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Sue's Computuer -- PLUS: More About the KonMari Method of Organizing

Home again today. This morning Donn went to sister Sue's house to work on computers. Sue's appears to be pretty messed up (he took it with him to see what he could do with it). But Candy's computer (that came from me) was fine. He got that up and running.

And I had to spend quite a bit of time on the phone (on and off and on and off) helping him. Giving him information to set up Outlook for her email (her Comcast account). Logging her in at LiveJournal and Facebook and Pogo (her game site). And setting up her TeamViewer account.

Sue had told us that Candy almost never uses the computer anymore, anyway, so this should work out fine -- at least for now.

I talked to Sue in the morning, but not after that. So I honestly don't know if she did anything the rest of the day. Nor if she was using her iPad or not (I bet she didn't). Well, hopefully I'll discover more from her tomorrow (Saturday).

As for the rest of my day, I was wrapped up in the KonMari Method. I'm continuing to read the book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing." Plus I went into my bedroom and cleaned EIGHT dresser drawers! No, I'm NOT kidding here! That's a lot of drawers for one day.

Well, the top two drawers of my tall dresser weren't all that bad to begin with. I'd done them last year. But I decided to make them as pristine as I could. The top drawer is full of THINGS (not clothes). There isn't anything currently in that drawer that I want to get rid of (though I did manage to part with a few things, even so). The second drawer is where I keep my overflow medical items -- pills and ointments and so on. Considering all my health issues, I had a LOT of those.

And the top left drawer of my smaller dresser is my jewelry drawer. I have only inexpensive costume jewelry, but I had quite a bit. Bracelets and necklaces, rings and earrings. That drawer was a DISASTER, but looks good now. (It's still not that easy to find my jewelry, but far better than before.) And I filled a big plastic bag full of stuff to donate. Things I don't wear or don't care about anymore.

In the tall dresser, I did the next two drawers down. One has my underpants and socks (the drawer is split into two halves. I kept all my underpants, using the KonMari FOLDING technique, which is pretty cool! I did dump a bunch of socks, and again used the new folding technique. That folding method makes it really easy to SEE everything.

The drawer below is also undergarments (mostly bras), plus some belts. This drawer wasn't too bad to begin with, but is better now. That dresser has a total of five drawers, so I did all but one (the bottom drawer). It will take the most time, because it's very full.

Going back to the other dresser, I did the top right drawer, which hadn't been too bad. I got rid of some more stuff, and now it's pretty decent. Then I did the drawer beneath it, which has tee shirts and tank tops. I used the new folding and stacking method there, and it turned out great! I'm pretty sure I'm not getting rid of any of those tops, period. So even though I didn't use the KonMari Method for going through the clothes, I was fine with that. The drawer below it was also tops, and I could fit many more inside with the new folding method! And I can easily see all of them, as you don't stack items on top of one another. So that's four drawers in that dresser and four in the other, for a total of eight.

I got another bag full of stuff to donate, plus I filled a waste basket with stuff to throw away.

I really need to finish reading the book. I'm a little bogged down at the current place, but I'm sure it will improve soon...

Marilyn phoned at one point so I could help her set up the Kindle App on her iPhone -- and then download this book, plus the audible version. I helped with part of it, but she was better doing the audible part than I was! Hahaha. I'd done it on my iPad, but the iPhone version is quite a bit different. Plus I hadn't put the most recent update on my phone Kindle...

I had yet another low blood sugar incident around 5:00 today. I was 60. So I ate a bowl of cereal and it dropped to 59! Then I ate another (!!!) bowl of cereal, and it was finally fine.

Marilyn came home from work past 7:00. She felt like spaghetti again, so I got in and made a pot of pasta and a pot of sauce -- plus some baked garlic toast. It was yummy, and we both enjoyed it!

This evening I was catching up on my email (and on-going job) and watching some TV ("Last Man Standing" and "Shark Tank"). I decided to have a nap before getting up to blog -- and then wash my hair for tomorrow.

I did the same thing I did last night. Set an alarm, then went to bed with my Kindle and read myself to sleep. Last night I woke ten minutes before the alarm. Tonight I woke five minutes before the alarm! What gives with that??? (In both cases I gave myself around and hour and a half to sleep.)

Now I've blogged, so next it's my hair. I should force myself to color -- the roots are growing out again. But it's so much work! I know I won't do it now. I'm TIRED. As it is, I can hardly get myself to go wash my hair.

There's no choice, really. We need to go and get our manicures tomorrow in the morning. Then we have a memorial to attend at 2:00 p.m.

I'm sitting here yawning, so I guess I'd better get to my hair...

It's delightful to have most of my dresser drawers cleaned. I made Marilyn look in every one of them, and she was impressed that you can SEE everything inside -- meaning you can easily find things. (Well, pretty much, anyway.)

Maybe when I finish this book, I'll be able to go BACK to all of those drawers and get rid of even MORE items.

My personal goal in these past couple of years is to shoot for cutting everything we own by a third. I still think that's do-able. I don't know about getting rid of half or more of our belongings, though. I guess we'll have to see how it goes.

Katie (Marilyn's new assistant) loves the KonMari Method -- and uses it herself at home. She's ready for Marilyn to read the book (or listen to it, as the case may be). Then the two of them are going to tackle Marilyn's office at work!

Marilyn has an amazing office. But she's also responsible for TONS of paperwork! Plus tons and tons of historical items for the festival. So she's really maxed out for space. This is really going to make it easier for Marilyn to do her job effectively!

I should maybe do the same to my OWN space at work. I have a tendency to gather so much STUFF. Anyway, we're both pretty inspired right now!

That was my Friday. And I need to get to bed soon. So I'm off!

(I'm so happy that Sue has a working computer again -- even if it is Candy's computer! I'm so glad that Donn is back in town again.)

Sleep well, my friends!
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