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A Nothing Day -- And That's Okay!

Marilyn's here beside me in our office as I blog. (She's playing Zuma on her computer that's around a foot to my right.) We have pretty nice 'stations' (desks) for our desktop computers here in our office, which is a really decent room. There are also several large file cabinets on one wall, and Grandpa Harry's (later Mom's) desk on the wall behind us. Plus we have a five drawer dresser for storage on the final wall. (And a big closet for storage, as well.)

Today we pretty much were lying and sitting around, watching the Australian Open tennis and some other TV (like "The Brady Bunch," "Bonanza," and "The Big Valley"). We played on our iPads, too.

And we went out to get Marilyn's prescriptions at Riteaid. Then we went to Freddies to pick up more bread, some milk and cereal (I've been eating a lot of cereal lately). We actually came home and each had a bowl of cereal. (smile)

I did cook one meal today: Bacon, scrambled eggs, golden hominy, toast and coffee -- for brunch/lunch.

And honestly, that was our day! We could have gotten more done, but oh well...

I need to clean up the kitchen and do a load of dishes. And I still need to tackle some laundry.

Plus I should color my hair! And I think I'll call and see if I can get in for a haircut this week with Kathy.

I didn't mention the gifts Donn got for Marilyn and me in China. They are decorative wall art with bamboo paintings and Chinese lettering spelling out friendship. Nice, isn't it? It's so thoughtful of him to think of us!

I'm still trying to find out if my sister Sue is using Candy's computer or not. And if she thinks she's going to use her iPad.

Today June offered to phone her and see if she wanted to play on the iPad with her. But she didn't reach her. I spoke to Sue later in the day and she said she hadn't gotten a call (and maybe she'd been napping when June tried to phone).

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Blessings to those of you on the east coast suffering through this terrible snowstorm! I'm praying for all my friends.

Good night!
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