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Decluttering and Organizing -- Plus: Another Day With Sister Sue!

Sister Sue and I got together again today -- for two reasons. So I could check that third computer in their 'office' (dining room), and so she and I could work with her iPad again. Marilyn and I want to try and help her get past her FEAR of using this device, so that she can actually enjoy having it.

I found a power strip in my own closet here in our home office, so I took that along. I plugged everything in, but the third computer appears to have a major issue of some kind. So contrary to our hopes, there was no 'easy' fix with the computers...

But we did sit again with her iPad and try organizing her email. We actually had fun setting up folders and so on. I think Sue felt better about the iPad. The main problem today was that she had cribbage tonight, so she was unlikely to be doing any follow-up on her own. (Too bad.)

She's really NOT feeling well. I'm worried about her health. But she's hanging in there, anyway. She and I ended up going to Elmer's for lunch before she dropped me off and headed to get Nicole from school.

I guess Nicole's boyfriend was at the house today while I was there, but I never saw him. (He was supposedly asleep in Nicole's room.) He's Nicole's age and should be at school, but isn't currently attending -- I don't really know the details behind that.

Nicole has been very sick recently, but couldn't stay home from school because of tests.

OH!!! And Chubby (the cat) was sooooo cute with me today! I played with him with his Christmas sock, and just gave him a lot of love. He was all over me. (smile)

After I got home I was reading more in the book that Katie bought for Marilyn and me: "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing." She read it and it was truly life-changing for her, so she wanted us to give it a try. (Katie is Marilyn's new assistant -- but she worked as a volunteer for the festival last year.)

I got about half way through it, and I just had to give the system a try! So I went into the kitchen, spread some black plastic bags on the floor (to keep things clean) and pulled all the pots and pans out of the huge double cabinet where these are stored. Then I used the method of holding each item to see if it would 'spark joy' -- or not. The things that didn't I set aside to donate. The rest finally went back into the cabinet -- which is now as neat as a pin! You can easily see every single item -- even things in the back of the cabinet! It's wonderful!

And I got boxes and boxed up the other items, thanking each one for its service to us (or in some cases for its service to Mom). That's the part I really LOVE, by the way! For me, it makes it so much easier to get rid of something if I've sent the item on its way by thanking it. A great release.

I did two more drawers, then the cabinets above the pots and pans and the ones above the dishwasher. While I was at it I put away the seasonal glassware that I had out for Christmas (which store in a cabinet not easy to reach, which makes sense for something we only use once a year). I also tidied another drawer that wasn't too bad, just to make sure it was perfect (it now is). And I kept boxing stuff up carefully for the Goodwill. I ended up with four boxes of stuff when I was done!

The kitchen looked much better, with less stuff out on the counter tops. So I felt very accomplished by the time I was done.

I phoned Katie and thanked her for the book, telling her I was half way through -- and I'd already gotten a start in the house! We discussed the book a bit, then I got on with Marilyn.

Marilyn had another very busy day -- and she and Jeff had met with one of the City Commissioners (one who has been a very good friend to the festival). We didn't talk very long, because she was eager to get her work done so she could leave on time to go to her hair appointment.

So I got started on the garbage and recycling, as it's that day (REAL garbage week). I got all the recycling out, and took out some food for the critters that needed to go. And washed out some glass containers for the glass recycling.

Around 5:00-ish I was feeling shaky, so I did my blood. I was low -- in the 70's (not terribly low, but still low). So I had a bowl of cereal and a cutie and then I was fine.

Marilyn came home past 7:00 and we talked on the phone as she was driving here, sharing stuff. I wanted to tell her all about the book and what I'd been up to. (Plus about being with sister Sue.)

I almost forgot! I talked to Denise and to DONN today! I am happy to report that Donn is BACK from his trip to China! I'm so excited! I really missed him while he was gone. And he's going over to Sue's house in the morning to work on her computers!!! What a relief that is. (And will probably go to the festival office after that.)

After Marilyn got home, I brought out the leftover spaghetti to eat. We both had a helping, plus leftover garlic toast. Yummy!

I was talking about how it's always been such a great meal from my perspective. It's so easy to cook pasta and sauce -- and it makes several meals for us (being only two people). It keeps and reheats very nicely. It's also economical! A box of pasta is cheap, as are the ingredients for sauce (plus bread, butter and garlic salt). You really can't beat spaghetti, I think.

We were watching some of the Australian Open tennis on TV. Then I got very tired, and went to have a nap. I wanted to rest before finishing up the garbage and recycling (and composting) for the week. So now I'm blogging, and soon I'll be in and outside, doing the garbage.

I'm happy to report that I felt pretty darn good today -- aside from the low blood sugar. Speaking of that, I need to get in to see my nurse practitioner. I have a feeling she'll lower my Metformin again. I guess we'll see!

Well, that's my day, and I admit I'm very happy with everything I got done!

Oh! And we ended up getting the Kindle version of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing," as well as the Audible narration (which will let us LISTEN to the book in the car and other places). I love the book that Katie gave us, of course, but it's very small print. And we used to listen to a lot of books on tape, back in the day. So we think it was a good thing to do.

I can't wait to read more of the KonMari Method. Her book is a #1 New York Times best-selling book, in case you've never heard of it.

I'm hoping we can try doing some clothes this weekend. She actually wants you to START with clothes, but that appears harder to me than doing the kitchen! You're supposed to work on all of your clothing at one time, so that's a bit daunting to me...

I guess we're like most people: We're swimming in STUFF. But Marilyn and I have made some inroads since our flood back in 2011. I've reported more than once on this project to downsize our belongings and get organized. I'm pretty hopeful that this newest book will be a big help.

So I guess this is a recommendation. I don't suggest that the entire method will work exactly as she lays it out for every person. During my nap, I was reading the book to put myself to sleep, and I totally DISAGREE with her method of dealing with paper! But if some of it works for me, then I'm happy with that. I've read several books, and I take what I can from each of them...

May your own lives be less cluttered, my friends! Good night!
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