all that well filed. Still, we're NOT talking about papers stacked all over the place -- and certainly lying around on the floor. There are some 'stacks' on shelves and the desk -- but they are also in folders and inside metal bins. But the goal would be to have all or most papers put away -- and not out. I do seem to always have some papers I need better access to, however. So I guess we'll see how it goes...

I started with two drawers in the cabinet closest to my computer station (desk). I actually totally emptied out the top drawer (!!!) -- and I moved some stuff out of the desk into it. I put all the boxes of labels, stacks of blank paper and reams of printing paper that had been stored in other places into this drawer. But this might be temporary! These are all for using with the printer -- but we haven't used it in ages (aside from scanning). If that doesn't change, then WHY would we need that stuff at all -- right?

The second drawer down has wonderful A-Z dividers that I've had forever. So I pulled stuff out of there, but started to immediately file BACK into it with the stuff I want to keep.

Then I had a large 'stack' of stuff I was getting rid of. I used to correspond on a regular basis via letter to a huge number of people. (I wonder HOW I found the time???) That was when I only worked part time. And a lot of it was tied to the club I was running back then. As I was going through those files, it wasn't odd to have letters that were six to ten (or more) type-written pages long! That's a lot of work, by any standard.

Anyway, going by the KonMari Method, I got rid of just piles and piles of papers. But I'm not quite ready to dump as much as Marie Kondo would recommend. I think I'm going to have to go there in stages, even though that's against her system. Look, I'm doing the very best I can!

While doing this, I decided to tackle Grandpa's/Mom's desk (that sits on the wall directly behind our computer stations). It has a shallow center drawer, and then four drawers on either side (the top two are shallow, but the other six are decent sized). In the process I got rid of a bunch of stuff, AND I now have two empty drawers!!! I'm really very proud of that!

I have a bunch more things I kept that need to be filed back into the file cabinet, but I ran out of steam. Maybe as I go through them again, I'll just toss a bunch more. I can see WHY she encourages people to just dump papers. It's much easier than trying to file them decently!

I'm surprised by how I was suddenly able to get rid of stuff I really thought I wanted to keep forever. I guess priorities do change. Oh! And to anyone who ever thought the internet and computers would cut BACK on papers to file? Not so! Tons of this stuff was generated by cyber accounts and so on...

On the front of those file cabinets, I have a number of PHOTOS, magnets, phone numbers and other odds and ends -- like a big bulletin board. So I also took a bunch of stuff off (making it a bit more tidy). I'm not planning to get rid of all that stuff, though, because seeing it makes me happy! It includes pictures of our friend June (and her hubby Jim), sister Sue, our deceased friend Mitch, Nicole, Aisha (Carol's daughter), Larry's kids, June's mother Dorothy, me with Mayor Katz, our lesbian friends John and Lillie on their wedding day and our gay friends Rob and Jeff. Plus Dad's favorite photo of Marilyn and me as kids, and Jack and Jill (beloved dogs we were 'aunts' to). And Marilyn and me, as well...

There are poems and phone numbers I need frequently, the phone list from the festival office and so on. Actually, both Marilyn and I have HUGE bulletin boards (corkboard style), as well. Her board hangs near her computer and mine is over the desk. These are COVERED with photos, buttons, pins, signs and other 'goodies' that we enjoy seeing... I suppose these things could be considered messy, but if they please us, I guess I don't really care! They could also be considered a form of 'art' (maybe?). Hahaha.

Marilyn and I ate more refried beans and green beans for dinner, tonight. We both conked out after dinner! I recall jumping up to try and answer the phone when it rang, but not making it in time. The machine picked it up (I think it was sister Sue calling about tennis). Marilyn told me she never even heard it. I went straight back to bed and conked out again...

Well, it's time for bed. Happily, I'm getting my HAIR cut tomorrow! I can't wait! It really needs it.

And sister Sue said she take me to the Goodwill. So maybe I can get some of this tons of stuff we have to donate out of here! There are just piles and piles in the garage right now.

The rain is back and it's going to POUR for the next two days. (sigh) What a pain!

I have a new person starting next Tuesday that I'll be training. She'll be our seasonal receptionist for 2016. I'm looking forward to that! Christine and I talked for some time today about work...

I'm WORRIED about Donn!!!

He was supposed to go to Sue's and take her computer back today. But he didn't show, and he never phoned. And I tried to call him and got a recording. And he never called me back in answer to my message! He was going to the doctor, so I hope all is well with him!!!

I spoke to June a couple of times today. She's worried about her son Jim Jim. Prayers for both June and Jim Jim would be appreciated, thanks!

Good night, dear friends!
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