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Watching "The Godfather Epic"

Marilyn and I are currently watching "The Godfather Epic" -- a special edition of the classic gangster drama cut chronologically. They've added TONS of outtakes, which is very cool (Marilyn and I know all three movies like the back of our hands, so we can tell every second that's added). This is seven hours long! Awesome!!!

We had leftover spaghetti (with baked garlic toast) for dinner. How appropriate is that? Spaghetti and the Godfather!!! (grin)

We decided not to get our nails done this morning, and slept in, instead. Then we got ready and headed out to the memorial. We had to park blocks away (not kidding). There were HUNDREDS of people at this event! I don't think I've ever seen a memorial more packed than this one. Gwen was 92 when she died on December 31. She was the first-ever female member of the festival board (and was active with the foundation for 18 years).

Jeff came in shortly after us and was able to sit with us -- just barely! The pew was packed (Marilyn and I had to sit sideways). Also there was Janet (who was a best friend to Gwen) -- her husband isn't doing well, I'm sorry to report. And Dick and Liz (Dick was our CEO before Jeff, and a member of our writing circle -- a good friend). They brought Janet. And another Dick from our board -- he told Marilyn he was sorry he missed getting a hug from me. Clayton was there, Jim and Katherine (who sat behind us) and Kristie (who had been on the court when Gwen was Chaperone). So the festival was well represented. And Jeff wore his uniform (Marilyn and I did not).

It was a long ceremony, and beautifully done. We sang one song and a woman in front of us turned around to tell Marilyn and me that we had beautiful voices. Nice, huh? And I was hugging Dick when Janet appeared and asked me if she was in the line to 'get a hug from Charlie.' Sweet! (I'm really well known for hugging everyone. I strongly believe in. I can't ever attend a festival or Royal Rosarian event without giving TONS of hugs.)

We did stop for Starbucks on our way home, which was nice. I'm currently hung up on the flat white, which they describe as: "Bold ristretto shots of espresso get the perfect amount of steamed whole milk to create a not too strong, not too creamy, just right flavor." I do think the flavor is pretty great, I admit! (smile)

I did get to read a bit this afternoon. I've got SEVERAL books I'm reading at the moment (and I just started a new one!). And I had a lovely nap, too.

Aside from watching the Godfather, Marilyn and I have switched off so we can see SNL. But Marilyn is taping the other show.

I did try to phone sister Sue SEVERAL TIMES today. I wanted to talk to her about the computer Donn worked on, as she had told me that it wasn't working properly (!!!). I want to get on from here (Remote in) and see if I can reason that out. Otherwise I'll need to get Donn over there again...

Anyway, that's my Saturday!

Cyber hugs to all of you! And happy weekend!
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